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Backyard Pool Owners Face 2021 Chlorine Shortage

As spring and summer draw nearer, Cincinnati pool owners could be facing a severe chlorine shortage.


Cincinnati, OH – February 1st, 2021– Domestic chlorine suppliers have been hit hard by a shortage this year. When Hurricane Laura struck in August 2020, one of the three major U.S. chlorine production plants suffered a massive chemical fire that destroyed production equipment and chlorine supplies. High tariffs, particularly against China, prevent international suppliers from being competitive in the U.S. chlorine market, therefore most of the supply is manufactured right here at home.

2020 saw a surge of orders for pools, due to families looking for stay-at-home entertainment options during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Bio-Lab production facility in Westlake, Louisiana out of commission, the other major U.S. suppliers of chlorine haven’t been able to keep up with the massive demand for pool chemicals. Prices for chlorine have already increased, and will only continue to rise, according to Rob Robertson with Cincinnati Pool and Patio.

Robertson’s recommendations to pool owners?

First, get their chlorine products early. Two types of stabilized chlorine, dichlor and trichlor, are the most affected by the shortage, and may not be available for purchase later in the season, or will be more expensive. Robertson says customers should purchase their year’s supply at the time they open their pools to ensure they have enough chemicals to last through the season.

Next, Robertson recommends reducing the amount of chlorine a pool needs with minerals. Mineral systems utilize silver, copper, and zinc to prevent algae growth and kill bacteria. There are some versions that require no plumbing and simply drop into a skimmer basket. Then, the amount of chlorine used can immediately be cut in half.

There are also some other benefits to supplementing chlorine with minerals, including softer water, and less wear and tear on pool equipment from harsh chlorine chemicals.

Lastly, Robertson says “if you need a filter upgrade, get one that does not require backwashing. Why spend money on chemicals and then pump them out of the pool onto the ground?”

Cincinnati Pool and Patio supplies both chlorine and mineral system products. For more information about products and services, please visit

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Now, because of Hurricane Laura this past year, there is a serious projected shortage of chlorine for pools in 2021. However, Cincinnati Pool and Patio is prepared to have you covered with keeping a large amount of chlorine in stock so you can continue to keep your pool and outdoor equipment clean! With two available locations in the area, CPP Cincy is proud to “carry everything from pool and spa chemicals, solar covers, liners, filters, pumps, ladders, winter covers, safety covers, pools, and patio furniture, as well as all the accessories necessary to have a fun backyard experience!” For more information about CPP Cincy, please visit

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