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How to Take Out a Lock From a Doorknob

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Have you ever lost your key and been locked out of your home? If you have then you know the importance of knowing some simple life hacks like removing your doorknob.

The locksmith Industry grew by 1.9% to reach a revenue of $2billion in 2018. Security concerns drive much of it. Their products include the sale of locks and security merchandise, key cutting and duplication, and residential and nonresidential security system installation and repair.

Although there are services provided by locksmiths and key cutters to take out a lock, sometimes their services take too long to arrive. This might be frustrating, and having the skills to remove the lock from doorknob might save you a lot of energy and time.

Check out this guide and learn how to take out a lock from a doorknob

1. Removing a DoorKnob with Visible Screws

Before you try removing a doorknob, you should first determine if it has any visible screws. You will notice the visible screws on the rose plate. The screws are on the interior knob, which is used to lock the door.

Step 1: Remove The Screws

If the doorknob has visible screws, then your work has been made easier. All you have to do is unscrew both sides. This will make the screw loosen up, and this will be easy and faster for you to extract.

Step 2: Remove The Door Knobs

After unscrewing the screws removing the doorknob should be easy. When the doorknob is unscrewed, you can easily remove both the interior and exterior locks. The next step will be unscrewing the face plate, which will be accessible once the door knobs are unscrewed.

Step 3: Unscrew The Faceplate

Once you have removed the doorknobs, you can start unscrewing the faceplate. Take the screwdrivers available and begin unscrewing the two screws on the faceplate. These screws are located on the faceplate. This means that you can’t miss them and they are easily unscrewed.

Step 4: Remove The Latch

This is the last step that you need to carry out before you remove the doorknob. Once all the screws are unscrewed, you can grab the latch and remove the doorknob. This leaves your door without any knob.

2. How To Remove A Locked Doorknob

When you get locked out, this is the simplest way to get in your house. This will eliminate the need to look for a locksmith to open the door for you. You can follow these few steps and ensure that you save a lot of time and money in getting a locksmith.

Additionally, these are some tips you can follow to ensure that you don’t get locked out.

Step 1: Examine The Shank

Sometimes it can be challenging to see the mounting screws since they are somewhat concealed. You need to be keen for you to find them.

The mounting screws can be identified by locating a small hole or slot in the shaft. You need to take your time and try to find the mounting screws.

Step 2: Insert An Object In The Slot

This is the second step when you are trying to unlock your door. You need to insert a tool in the slot or the hole and try opening the door.

You can insert any small object that can fit in the slot or hole. You can choose to use a small screwdriver to get the door opened.

Also, you can use a straightened paper clip as it is tiny enough to fit in the slot. If you don’t have a hair clip, you can use a nail set or a hairpin.

Ensure the object you are inserting is tiny and strong. This is to make sure that it doesn’t break inside the slot.

Step 3: Push And Pull

The push and pull need to be done simultaneously. This is to ensure that the door unlocks quickly.

When you insert a tool in the hole or slot, you will feel some resistance. The resistance is similar to a spring being compressed.

You should aim at pushing the spring as far as possible using one hand. The other hand should be pulling the doorknob. This will reduce resistance and allow the door to open.

Step 4: Twist The Opening Tool

Sometimes, the door may be tough and resist your effort to open it. When this happens, you should twist the opening tool to make the door more flexible.

If the door continues to resist, you can twist the tool while twisting the doorknob simultaneously. This will decrease the resistance and allow the door to be easily opened.

Ensure that you are simultaneously turning the doorknob and the opening tool. This will ensure that the door is easily unlocked.

Step 5: Remove The Rose

When you want to unscrew the doorknob, it can be hard if you can’t locate the screws. You need to unscrew the rose to reveal the mounting screws.

When removing the rose, you should use a flat screwdriver. Then pry off the decorative round plate to reveal the screws. This allows you to be able to unscrew all the screws holding the lock.

Step 6: Unscrew And Finish

This is the last step before the doorknob is separated from the door. You need to use a screwdriver or drill to remove the mounting screws.

Once all the mounting screws are removed, you can remove the doorknob. You can remove the doorknob from both sides, and this will ensure that your door opens easily.

3. Added Security Measures To Your Doors

You need added security to your home by getting deadbolt locks. This prevents door smashing and entry to your home. Hinge security is another essential means of ensuring security.

Deadbolt Locks

An easy way to prevent entry in your home is to get deadbolt locks. This ensures that there is added security to your home.

Since smashing the doorknob is a fast and easy way to gain entry. If you need to secure your home and prevent this, you can add deadbolt locks.

This ensures that it slows down any forced entry and sometimes stops the entry.

Hinge Security

If people fail to gain access to your home by removing the lock, they may try using the hinges. For added safety measures, you can use hinge security.

Since most of the exterior doors swing towards the inside of your home, this ensures that the hinges can’t be easily accessed to gain an entry in your home. This is because they are inside the house. This simple trick can prevent your house from being broken into.

Bottom Line

Replacing a doorknob can be hectic since you might need the doorknob to match your door handles. You can try an interior doorknob which is unique like some glass doorknobs. Contact us access our emergency locksmith services plus have some of the best doors handles installed in your home.

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