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If you’re looking to purchase the best quality CBD oil in Adelaide, look no further.

We know it can be hard to find the right product. There’s a whole lot of places online and throughout the city to purchase CBD oil. Sometimes it can sometimes get a little overwhelming.

You’re looking for a healthy, organic, high-quality product rich in anti-inflammatories and wholesome compounds. You don’t want to pay exorbitant prices and you only want the best for your well-being.

There are many companies and websites selling low-grade hemp oil in Adelaide. It’s easy to buy the wrong product and be disappointed at the results.

Our products at the Little Health Company are on offer in Adelaide – and our customers regard them as high-grade oils. They’re truly different from other CBD products on the market. You’ll never waste your time looking in our store.

Buying CBD oil in Adelaide

CBD oil has been popular throughout Adelaide since 2015, when Australia legalised the product.

Both locals in Adelaide and visitors to the beautiful city are realising the benefits of CBD oil. This can include pain relief, the possible alleviation of anxiety and depression symptoms and relief from seizures.

Taking CBD oil is easy. All it requires is dropping the oil underneath your tongue, holding it for between half a minute to minute before swallowing.

Our premium oils are all-organic, ethanol-free and are CO2 extracted. They’re both pollutant and alcohol free, and there’s no evidence of any serious side effects from taking the product.

Is CBD oil legal in South Australia?

You can legally purchase CBD oil across pharmacies in South Australia with a prescription.

Simply visit your doctor and ask if the product is right for you. A doctor may be able to prescribe the product to you for a range of conditions, whether that be chronic pain, sleep apnea, arthritis, epilepsy or Parkinson’s.

Since March 2021, certain low-dose CBD products can even now be sold in pharmacies around the country without a prescription. This is because specific CBD products with low dosages have been downgraded from ‘Schedule 4’ to ‘Schedule 3’ drug by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Where to buy CBD oil in Adelaide

The most convenient place to buy CBD oil in Adelaide is from an online store in the comfort of your own home.

Here at the Little Health Company, you can easily browse through our e-commerce site to find some of the best quality CBD oil on the market.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, buying this wholesome oil over the internet has become more popular, as people begin to realise just how easy it is.

No longer worry looking through brick-and-mortar stores throughout the city trying to find the right product – when all it takes is a simple online search.

Contact the hemp experts at The Little Health Company

You may have a whole lot of questions about our products, being only recently legalised only a few years ago. Perhaps you’ve read some reviews and aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you. Maybe even you don’t know where to buy CBD oil in Adelaide.

You may be wondering, for example, if using hemp for anxiety really works. You may wonder if CBD oil is the same thing. Perhaps you want to know how our essential CBD extract can benefit your health, whether that be for weight loss or pain relief.

You may have heard of different variants of the product, such as full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil – and you may not be sure of the difference.

Additionally, a lot of people also confuse CBD with marijuana and think that the two are the same thing. Many still believe CBD oil is not legal in South Australia and aren’t sure if it’s completely legitimate.

The experts at The Little Health Company can walk you through exactly what you need to know before you buy CBD oil in Adelaide.

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