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Beginners Guide: How to Utilize the New Features of MS Project in 2023

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Microsoft Project- a boon companion for project managers!

Everything that we do in a systematic way to achieve something can be a project. A project includes all the necessary steps that need to be followed with all discipline. Or we can say it is a sequence of tasks that can be done by an individual or with a team in a synchronized way.

Additionally, completing a project on time with all of the creativity is difficult for businesses. And from here, the role of Project Management gets started. When it comes to project management tools, how can we forget about Microsoft Project, a tool that can help you to complete your tasks/projects on time?

Did you know? According to research, MS Project 2019 Download happens every 20 seconds. And it is a massive success for the team of Microsoft; this happens not because Microsoft is a successful IT development company but because Microsoft Project can actually ease the day-to-day hustle while doing a project.

Microsoft Project is a powerful tool that allows you to manage a set of tasks effortlessly and complete them on time. In addition to that, this tool is the best friend of project managers as it helps them to well-organize their team; they can easily see the progress of any project, who is working on a project, and many more things. And this all can be done while sitting at a table and having a laptop in front of them without asking or disturbing the employees.

As you can see, Microsoft Project is a powerful tool that can make a successful difference in the process of doing a project. So let’s learn about this amazing tool deeply!

What is Microsoft Project and its purpose?

Microsoft Project is project management software utilized to create schedules, and project plans, manage resources, and save time. It has features like Gantt charts, kanban boards, and project calendars for project management specialists.

Microsoft Project has different products with similar names, including Project Online, Project Server, and Project for the Web. You can access those products by formulating a Microsoft Project Plan subscription with three pricing tiers.

If you’re looking for less costly and more adaptable project management software, then this is the product that you are looking for.

Unlike Microsoft Project, we present a collaborative, intuitive platform with numerous project views—managers can plan projects on Gantt charts or the sheet view. At the same time, teams can utilize kanban boards, calendars, or full-bodied task lists to manage their work. So, to try these fantastic features, meet- Microsoft Project Professional 2019 Download now!


Other than Microsoft Project 2019, there is one more version of MS Project, which is Microsoft Project 2021. So let’s know about that as well.

Purpose of Microsoft Project and its other version

Microsoft Project intends to allow users to develop realistic project goals through well-thought schedules, operating budgets, and distributing resources. Users can build projects, track tasks, and report results.

Furthermore, it gives project managers and owners effective control over their resources and finances. That is achieved via simple processes for allocating resources to tasks and budgets to projects.

When adopting Microsoft Project On-premises, you may need to explore the customizable wizard for suggestions during project creation, task assignment, resource assignment, and reporting outcomes.

Let’s get deeper into it!

Within Microsoft Project there are many plans available so one can make a purchase accordingly. But two of them are so popular and in demand that one has to try their feature at least once. Let’s look at those plans.

The two plans that we have discussed above are; Microsoft Project Online and Desktop. Microsoft Project Online targets a huge number of users where you can assign tasks, track time, and look into other related project elements. And on the other hand, the desktop version primarily targets project managers who utilize it to define and track tasks.

Microsoft Project Desktop can be the best purchase for project managers as they can save their important details as MPP files and share them with other team members to utilize separately when the project evolves, or they export it to MS Project Online on cloud-based software.

Other than this, if you need advanced and some extra features so you can go with MS Project 2021 Download. Now let’s know how you can use Microsoft Project to its best.


Tips for using Microsoft Project for more benefits:

  • Enter the project start date- MS Project does all date estimates based on the project’s start date, so it will automatically compute all the task dates if you change the start date.
  • Modify the Default Task Setting from Manual to Auto Schedule- MSP does not automatically compute task dates by default, which usually constructs scheduling problems. By default, MSP tasks are manually scheduled, which means that the MSP does not change the dates of manually scheduled tasks.
  • Define Project Calendar- The MSP calendar defines high-level scheduling authorities for tasks, meaning that you can determine that Monday to Friday are working days and Saturday and Sunday are non-working days. MSP will take care of these directions while scheduling tasks.
  • Start with a List of Tasks- You have to plan before you start utilizing a planning tool. A tool like MSP can assist you in planning but cannot replace you. You have to supply the information so the tool can do scheduling calculations for you.
  • Avoid Putting Dates and Periods of Tasks in the Start- MSP automatically computes dates if the task relationships are adequately defined.
  • Create WBS using Indent and Outdent- A WBS divides and sub-divides a project into better manageable components. It lowers the risk and increases predictability.
  • Define Task Relationships- A project manager only determines the working relationship between tasks. MSP will automatically compute the task dates after you have accurately described the relationships.
  • Make a Note of Dates Constraints- Some tasks have client or environment-imposed date restrictions. You should identify these date constraints and insert them in MSP so that it can take care of date estimates.
  • Don’t Put Predecessor(s) in Summary Tasks- MSP automatically computes summary tasks, and the calculations might not happen ideally if the summary tasks have a predecessor.
  • Save Baseline- A baseline sets up project standards. MSP measures project implementation against the defined baseline.

So here is the entire knowledge about Microsoft Project and its famous plans; in addition, we have also added some best tips for getting started for better results. Now you must want to know the price of Microsoft Project 2019 or want to Download MS Project Professional 2021. So, we offer Microsoft products at the most pleasing prices. To learn more, mail us at the given mail address.


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