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A Perfect Show: Stage Setup Tips And Ideas For Your Event

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Are you planning a cool event that you want everyone to remember? Maybe it’s just a presentation that you want to really blow your clients’ minds.

Whatever the situation, you want to set the stage for the best possible show, right?

Stage setup is crucial for making or breaking your event. If you’re new to it, or trying to DIY the whole thing, you might be in over your head.

That’s okay though, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for a few ideas that will really help set the stage for your next great event.

Give Yourself Time

Stage setup isn’t as easy as it might look. You can’t just throw something together an hour before your event and expect it to go smoothly.

Plan out your setup ahead of time and give yourself several hours (if not days, depending on your venue) to really set the stage for your show.

You’ll thank yourself for the extra time and your presenters will thank you for the organized space.

Audio Matters

Setting your stage with audio in mind can make a huge difference. Where are the microphones? Where are the speakers?

Is everything loud enough for people in the back to hear even if the audience is being rowdy?

Poor audio can ruin an event. Don’t let it happen to you.

Don’t Block the Show!

Before you bring an audience in, try to look at your stage from every perspective that an audience member might occupy.

Are there any wires hanging down in front of the stage? What about an unfortunately placed pillar? Do chairs block anyone’s view?

You need to work around any issues like this so no one has the unfortunate experience of missing the entire show despite being in a good seating area.

Put the Audience Front and Center

If you’re in a giant event space, this doesn’t apply quite as much, but everyone knows that the best place to be an audience member is in the center where they can face the stage head-on.

This is what you should strive for.

Audiences that wrap around the sides of the stage pose a few problems.

The person or people on the stage can’t “communicate” with all of them. It’s easiest to look forward, especially while on stage.

Furthermore, your audience won’t be as happy. They may struggle to see, and they won’t get good angles.

If you must have wrap around seating, try to have a camera on the center so the audience can see on a screen.

Stage Setup is More Important Than You May Think

Having the right stage setup can make all of the difference when you’re hosting your next event or presentation.

Make sure that everyone can see and hear your performers (that’s why you hired them, right?) and that you aren’t rushing to save time.

If you want to throw the best possible event, we want to help. Avoid any beginner mistakes and reach out to us for the event of your dreams. Visit our site for details!

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