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99+ Useful LinkedIn Post Ideas for 2022 [+Relevant Post Examples]

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If you’re looking to build an engaged audience on LinkedIn in 2022, you need to post GREAT content on the platform consistently.

But coming up with new, unique, and organic LinkedIn content ideas every day can be hard!

Because nobody has fresh post ideas just lying around, right?

Well, now you do!

In this post, we have made sure you never have to worry about finding good post ideas for LinkedIn. 

Below, you’ll find 99+ content ideas that can make you a LinkedIn SUPERSTAR!

Plus, we have included tons of examples of great LinkedIn posts to inspire you! 

Now let’s get into some of the best LinkedIn post ideas.

1. Post a growth hack

Growth hacks are a RAGE on social media these days.

You can post a growth hack to help readers learn something new. 

Relate the post to how YOU used the growth hack to achieve something in your life. Your audience might relate to that and learn something new as well!

And people may even start recognizing you as a growth hacker if you are consistent with this theme.

There are many growth hack posts on LinkedIn. 

For example, check out this post by James Laurain, a Tech Copywriter, who used this idea to great effect and got awesome engagement! 


2. Write about a personal experience that inspires others

If you feel like you can inspire others or YOU need some inspiration, try writing about a personal experience that others can relate with.

This, in fact, can become some of the best content to share on LinkedIn because your experiences belong only to you; they’re unique, so nobody can copy you!

And one of the best things about sharing personal experiences on LinkedIn is that you never run out of experiences to share!

Here’s a simple yet effective post on LinkedIn by Dennis Agbegha, a Customer Experience Expert, that perfectly captures how you can use this idea!


3. Share one of your brand stories

Let’s talk about one of the most obvious LinkedIn post ideas you can go for.

Just share a story about how your business has impacted and helped your customers in one way or another.

Or you can talk about values important to you as a business owner or your business. 

Present it so that it appeals to your audience and helps your brand get a boost!

Expert tip 💡 – Just make sure it aligns with your overall LinkedIn content strategy!

As an example, here’s a post from our Co-founder Harshit’s LinkedIn profile in which we talk about female inclusion.


4. Write about how success has changed your life

This LinkedIn post idea can REALLY inspire your audience (if you present it well enough).

You can share real-life snippets or tell a story about an interesting experience that you’ve had.

Check out this LinkedIn post example by Hala Taha, CEO of YAP Media which got her hundreds of likes and comments in terms of engagement.

[This is one of the best LinkedIn posts out there, in our opinion, because it combines so many of the ideas we have mentioned here into one post!].


5. Share a tip or an idea

If you often wonder about what to post on LinkedIn, then TIPS is one of the best ideas that work on LinkedIn, especially if you’re looking to get noticed.

Share a tip or an idea YOU think will be useful for your audience.

This way, you’re authentic, and nobody can compete with you at being yourself!

There might be people from your industry, curious people, or someone else who might be looking for something just like that.

And that’s why tips and ideas are a goldmine for engagement!

6. Share info about a job opening

If you have an opening in your organization or come across an exciting job opening on LinkedIn, you can share that post with your audience. 

You might end up helping someone.

For example, check out this awesome LinkedIn post by Neel Mehta, a Bestselling Author, whose post sharing a position at Google got 1800+ likes and 3000+ comments.


7. Share some of your hiring experiences

Now, this is something all entrepreneurs can come up with.

You’ve probably been part of job interviews, maybe as a job-seeker or as an employer.

And there are plenty of insights you might be able to share.

One of your insights might just end up making your audience a little wiser.

Here’s a post from Alan Collins, Founder of Success in HR, showing precisely what we mean.


8. Share an interesting stat

Everyone loves a good stat that makes them sit up and take note. 

And when you share a stat that’s relevant to your business with your followers, it’ll help start a conversation!

Just find a real, insightful stat and share it.

Check out this LinkedIn post example by Mindi Zissman, a B2B Content Writer, in which she shares a few “cool stats” and then links to the stats in a comment. 


9. Share something from a book you’ve just read

If you’ve read a good book recently or are into one presently, you can always find something share-worthy and post it on LinkedIn.

Or, if it’s the start of a month, you can suggest your top 5 books to read in your domain in a post.

Consider this one as a LinkedIn content idea you can fall back on, on days when you feel you’ve run out of ideas!

10. Highlight something interesting from the news or a current event

Maybe there is a new product launched by Apple.

Or maybe something is going on in the middle-east that everyone should know about.

Find something important to you and share what YOU think about it.

Especially if you’re from a fast-changing industry (like tech), this is one of the best types of content to post on LinkedIn.

