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Catdi Printing Shares Platform for Local Marketing and Affordable EDDM Solutions

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Catdi Printing, a leader in direct mail and marketing solutions, is revolutionizing local outreach for small businesses with their accessible and effective Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services. Catdi Printing, known for their innovative approach, has been instrumental in helping businesses, especially healthcare providers like dentists, connect with their local communities through targeted direct mail campaigns.

Why EDDM is Gaining Popularity

Due to its cost-effectiveness and targeted approach, EDDM has become increasingly popular among local businesses. EDDM allows businesses to reach every household in a specific area without needing addresses, unlike traditional direct mail, making it ideal for local businesses aiming to increase their local presence and customer base. Catdi Printing’s expertise in this area has been a game-changer, offering personalized solutions that cater to the unique needs of small businesses.

Enhanced Customer Experience with New Ecommerce Platform

Highlighting their commitment to customer convenience and digital innovation, Catdi Printing is excited to announce the launch of their new ecommerce platform. This platform simplifies the process of designing, planning, and executing direct mail campaigns, making it more efficient for businesses of all sizes to engage with their audience.

Introducing ‘Go.Catdi.Com’ for Marketing Insights

Further enhancing their digital footprint, Catdi Printing introduces ‘Go.Catdi.Com,‘ a content-rich section dedicated to providing insights, tips, and strategies for effective marketing and EDDM usage. This resource is a treasure trove for businesses seeking to leverage direct mail for maximum impact.

Catdi Printing’s Impact in Large Format and Custom Printing Solutions

In addition to EDDM, Catdi Printing has made significant strides in large format and custom printing solutions. Their state-of-the-art technology and skilled team allow them to offer a wide range of services from banner printing to customized marketing materials. This versatility has positioned Catdi Printing as a one-stop-shop for all printing and marketing needs, further extending their reach and impact in the industry.

“Through our new ecommerce platform, ‘Go.Catdi.Com,’ and our diverse range of services, we aim to demystify direct mail marketing and make it a viable and powerful tool for local businesses, especially in the healthcare sector,” said Carlos Alonso, President, Catdi Printing. “Our success stories, particularly with dentists, demonstrate the untapped potential of EDDM in building community connections and driving business growth. Our expertise in large format and custom printing solutions further cements our position as a leader in the industry.”

National Reach with 9 Facilities Across the Country

With 9 facilities strategically located across the country, from Dallas and Glendale to Miami, Catdi Printing ensures comprehensive coverage for all your marketing needs. Their nationwide presence allows them to provide fast, efficient service regardless of location, further solidifying their position as a leader in the printing and marketing industry.

Catdi Printing’s new developments are not just a step forward in direct mail marketing but a leap towards a more connected and business-friendly community outreach. For small businesses and healthcare providers, these tools open up a world of possibilities for effective and affordable local marketing.

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