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Fast Facts about Texas’s Hispanic Community

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The Lone Star state of Texas is one big beastie not just because of its physical size, but the size of its Hispanic population.  According to Census data, Texas had 11.52 million Hispanics in 2019 making this the second largest state level Hispanic population in the US.

Dig a little deeper and you will find more facts that demonstrate the power of the Texas’s Hispanic population.  Let’s count five:

  1. The Hispanic population grew at a rate of nine Hispanic residents to one white resident in 2018. It’s estimated that Hispanics will take over as the largest population group in the state of Texas by 2021/2.
  2. 47% of the Texas’s Hispanic population live in the 5 counties of Harris, Dallas, Bexar, Travis, and Tarrant. Currently, Harris has the biggest Hispanic population, with over 2 million residents, while Tarrant is experiencing the largest population growth.
  3. Texas’s Hispanic residents make up 22% of the nationwide buying power of the Hispanic community. That is equivalent to around $347 billion!
  4. Houston currently has the largest Hispanic population in Texas. According to 2019 Census data, the Hispanic population in Houston was just over 900,000 residents, or around 40% of the city’s population!
  5. Most of the counties along the Texas – Mexico boarder are over 60% Hispanic.

Facts speak for themselves, but they are useless of you don’t listen.  Let’s be clear: demographic shifts in populations are a big part of the human experience.  What states like Texas are experiencing is a major shift in population densities resulting in cases where the Hispanic population can often be a major part of a town, county, or city’s population.

The best business people I know adapt quickly to changing conditions.  So, if you fancy yourself to be a good business man or woman, and you run a dealership in Texas, but you don’t market to your local Hispanic community, then you should change gear and do so.  Of course, if you need help, we’re here for you!


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