But remember to do this sparingly; you don’t want your profile to appear as a news network!

11. Things you believe others should do (or shouldn’t do)

From eating a protein-rich diet to sleeping eight hours a day to reading ten pages of a good book every day, there are probably many good things you do that others could follow.

Try sharing something on these lines, so others can benefit from your experience.

And remember to be cool about it and not get preachy because nobody likes that!

12. Appreciate something

This is one of those LinkedIn post ideas that we absolutely love.

There’s a lot of bad news out there, and everyone likes it if someone shares something positive.

Especially a post that appreciates something.

It can be something as simple as a kind word said to you by the cashier at your local store or maybe your daily cup of coffee on your commute to work.

Find something to appreciate, share it with your audience, and let the love flow!

Here’s Jon Youshaei, a Writer and Entrepreneur, using this idea to great effect and earning a ton of engagement!


13. Talk about a habit

We all have a routine and stuff we do regularly in our schedule. 

You can share one such great habit that you’ve been into for a long time and which you think others should know about. 

It may be reading every night before going to bed.

Or it may be working out every week a couple of times.

Share it and see if your audience relates to it or not.

Here’s Chelsea Donaldson, CEO and Founder of Pivotal Solutions, sharing her top six habits to build a healthy lifestyle.


14. Easy LinkedIn post idea; Share a great quote

Want to quickly find content to post on LinkedIn?

Great quotes to your rescue!

Find a quote that you think is awesome.

Think Martin Luther King Jr., Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi….; the list is pretty much endless.

Or you can even create an insightful quote of your own.

The point is; sharing great quotes on your LinkedIn profile never gets old.

And one of the best things about this LinkedIn content idea is that you can never run out of quotes!

For example, see this post by Kelly Mizell, Associate Director at CBRE, where she shares a quote by country singer Luke Bryan. 

The post got her much engagement, as you can see below.


15. Create a custom image and share it with a caption

These days, images and caption posts are (allegedly 😏) being pushed by the LinkedIn algorithm.

So, create a custom image or an infographic.

And share it with a crisp caption!

Here’s Heather Louise Vasey, Self Esteem and Empowerment Coach, using this idea to great effect in one of her posts.


16. Create a post using a popular hashtag

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to create a post around a hashtag on which many people are creating posts.

Simply put, people are already talking about that topic, so you know it’s already of interest! 

And that’s why this is a tried and tested linked content idea that works well to engage your audience.

👉 Download Now: Free LinkedIn Content Calendar Template

For example, check out this LinkedIn post by Gina Stracuzzi, Business Development Strategist and Co-Founder & Director, Women in Sales Leadership Forum. 

See how she has used the hashtag #RecommendedReading to talk about a podcast she wants her audience to check out. NEAT!


17. Talk about a common misconception or myth

If you are from an industry like IT or SaaS, people might have some prejudices and misconceptions. 

What you can do is share a common misconception or bust a myth that you think is incorrect.

Just make sure it’s interesting.

And who knows, your post might just end up going viral among professionals in your industry!

Here’s Floyd Fernandes, HR Global Mobility @ Siemens busting a myth related to HR in his post and getting a TON of likes and comments.


18. Share glimpses into your professional journey

LinkedIn might have evolved to be a social network for everyone, but at its heart, it’s still a place for professionals to connect.

And what do most people on LinkedIn have in common?

They’re all on their own professional journeys!

So it can’t hurt sharing something insightful from your journey with your audience.

Something that helps them grow or move forward.

And here’s the deal; we have seen in our own experience handling our clients’ LinkedIn that such posts can CRUSH engagement numbers!

So post something good that others can learn from.

Like this wonderful post from Baroness Michelle Mone (OBE), Entrepreneur & Baroness in the House of Lords:


19. Start a discussion on a topic you think is important

Is there a topic important to you, or one you think should be discussed more by people?

Share your opinion and listen to what others have to say on the topic.

And remember to keep the discussion respectful; you don’t want to come across as someone shouting from the rooftop.

Tip 💡 – Don’t be afraid to talk about topics that are a bit taboo or to take a contrary stand to what is the norm. That can really help shoot up your engagement! Just remember to stick with your overall LinkedIn content strategy.

Here’s Juhi Singh, a Content Writer, sharing a post on abortion and starting a discussion on the topic. 


20. Deliver a powerful message

Let’s say you have an observation that you think your audience will find useful.

It may be about your industry or human behavior, or life in general.

So you phrase what you have to say into a powerful message and post it.

And with this LinkedIn post idea, you might just strike engagement gold (= viral)!

