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Bayou Field and Outdoors, LLC: The Online Retailer of High Quality Outdoor Supplies


Shreveport, LA, May 17, 2022 —- Bayou Field and Outdoors, LLC is an online retailer of outdoor supplies for the forestry, logging, and surveying industries. Now, they’re happy to announce their availability of saw chains, saw teeth, and marking paint.

On their website, you’ll be able to find Aervoe Marking Paint, which is formulated for long-lasting marks, lead-free and solvent-based, meeting all of your marking expectations in the field of forestry. With regular and fluorescent colors available, Aervoe Tree Marking Paint drying time is 1 to 5 hrs. (The dry time for tack-free 30 min, application temperature is between 30 Degrees to 100 Degrees F, and mild to moderate exposure conditions.) Aervoe Tree Marking Paint doesn’t contain any lead, Toluene, or Methylene Chloride. It’s excellent for horizontal lettering, numbering, and writing. Aervoe Tree Marking Paint is typically used for keeping inventory and identifying lumber. With bright marks, Aervoe Tree Marking Paint is great for visual identification from a distance.

At Bayou Field and Outdoors, LLC, they also sell Nelson Boundary Marking paint, which is ideal for long-term marks and boundaries that need to stand up to both time and the elements. Use Nelson Boundary Marking paint with a paintbrush for easy use and application. Nelson Boundary Mark Paint Brush type is available only in round gallon friction-top cans.

If you’re looking for saw teeth, nova saw teeth, shear teeth, or Ballantine hot saw teeth, this is also the ideal place to find one with a top-quality since most of their products are made with high grade hardened, heat-treated alloy steel. A dependable alternative to OEM products. Nova saw teeth have been carefully designed to offer quality at affordable prices. Installing Nova Saw Teeth is easy, and tips can be sharpened on the blade, significantly reducing downtime and operating costs. And the best part? Ballantine’s new carbide design keeps you running in the most extreme conditions. The patented design protects your disk in extreme sandy conditions. They were constructed using premium virgin carbide and have been field-tested, lasting up to 50% longer than the competition.

If you’re in need of a 3/4 pitch chain, saw chain, check out their Oregon Semi-chisel 11H Harvester Chain features cutters with an aggressive cutting edge. 11H Saw Chain is a high-performance chain with a rugged design for extreme cutting conditions. Providing:

  1. Semi-chisel cutters make 11H an aggressive, high-performance chain
  2. Wider cutter gullet for maximum cutting efficiency and chip-clearing capability
  3. Offset cutter footprint: Minimizes “knife edging: of the bar rails, offering increased support and stability
  4. Patented Steel: Patented Oregon material, improved rivet material, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes keep stretch and wear to a minimum.

If what you’re looking for is a 11BC 3/4 Pitch Saw Chain Loop, you should check out their offered Oregon Saw Chain loops that feature classic 3/4″ chipper-style cutters with .122 gauge chain chassis, delivering excellent cutting performance and durability while taking bigger bites out of the toughest wood.

Among other top-quality products offered at Bayou Field and Outdoors, LLC, you’ll find Measuring Tools, Game Feeder and Hunting Supplies, Lanterns, Insect Repellents, Camping Gears, Survival Kits, Shovels, and Wildlife Traps.

For more information about their amazing variety of products, visit and contact them; they will be happy to answer questions or help you with returns!

Contact Info:

Name: Amy Lee
Organization: Bayou Field and Outdoors, LLC
Address: 1112 Hawn Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71107
Phone: 318-313-9381

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