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The Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Whether your state is one of the 26 that legalized marijuana in some form as of April 2017 or you’re just planning ahead for when the “green” laws hit your area, you’ve probably heard more and more about the benefits of pot and the different types of cannabis oil for sale.

New users and old veterans will have questions about how to best use and incorporate cannabis oil into their lives. Before you smoke up, read on.

Cannabis Oil 101

Cannabis oil, also known as CBD oil or CBD-rich or Cannabidiol, come from one of the different types of cannabis plants that are grown around the world. The University of Washington’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute called hash oil the most potent cannabis product, but that’s not an insult, it’s just a tribute to the oil’s ability to transform your mindset.

Although cannabis oil has “cannabis” in its name, not all of the oils have even one percent THC (marijuana) in their mix.

Cannabis Oil for your Health

Studies and studies and studies are being done on cannabis oil. Not just for recreational purposes, but in fact, to treat very serious illnesses, including:

Other benefits that spread over more of the main spectrum of cannabis oil users include:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and insomnia
  • Increased appetite (beneficial for people struggling with anorexia as well as from medicine-induced loss of appetite)
  • Anti-inflammatory aspects help dilate bronchial tubes to help asthma sufferers
  • Improved heart circulation and lowered blood pressure
  • Stimulate skin shedding of older/dead skin cells and promote new growth (when applied topically)

How to Use It

CBD oil is often sold as a tincture (dropper bottle), but you can also find it as hard candies, beverages, edibles, and gel caplets.

Effects vary depending on the way you consume the cannabis oil.

When you inhale it using a vape pen, you may feel the effects within just a minute or two.

If you consume the oil in pill form or tincture, remember it’s just like any other type of medicine, it takes your body some time to swallow and – where applicable, digest the pill casing – before you begin to absorb the oil and feel its effects. This could take between 30-90 minutes and can last up to four hours.

Which Type to Choose

There isn’t just one type of cannabis oil.

The different oils are split along their potency lines, and what you choose is governed by the type (or if at all) high you want to have.

  • High THC oil will give you, well, you guessed it, a big high. You’ll experience the stereotypical psychoactive effects, so do not use this oil if you plan to be driving, etc.
  • High CBD oil does not give you the traditional high. You may actually not feel any of the floaty, munchies-induced effects of regular pot. High cannabis oil is often used to treat issues with depression, anxiety, head trauma, and chronic pain. It is especially useful because someone who is in chronic pain can ingest cannabis oil but continue to perform his or her regular job.
  • Then there’s a mix. Called 1:1, there’s no real way to judge how this type of cannabis oil will affect you until you try it (so try it in a safe place where you can lay down, rest, and see what happens). Your personal tolerance for cannabis as well as your body’s internal makeup determines how the effects of this type of oil will come out.

When you select an oil that does have a mix of THC and CBD (such as the 1:1), the CBD acts as a bit of a damper or a blanket on the THC. So whatever psychoactive results you may get from the pure THC are taken down a notch when combined with the CBD.

You may feel relaxed, but not “high.”

You can also find cannabis oil in raw, crystalline, and vapor states.

And yes, there are even flavored versions, such as vanilla and peppermint.

Where is Cannabis Oil for Sale?

You’ll find cannabis oil for sale in just about every local (bricks and mortar) dispensary, though the different brands and types will vary. Some stores may focus more on the actual plants themselves rather than the “extras,” whereas other shops may specialize in the oils.

Shop around and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Ask the store workers (called “budtenders”) for their experiences and opinions, too. It’s always good to hear an outside opinion and budtenders are eager to share with you.

Online Buyers Beware!

Medical marijuana and cannabis oil are still fairly new to the general population and of course, the internet remains the wild, wild west it always has been.

Put those two together and you have the potential for big problems.

Many sites on the internet offer cannabis oil for sale but you need to be very careful. Some sites don’t even require a medical prescription (even if you live in a state that does or bans pot completely).

Go with a trusted site or you could end up with a tincture of entirely unknown capacity. You are trusting your body, brain, organs, etc, to a faceless entity online, who just wants your money. Don’t put untested chemicals into yourself in hopes of getting some CBD relief.

That’s not to say you can’t shop online. In fact, great, high-quality, dedicated retailers exist and are thriving. They honestly want to help you feel better and enjoy cannabis oil. Like a good strain, you just have to weed out the shatter.

Let’s Talk About It

Legalization has opened up a line of dialogue not just in states that have made cannabis available to everyone of age but even those who live in places where it’s not yet allowed.

Share your thoughts about cannabis oil, strains, types of oils you’ve tried, and your experiences, by joining the conversation in the comments section, below.

Together, we can help people who are suffering (that’s that “compassionate caring” you may have heard about).

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