The result might be a post that gets hundreds of likes and shares.

And that promotes your brand much beyond your immediate audience. 

👉 Bonus Tip – Just remember to be original with your post and avoid being cliché.

Here’s Dr. Daniel McKorley, CEO/Chairman at McDan Group, sharing a powerful post that REALLY worked for him in terms of engagement.


21. Write about something people should avoid

Everyone’s writing about something that they did or something other people should do.

But with this LinkedIn post idea, we are telling you to post about something people shouldn’t do!

This can be something in professional life or something in life in general. 

Expert tip 💡 – You can even turn this into a small list of things to avoid.

Check out this excellent LinkedIn post by Robynn Storey, CEO of Storeyline Resumes, which shows this idea in action.


22. Spread some encouragement

Times are hard for many people, and there might be people in your audience that are struggling with disappointments in their lives (personal and professional).

Show some (genuine) love and encouragement occasionally and inspire people to keep moving forward.

Post something that lifts others UP.

Just be sure NOT to overuse this LinkedIn content idea!

As an example, here’s an encouraging post by Jennifer Oknin, Lifestyle Strategist and CEO of Shift into Health.


23. Post something as per the occasion

This is one of those clichéd LinkedIn post ideas, but it still works!

If it’s Christmas, use that as a post idea or if it’s Mother’s Day, share a story about you and your mother.

You get the idea.

This kind of content works well to build engagement, especially if you already have an engaged audience on LinkedIn.

And nobody’s stopping you from getting a little creative with your post.

Plus, if you’re looking for a content idea that works well for businesses and LinkedIn company pages, then this can work REALLY well!

Like this neat little post by Social Samosa, an Online Media Publication, in which the agency uses Parents Day as a theme to come up with a short, sweet, and creative post for their LinkedIn company page!


24. Share something about your mentor(s)

Everyone loves a good role model.

So if you have a mentor or someone you appreciate, you can share something about them on your LinkedIn profile.

How they inspire you or one thing you like the most about them.

Or maybe something remarkable they said to you.

Just remember to be authentic because your audience might catch on pretty quickly if you’re being fake.

As a good example, check out this LinkedIn post by Brandon Redlinger, Senior Director Product Marketing at ringDNA.


Polls are one of the newer ways to engage your audience on LinkedIn.

Everyone likes an interesting question, and a great one can even elicit a response from those that don’t normally comment on posts.

Create a poll, let the responses and the comments come, and then make sure to interact with your audience.

Do you want to engage your audience on LinkedIn? 

Yes / No

You see what we did here, right? 😉

Check out an example of this in action in this post by A Anshu below.

LinkedIn post idea example of creating a poll, by A Anshu, a digital marketing professional.


26. Share a recent “Win”

This is an often-used (and overused) LinkedIn post idea.

But it works. Trust us on that!

Got a promotion?

Received an award?

Maybe you helped someone recently or saved someone’s life?

Yes, you can post about all of these on LinkedIn!

Just make sure you come across as humble and not arrogant or overly bragging because nobody likes that!

Here’s an example of this post idea in action on LinkedIn by Melissa Ramos, an Inspirational Sales Leader, Coach, Mentor and Speaker.


27. Write about a fear and how you are overcoming it

Maybe you have a fear of flying but still went halfway around the world to meet that all-important prospect.

Write about that experience!

Or you might have a fear of heights, and you’re doing something to overcome it.

You can also share that.

Or you might have a fear of interacting with new people, and yet you sat down with a team member and helped them through something?

Definitely post about it, and your LinkedIn community might just love you for that!

Here’s a tip, though; keep it professional and don’t go all-out personal (because this is LinkedIn, not Facebook!).

Check out this brave LinkedIn post by Genevieve Macaraya, a Chatbot Creator and Digital Marketing Specialist, who talks about her fear of public speaking and how she’s overcoming it!


28. Share a Business Mantra

Most people on LinkedIn are curious.

Is there a mantra you have that you use in your business?

Inspire them with a business mantra you think worked for you, and that might work for them too!

Like you could share six easy steps for successful marketing or three things a marketing expert should avoid.

You get the idea, right?

Here’s a great business mantra post to inspire you by Tim Sanders, VP Customer Insights at Upwork and an NYT bestselling author.


29. Share a (relevant) meme

LinkedIn may be the home of professionals, but who doesn’t love a great meme?

Try sharing a meme (occasionally) to engage your audience.

Just make sure it’s relevant to you and your audience and don’t get into something too controversial. 😏

Check out this meme by Ken Westin, Director, Technical Marketing at ReliaQuest, and how it got him truckloads of engagement.


