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CBD Oil for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

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CBD oil for dogs is a trending hot topic, receiving a fair bit of attention across human and animal health. But why, and what does it all mean?  If your dog is experiencing pain, anxiety, or seizures, you should educate yourself on the many benefits of CBD oil for dogs. 

When you first decide to look into CBD oil as a treatment for your dog, you are going to have a lot of questions.  Do you need a prescription? Will it make my dog high? Is it safe? What are the side effects my dog could have?  There is a ton of information to absorb, and that’s what we’re here to talk about in this post. 

We will delve into why so many pet owners are using CBD oil as a treatment for their pets, what conditions it could treat and how to administer CBD oil for dogs. 

Use the guide below to learn about CBD oil for dogs and its benefits for treating pain, anxiety, joint health, and more! 

Where Does CBD Come From? 

In the United States, CBD is legally produced from hemp, a cannabis plant with very low amounts of THC. Hemp plants are most commonly used for fibers and making textiles. Hemp contains less than 0.3% amounts of THC. The amount is deemed too small to produce any psychoactive effects in humans or animals. 

There are no legal restrictions on using hemp-derived CBD products in Canada, as long as they contain less than 0.03% THC by weight. They also have to meet other requirements set out under the Industrial Hemp Regulations. 

In many other countries around the world, CBD continues to be available with minimal restriction or regulation. It must come from industrial hemp and contain less than 1% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by weight, whether it’s sold online or in stores. If you can buy health supplements at a pharmacy, you can more than likely also legally buy CBD products with no prescription needed! 

What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil is a natural supplement that is extracted from the cannabis plant. It has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional medications and has proven to have numerous health benefits, including pain relief and improved quality of sleep. 

As people become more aware of the potential benefits of the use of CBD oil for dogs, they are opting for it as an alternative treatment option for their pets. 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis that has been shown to have therapeutic effects on humans and animals alike. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs 

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that your dog is experiencing some sort of discomfort. Perhaps they have arthritis or anxiety issues that make them uncomfortable and unhappy. If this is the case, CBD oil could help to ease their symptoms, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. 

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, but unlike its psychoactive cousin – THC – it’s non-psychotropic and won’t get Fido high! CBD has not shown any effect on a dog’s HC does affect some dogs and their behavior positively; it can make them lazy and sleepy. For this reason, THC has become a popular treatment for separation anxiety. 

Be a Good Pet Parent 

CBD Oil for dogs is available in various strengths and types at most pet stores, so there’s no need to worry about finding the right one for your pet. Make sure, though, to check the ingredients list first to make sure it’s pet-friendly. 

In some cases, other ingredients may be added which are not suitable for your dog’s health needs. The best way to avoid this confusion is by purchasing from reputable brands. Read reviews from other pet owners who have tried them out on their own dogs! 

But how do you know if your dog should take CBD? And what should you look out for when buying it? 

A medical professional will be able to tell you if your pet has an underlying health condition that warrants CBD use and whether or not it’s safe for them to consume. 

CBD for Pets 

CBD oil for pets can be used to help with a wide range of issues, from chronic pain to cancer. Here’s what you need to know about CBD and how it can benefit your furry friend: 

Pain and Inflammation Relief 

The most common uses for CBD are related to pain management, especially in older dogs who suffer from arthritis or joint pain. With the right dosage, CBD oil may reduce inflammation and help reduce your pup’s discomfort. 

Seizure Control 

Canines experiencing seizures may benefit from taking CBD oil as part of their treatment plan. Studies are ongoing on whether or not this is effective when treating epilepsy in pets, but early results look promising! 

A higher dose is generally used for more serious conditions like chronic pain or seizures. 

Anxiety Relief 

Dogs that suffer from anxiety often find themselves feeling calmer after taking CBD because it has anti-anxiety effects similar to those experienced by humans when we consume marijuana products like edibles or vape pens (though these types of cannabis products are illegal). 

Not every dog needs high-CBD oil, and not every dog owner should use it. It’s important to discuss the option with your veterinarian first before administering any treatment. 

CBD Treats for Dogs 

Giving your pooch his daily dose of CBD is relatively easy if you give him a treat. It’s also a better way for him to ingest his daily dose! 

