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5 Key Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairing ASAP

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Your roof is a vital part of your home. Without it you might as well be living outdoors, because rain, hail, snow and more are going to come right on in and mess up your floors, your belongings, and your mood. Of course,this is why everyone has a roof, right? Yet roof problems are common, and hearing of a roof collapse or worse isn’t all that rare either. When these things to happen, that part of your roof might as well not be there anymore,for all the protection it offers.

So clearly we want to keep the roof in tip top shape, deal with any issues before they happen, especially since home insurance is starting to take the state of your roof into account. This means you might not get a decent payout if your roof was a problem, but was also already in bad shape. Right, so now we’re DEFINITELY going to look after the roof, right? But how do I know when it needs fixing?Well, let me help you…

1. Cracked/Curled Shingles

Examine the shingles on your roof closely. They will deteriorate over time anyway, but the extent of the wear is what matters most to you. As they start to curl or bulge, your roof will begin to lose its’ability to lose water effectively, and can even begin to trap a little moisture. When caught early, you can usually just replace the affected shingles and have the roof working how it should. Eventually it’s likely that you’ll need to replace the shingles all over the roof though.

2. Blistering/Peeling Paint

Those with roofing experience know that the roof isn’t the only place you can check for signs of wear and tear. The paintwork near your roof line is also a good indicator of condition. It should remain in good condition, or in similar condition to the rest of the house. If there is any extra wear, or any flaking or blistering of the pain near the roof, it’s a sign that moisture problems are occurring in this area – probably caused by a mal functioning roof.

3. Take a Look in the Attic

The attic’s a great place to check your roof from. Check for any light or drafts coming through the roof, and also do a check for moisture/water in the attic. If you have problems with any of these, you are likely to need a repair.

4. Stains!

Stains can form on the roof, in the attic, on walls or even in the house itself. Sometimes any leaks or other problems start off small, so it’s tough to spot any water or damage. Over time the moisture begins to cause some discoloration though, which is how stains are caused.

5. Shingles or Tiles Coming Off Obviously if you’re losing roof tiles or shingles, it’s a big problem. These are supposed to protect your roof from water, so get them replaced ASAP. Older roofs will start to lose shingles/tiles anyway, so past a certain point, you’re better off getting the roof re-done rather than trying to repair individual areas as they go wrong.

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