30. Try posting a one-liner

Have a one-liner you think your audience will love?

Go ahead, post that on your LinkedIn profile.

Just make sure that you’re being authentic and not cliché.

You never know; your one-liner might just catch on!

Here’s Jack Butcher, Founder of Visualize Value posting an awesome one-liner.


31. Creative LinkedIn Post Idea 👉 Share a short story

This is one of those LinkedIn content ideas that few people can pull off.

Why do we say that?

Because telling a short story correctly is a skill few people have mastered.

But if you do manage to create an engaging story for your audience, you may win a lot of hearts (and a whole lot of followers too!).

So go ahead, be the creator you can be!

For example, check out this thought-provoking short story LinkedIn post by Shlomo Friedman, Partner and Director at Imperial Real Estate Agency.

[👉 Need help creating short stories for your audience? Reach out and we’ll help!]


32. Speculate on a topic

Been following a topic closely the past few days?

Or maybe you have an opinion on how something might turn out?

Speculate and write a post about it on LinkedIn.

Though speculate WITHIN REASON; you don’t want to be known as a conspiracy theorist!

It might be about your industry or something taking place elsewhere.

If the post is interesting enough, your audience might really get into talking about it (engagement ⬆ 😋).

33. Share someone else’s post

Someone in your LinkedIn network may have shared something really interesting.

And in addition to liking and/or commenting on the post, you can even share their post on your own profile.

When your followers come across the post, it increases YOUR post’s engagement in addition to the original post.

Plus, you might get a shout-out from the person whose post you shared.

And that’s great as well!

Here’s Martha Miches, a Project and Partnership Developer and Customer Experience Associate, sharing a post by someone else:

Example of LinkedIn content idea of sharing someone else's post, by Martha Miches.


34. Share a life lesson

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, life has probably taught you many things.

Some of those might be really valuable to your followers.

Be authentic, don’t preach, and share some of those life lessons on your LinkedIn profile once in a while.

Your followers might really love you for that!

35. Post an infographic

Infographics have been around for a while now.

But an interesting infographic can engage your LinkedIn audience in a way a text post might just not be able to do.

You can post a basic infographic, or go creative by converting it into a carousel post. 

The main idea is to capture eyeballs through your design.

So, create a basic infographic or add some depth to your infographic with colors, headers, and vectors (try a platform like Canva).

[Or you could just ask us to be your infographics (and content) creator! 🙂]

Expert tip 💡 – This is a content idea you can use with great success on LinkedIn company pages (as Infographics work GREAT on company pages).

To see this strategy in action, check out this useful infographic post by The Cyber Security Hub™.


36. Target your new connections

If you’re someone who keeps adding a LOT of new connections to your LinkedIn profile, then this LinkedIn post idea is for you.

Those new people you’ve added don’t know that much about you.

Don’t expect them to go back and scroll down your profile to see what you posted in the past.

So post something about yourself occasionally to help them know more about you.

You can even address your new connections directly in your post!

Tip – If you’re new on LinkedIn, then you can target a new connection in your first post on LinkedIn (or in the first few posts).

Here’s an awesome post by Dan Engel, a Software Engineer, introducing himself to his new connections and getting a lot of engagement.


37. Share a client’s story

Okay, we know what you might be thinking.👇

That this is a very common and overused LinkedIn content idea.

But it still works!

You can tell your audience about clients’ reactions to your product or service! 

Or you could talk about something unique that they did with your product.

In any case, sharing about a happy client always works to build positive engagement for your brand.

As an example, check out one of our own posts on LinkedIn, where Harshit shares a great client story. See how it brought a good amount of likes, shares and comments!


38. Try a “what would you do if” post

This LinkedIn post idea is all about arousing curiosity in your followers.

Create a question about a hypothetical situation in your post and ask your community to answer it! 

Like, “what would you do if you got to be the CEO of Facebook for a day?”

A really fascinating “what would you do if” post might really capture the imagination of your audience. [Imagine TONS of likes, shares, and LOTS of comments!]

For instance, here’s a wonderful post by Dr. Jeremy Gartner, Founder & CEO of Career Propulsion, that shows what we’re talking about.

LinkedIn content idea example by Dr. Jeremy Gartner, Founder & CEO of Career Propulsion.


39. Talk about an interesting tool or a gadget

In the times we live in, a new tool or gadget is invented almost every day!

If you’ve come across a product that can make people’s lives better, why not share your opinion with your LinkedIn network?

Better still, if the tool is useful to people in your industry because that helps you establish thought leadership!

Talk about it, discuss its features or give your feedback.