While humans don’t have any problems ingesting CBD oil orally, most dogs will only eat it if it’s in their food or treats. Also worth noting is that dogs don’t have receptors in their brains for cannabinoids like humans do. Their bodies process CBD oil differently. 

There are some ingredients to look out for on the ingredients lists of CBD dog treats. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Chocolate 
  • Raisins  
  • Garlic  
  • Onions 
  • Sugar 
  • Some artificial sweeteners  
  • Cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon is OK. Cassia Cinnamon is NOT) 

CBD Tincture for Dogs 

Another great way to get CBD oil into your pet is with a tincture. Administering a tincture is a little tricky. 

It’s best to get a few drops into Rex’s mouth to be sure he has ingested a full dosage in one go. You could also put a few drops of CBD tincture in his water bowl or over his food. This isn’t always ideal, though, because a single dosage could then be ingested over a period of time. 

CBD Oil Drops for Dogs 

These work in much the same way tinctures do. A few drops need to be administered over your dog’s daily meal or perhaps on a treat! 

The carrier oil most often used for CBD oil is coconut, which is perfectly safe for your pet and has a list of its own health benefits. 

What’s Best for Max? 

The best way to give CBD oil to your dog depends on the reason why you’re giving it. If they have cancer or another disease that requires a high dose, then you may need to administer it orally or through their food. 

If your dog is suffering from anxiety, then you can use the same methods listed above but in smaller amounts. For anxiety symptoms, it’s recommended that you start off with one drop per pound of body weight and increase slowly over time if necessary until you find the right dose that works best for your pup! 

If your dog is suffering from skin irritations, you can also give them a bath with CBD-infused shampoo. It can even be added directly onto their skin through a topical cream or ointment. 

The simple answer here is that it depends on what CBD oil you buy, what type of oil it is (drops or tincture), and how much weight your dog weighs. Most experts recommend starting out with a low dose and then slowly increasing the dosage over time as needed. 

How Much CBD Oil Is Necessary? 

There is no short answer to this question because every dog’s body is different, even if they are of the same breed. 

Dogs have completely different metabolisms and reactions to medications than humans, as well as different body types, weights, genetics, and health histories. As a result of these differences between species, what works for one dog may not work for another at all. 

The only way to know if CBD will be effective for your pup is by doing research into their specific needs before giving them any supplements or medications! 


Your dog’s weight is also an important factor in determining which product you should buy for your dog. A good rule of thumb is to use the weight of your dog to calculate the amount of CBD you should give them. 

Breed and Size 

Another thing to consider when calculating dosage for dogs is their size and breed. Smaller dogs may need higher doses than larger ones because they have smaller bodies and metabolize substances differently than larger breeds do. 


Most veterinarians recommend that you give an older or senior dog (8 years or older) twice as much hemp extract per pound as a younger one because they have weaker immune systems that could be compromised by certain medications like this one. 

You’ll work with your vet, starting with a low dose and increasing it until you find the right amount for your pet. This minimum amount will vary depending on the product you’re using, and what condition you want to treat. 

Side Effects of CBD in Dogs 

CBD is non-toxic and safe to use. You are not likely to see any side effects unless your dog has an allergy to a specific compound in the plant. This is unlikely but possible, so do a patch test before administering CBD oil, just in case! 

CBD is an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety compound that does not produce any psychoactive effects on dogs or humans. A word of warning, though. Some studies have found that it may cause liver damage when given in large doses over long periods of time. 

Speak to Your Vet 

As with any other medication or supplement, it’s important to talk to your vet before administering CBD oil to your dog. Your vet can tell you if your dog is a good candidate for CBD oil and whether they have any concerns about administering it. 

Additionally, your vet will be able to tell you the correct dosage for your pup if he/she has any specific health issues that may require special attention when introducing new medications or supplements. 

Summing It Up 

And that’s it! Now that you know what CBD oil is and are familiar with the various benefits it can provide, you’re ready to make your choice. 

As with most products in the dog industry, there are countless options. Some of them will meet your expectations, while others will prove to be subpar. Regardless, it’s important to take every step necessary to ensure that you select a product with all the necessary ingredients that offers health benefits for your four-legged friend. 

It might not be the only solution to your best friend’s anxiety or pain, but it might be a valuable boost alongside other treatments. This is a great way to keep your pet healthy. Seeing your pets act happier and in a better mood should be enough motivation to try CBD oil for dogs. 



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