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5 Reasons to Play Golf for Your Health

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34.2 million Americans six and older played golf in 2019.

This game originating in 15th century Scotland is the favorite pastime of many Americans, young and old alike.

Golf isn’t just fun and exciting, though. It’s actually good for you!

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should play golf for your health.

1. Promotes Mental Well-Being

A combination of factors makes golf the perfect sport to promote your well-being.

Golfing can increase your emotional stability, reduce your stress and anxiety, and reduce the effects of depression. Add that all together with spending a beautiful day on an idyllic, green golf course, it’s no wonder gold is good for your mental well-being.

2. It’s a Healthy Form of Exercise

Did you know you can burn calories with golf?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your weight loss regime, golf can be a great low-impact addition to your exercise routine. This is particularly true if you pass on the golf cart and use your own two feet as you stroll around the course. The average course will lead an individual to walk over five miles up and down hilly terrain.

Not only can golf help you lose weight, but it can help extend your lifespan. That’s quite the health benefit!

3. Exposes You to the Outdoors

Many studies have shown that exposure to green areas can help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and relax the body. With some golf courses are as large as 200 acres, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a pastoral green environment all day long.

Whether you’re playing golf with friends or alone, you’ll also be exposed to sunlight. Sunlight delivers vitamin D to your body, which is necessary to help your body absorb calcium, along with other reasons.

4. Fosters Relationships

For many people, playing golf with friends is one of their all-time favorite activities. Socializing isn’t just fun, though, it’s actually good for your health.

Social interaction can help reduce a long list of health risks, both physical and mental. This is particularly important for older people, who are more prone to being isolated due to living alone and no longer working.

When you’re out on the course with friends, be sure to be sporting one of the best golf drivers of 2020!

5. Helps You Stay Mentally Alert

Though golf is a physical sport, it’s largely a mental game. When you play an 18-hole round, you’re basically engaging in one long mental exercise.

Playing golf can sharpen your mental abilities and help you focus in other areas of life, too.

Play Golf for Both Your Body and Mind

Whether you play golf every day, every weekend, or once a year, there are so many benefits to the game. It’s rare in life to find activities that are so fun and so good for you at the same time. If you aren’t an avid golfer now, why not start this weekend?

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