You might not believe it, but there are plenty of people who find that useful!

As a sample, check out this LinkedIn post by Denise Ott, President at Atlas Management Resources, who shares her views on a gadget called The Owl.


40. Talk about a challenge you faced (or you’ve been facing)

One of the best things about this LinkedIn content idea is that it helps you connect emotionally with your audience.

You can be raw when it comes to the challenges you’ve faced in your career or personal life, the journey you’re on, and what you’re doing to overcome the challenges.

And if you’re authentic, your audience will really appreciate you!

Here’s Sal Rehmetullah, President/Co-Founder of Stax sharing a great post that demonstrates this idea perfectly.


41. Recommend something interesting

One of the most popular LinkedIn post ideas is to recommend something to your network.

Create a post and give a suggestion for a book, a web series, or a movie.

You get the idea.

A lot of new books and web series are being released regularly, especially on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

But you must remember what we’ve said earlier as well; be authentic.

Your opinion counts for something, so use it wisely!

For example, see this awesome podcast recommendation post by Sahil Shah, Founder of Netsavvies Media Co.


42. Create an In-Image Poll for your LinkedIn audience

Images and polls are two of the best ways to attract engagement to your posts.

How about combining them both? 

In fact, this creative LinkedIn content idea is being used by quite a few people. 

Simply put, you create an image with a question in it, add two options, and dedicate a reaction to each emoji!

The idea is to encourage your audience to choose one option and to react to your post through that option. 

The reason this idea works is because no matter which option your followers choose, the result is an additional reaction to your post. 

Bonus Tip 💡 – Even better would be to ask them to discuss their response in the comments section. 

For example, check out this awesome post by Shubham Upadhyay, a Full Stack Web Developer, which shows EXACTLY what we’re talking about!


43. Create a post of DOs (or DON’Ts)

Dig deep into your experience and post something about what to DO (or NOT DO) in a particular situation.

Something great about this LinkedIn content idea is that you can get really creative with it.

Who knows, your post might end up really helping someone in your network.

Or if it really hits a nerve, it might even go viral!

💡 Expert tip – This one is, in fact, a great content idea for a LinkedIn company page. 

Here’s a DOs and DON’Ts post on the LinkedIn company page Believe Succeed PTY LTD that shows why we think this is a great strategy.


44. Share a (relevant) screenshot

This LinkedIn post idea sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

And yet, many people still don’t know the power of relevant screenshots to build LinkedIn engagement.

Ever received a highly positive message from a client who appreciated your work?

Or maybe a comment from a colleague that really made you smile?

Well, try taking a screenshot and posting it on LinkedIn (with permission, of course, if confidentiality may be a concern).

Just remember to be authentic and spontaneous, and you’re good to go!

👉 Download Now: Free LinkedIn Content Calendar Template

45. Tag Someone in Your Post

Now, this might not strictly be a LinkedIn content idea, but we have put it here because it can really boost engagement on your posts.

Especially if you tag people with tons of experience and followers in your posts!

What that does is that it really increases the reach of your posts and SHOOTS engagement through the roof.

So go ahead, try it a few times and see the results for yourself!

Want an example? Check out this LinkedIn post by MaryBeth Hyland, Founder & Chief Visionary of SparkVision, using this strategy to great effect.


46. Get (a little) personal

Though LinkedIn has traditionally been a network of professionals, members do occasionally get personal in their posts.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if it inspires and gets you some solid engagement.

So if you have something a little personal to share, you can post it on LinkedIn.

Here’s Brittinay Lenhart, Founder + Lead Consultant at Work Culture Consultant LLC, sharing a great post that shows what we’re talking about.


47. Post a Productivity Hack

Ever heard of Parkinson’s Law, Pareto’s Principle, or the Eisenhower Matrix?

Welcome to the world of productivity hacks!

One thing about this LinkedIn post idea is that it’s quite overused, but that’s because content like this performs quite well on LinkedIn.


Because everyone these days is looking to make themselves more productive.

So you could share one of the many productivity hacks that have worked for you, with your audience.

Or you could even become a pioneer and create your own productivity hack!

For example, check out this awesome LinkedIn post by Tina Larsson, Co-founder & LEED Green Associate at The Folson Group.


48. Post about why you love doing what you do

Yes, there might be some things you hate about what you do, but there are (probably) a few things you love about it as well.

Give a reason in your post and share why you love your work.

Or maybe share one thing that makes you fall in love with your job every day? 

Or you could share how you stay so motivated in your career, and what makes you more passionate about continuing!

You get the idea, right?

Here’s a heartwarming post by Leticia Oppong, Controls Engineer at FieldCore, that you can use as inspiration.


49. Make a comparison

Take two scenarios and compare them in your post.

Like the work culture two decades ago and the work culture of today that helps employees perform at their best.

Or maybe hiring practices from back in the day to hiring practices now.

You get it, right?

Dig into your experience, and you could find countless topics for you to create comparison posts on.

Use this LinkedIn content idea to post something insightful and watch your engagement numbers grow!

Like this post by Kathrin Lindner, Head of Digital Transformation at Lindsett Consulting, where she makes a comparison between Spend vs. Invest and experiences a TON of engagement!


50. Try ‘Quick Content’ as LinkedIn Post Idea

So what is ‘Quick Content’?

It’s simple. And quick!

Just wish your audience a good morning and a good evening and couple the wishes with something inspiring.

Keep in mind, though, not to make these posts run-of-the-mill messages like the ones people send to others mindlessly. 

Here’s a generic example; “I hope you all had a great day at work, but it’s time to take a nap because a healthy sleep cycle is vital for everyone! Good night!”

Even better, check out this amazing LinkedIn post example by Jack Butcher, Founder of Visualize Value.


51. Go (a little) random

Are you the sort who can come up with a post without planning it out beforehand?

Then try going random once in a while.

What do we mean by that?

Well, just whip open LinkedIn, start writing and see what your mind throws up on the screen.

Who knows, that random post might just hit engagement gold!

Tip – This LinkedIn post idea is only for those who can really spin their words well. So if you’re someone who struggles with writing in general, don’t try this (at home 😛🙃) and ask for our help!

52. Share a rejection story

It’s quite common to see people sharing their success stories.

But what’s less common to see on LinkedIn is someone sharing how they got rejected.

And let’s be honest; we all face rejection in our lives at one time or another.

So why not display a little vulnerability and share that experience on LinkedIn?

People love it when you have the courage to talk about your rejections and failures and not just about success.

👉 Bonus Tip – Be cool and don’t come across as a sore loser because nobody likes that! 

[And if you need a strategy to create posts like these, you know whom to ask; 👉 Harshit 😌!]

Here’s a heartwarming post by Rianne Reilly, Recruiting Scheduler at Facebook, sharing an insight into her journey from rejection to success.


53. LinkedIn Content Idea that ALWAYS works 👉 Create a ‘content series’

To professional content marketers, this is also known as a LinkedIn content marketing campaign.

Simply put, this is a well-planned and thought-out series of LinkedIn posts on a pre-decided theme.

So you decide a theme, fill your content calendar and start publishing on LinkedIn.

The theme can be something related to your business or your audience.

Or anything that you decide is important for your business.

A content series keeps your audience hooked and shapes your brand’s image the way YOU want.

[In fact, we’ve been doing content series posts for our clients for years (and we can do it for you too)! 😎].

54. Ask for LinkedIn post ideas from your audience

If you’re a regular on LinkedIn, you probably have a group of engaged followers.

So why not ask them what you should post about next?

Why? You may be wondering.

Because if you know their interests, you’ll be able to post content that’s more relatable and gets you more engagement in the long run.

And in fact, this is like killing two birds with one stone where you have a post that will get you comments AND ideas for your next posts!

Here’s Sahil Shah, a prominent Digital Marketer asking his followers what he should post next.

Sahil Shah, a Digital Marketer, asking for LinkedIn post ideas from his audience.


55. Comment on others’ posts to get new LinkedIn content ideas

So how is commenting on others’ posts a LinkedIn post idea?

Well, believe us when we tell you that other people’s posts (and the comments) are a GOLDMINE of new LinkedIn post ideas!

A well-thought-out comment can sometimes help you capture LOADS of attention and engagement.

Sometimes even more engagement than your posts!

Well, you’ll have to try this to really know what we’re talking about.

[Or you can ask us how we do it for our clients! 😏]

56. Give some ‘quick tips’

Give your audience a short, sweet post containing quick tips to accomplish something specific.

These could be five tips to avoid procrastination or four quick tips on how to read more effectively. 

Research and develop your content around a topic that you think is relevant to share.

Just make sure the topic is something that you really know about. 

Even better, if you share it based on your personal experience to add a flair of authenticity to it. 

And if you manage to do this right, this is one LinkedIn content idea that can really get you solid engagement!

Want a great example? Check out this LinkedIn post by Melissa Marjanovic, National Strategy Director at LotLinx, in which she shares tips to maintain a positive mindset.


57. Create an ‘equation’ post

If you’re someone who can come up with neat little concepts of your own, then it’s time to try an ‘equation’ post.

So what’s an equation post?

Simply put, it’s a post where you add or multiply some hypothetical variables and come up with a desirable result.

So here’s an example post for you:

” Dedication + Hard Work = Success ❌


Dedication + Smart Work = Success ✅

You could even ask your audience to add variables to your ‘equations’.

You just have to be more creative and thoughtful to create concepts like these.

[And if you need help, we’re here for you! 😀]

58. Use an experience you had during the day

If you want to quickly find content to post on LinkedIn, then look no further than your own daily experiences.

Met someone interesting during your day?

Or maybe someone said something really memorable to you?

Well, use that as raw material and post about it!

One of the best things about this LinkedIn post idea is that you might end up creating something you never expected would get you lots of engagement!

👉 Bonus Tip – Getting better at posts like these takes time and a consistent strategy, so be patient!

For example, check out this incredible post by Summit Madaan, Co-Founder of Kaizen Consultants. 

This post, in fact, went viral and garnered him 80K+ reactions and 1700+ comments. 

[He never expected that it would go viral. In fact, Summit is one of our close associates, and the post resulted in him getting several new leads and conversions!].

Here’s the post:


59. 💡 Create an emoji 😎 post

If you’re the playful kind, you should definitely use this LinkedIn post idea.

In fact, out of all the ideas in this post, this might just be the most creative 👨‍🎨!

Sure, you could add an emoji or two to your regular text post.

But you can take this a whole lot further by using emojis meaningfully in your posts 😀!

Here’s 👉 a LinkedIn post by Brooklin Nash, Head of Content at Sales Hacker, in which he makes great use of emojis. Enjoy!


60. Go for a throwback

Throwbacks are not just for Facebook; LinkedIn can be a place for throwbacks as well.

Sharing a picture or a post you shared years ago can be a great idea. 

Especially if you add some more value to the story and then re-share.

Such posts often draw a parallel with where you used to be and the progress you’ve made.

Which is great for engagement and motivation!

So go ahead and share.

Have a look at this cool LinkedIn post by Francesca Tricarico, Managing Director at Future Cloud Accounting Limited, in which she uses a throwback from 2019.

[Awesome job, Francesca; way to go!🙌].


61. Get some blanks filled

Remember those fill-in-the-blank questions at school where you provided the missing word or words as the answer?

Used to be fun, right?

Well, a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ LinkedIn post works the same way where you post a sentence followed by a blank that your audience can fill up in the comments.

Like this; “If I were the CEO of Facebook for a day, the first thing I would do is…………………?”.

You get it, right?

You can get as creative as you want with such posts.

And what do posts like these get you?

You guessed it; MORE COMMENTS! 👉 Which means MORE ENGAGEMENT.

And that’s what makes this one of the best LinkedIn content ideas out there!

Screenshot of a sample LinkedIn Content Calendar, with example post ideas.


👆👉 Download Now: Free LinkedIn Content Calendar Template

62. Post a short self-made video

Yes, we know we waited SO far to give you this LinkedIn post idea.

And for good reason too.

We want you to first get the hang of text and images posts BEFORE you go for videos.

That’s because putting yourself on-screen, even for a short video, needs confidence.

And you develop confidence over time as you post more and more on LinkedIn.

But once you are confident enough, you’ll find that videos on LinkedIn are like FIRE🔥.

You can get great engagement on videos, and these can help you build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Tip – You can even repurpose some of your old text posts for new video ideas as well. And if you need help with this, ask us how to do that!

Here’s a post by Jay Mandel, a Personal Branding Coach and founder of Your Brand Coach, posting an engaging self-made video!


63. Post a Memory

Post about something from your past and relate it to the present (and maybe the future).

You can pick a memory related to your industry or your business, or your career.

Or you could get a little personal as well (like we mentioned in #46 above).

And maybe take them down memory lane.

But do keep in mind that your post gives value to your audience.

Here’s Vivek Vanwari, Founder & Thought Partner at Sales Therapy LLC, sharing his first sales experience in this AMAZING post. 


64. Praise someone in your post

Let’s be honest; everyone loves it when other people appreciate them, praise them or give them a compliment.

So try heaping (genuine) praise on someone you think deserves it, in your post(s).

And this is one of those LinkedIn content ideas that has double the benefits.


Well, your audience will appreciate you being generous, and you’ll get engagement.

Plus, the person you’ve praised may also share YOUR post with their own audience.

And that’ll double your engagement (likes, shares, comments, and connections).

65. Talk about the time you failed at something

Social media these days is full of success stories, but nobody’s perfect, are they?

We all have quite a few things we failed at during the course of our lives.

So, why not share a post about the time you failed at something?

Be honest, vulnerable, and your audience will appreciate it.

Check out this heartwarming post by Ann Lopez, Learning Experience Designer at Intellum, where she shows her vulnerability and gets a lot of love for it!


66. Share a list

People love reading list blog posts.

And list-based posts are some of the best performing content on LinkedIn, in fact.

Want to share five mistakes to avoid in a job interview? Go ahead.

Know seven hacks to become a better graphic designer? Post them.

Or maybe you should post a list of things on LinkedIn that you would tell your younger self.

You get the idea, right?

This is some of the best content to get you solid attention and engagement.

Especially on days when you’re struggling and wondering what to post on LinkedIn, list posts can come to your rescue.

For example, see this remarkable LinkedIn post by Daniel Murray, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at ServiceTitan, in which he shares 21 things he would tell his 21-year-old self.


So you were on your way to work, and you stopped on the way for a coffee, and you met this stranger who………

You probably have tens of such stories that happened to you (or maybe to someone you know).

Tell them on LinkedIn and inspire your audience.

Reality is often stranger and more interesting than fiction.

So get real to get some real likes and comments. 

[And if you have had experiences but don’t know how to weave them into stories? Just talk to us, and we’ll craft your stories for you!]

For example, here’s a REAL story post by Heidi Linzau Richards, Managing Director at EY, who shares an experience from a visit to her father. Inspiring!


68. Try a “What happened next?” post

Set your audience’s pulses racing with posts that hook them into asking, “what happened next?”.

How? You may ask.

Imagine a post that goes like this:

“ It was my 7th year on a venture that I had dreamt to launch since I was a young boy. The wait was long, but my perseverance was strong. I faced multiple rejections until one event that shaped it all 7 years ago. I met my mentor, and guess what happened next? ”

Or something like this:

“ One of my colleagues has been facing a challenge with her mental health for the last 1 month. Today was the day when I decided to ask her if everything was fine, and guess what she said to me? ”

You get it, right?

For any story, “what happened next” can act as a great hook that can be added right after the first or the second sentence in the post. 

This immediately makes the reader curious.

And keeps your audience hooked to read the whole post AND react to it!

👉 Expert tip – You might have to try this a few times, but once you get the hang of this LinkedIn content idea, you are sure to get better at this! 

69. Add Characters to Your Content

This LinkedIn post idea is based on storytelling.

Because it is the characters that breathe life into any story. 

And if you can include a conversation between two or more (maybe fictional) characters within your post, it will immediately boost your post’s engagement.

For instance, check out this short and impactful character-based post by Harjeet Khanduja, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Reliance Jio.


70. Post about an interest or a hobby

What’s the newest thing you’re into in 2022?

Or something you just started doing that makes your life better?

Talk about that with your community!

Here’s something you should know about this LinkedIn post idea:

Each time you post about something different, you’ll attract engagement from different members of your community.

Which is GREAT because it tells the LinkedIn algorithm that your posts appeal to diverse user groups!

👉 Bonus Tip – Ask people in your post to comment and share their own hobbies and interests.

Here’s Darren McKee, Account Exegrammcutive at BetterUp, sharing an awesome post that shows PRECISELY what we mean!


71. Share something about an event

Attended an event recently, or planning to attend one soon?

Post something about it!

It may be a conference you attended.

Or an upcoming seminar.

Or maybe a local event in your neighborhood.

Remember this LinkedIn content idea doesn’t even have to be about your own experience at an event;

You could just talk about any event that you find interesting.

But the main thing is to talk about an event that YOU think others may be interested in.

💡 Bonus tip – Give a shout-out to someone else by tagging them in your post and multiply your engagement!

To illustrate, check out this elegant post by Kristen Rae Pucci, Principal at KRAE Consulting, in which she shares her experience at an event!


72. Share a Secret (👈 LinkedIn post idea that REALLY works)

Everyone loves secrets.

Knowing something that someone else might not know seems exciting, doesn’t it?

Even the most mundane secret can intrigue people and have them coming back for more!

Post a (deep dark) secret of yours or talk about something you did that took guts to do.

Or find out a great little-known fact in your domain, like “Did you know………?” and post it!

Just remember to be authentic and honest about it.

This LinkedIn post idea, in fact, is perfect for days when feel like there’s nothing to post about.

Here’s Amelia Sordell, Founder at Klowt, The Personal Branding Agency, sharing a (little) secret and experiencing a TON of engagement in return!


73. Do a survey on LinkedIn

Surveys are a great way of finding out what your audience wants.

And in 2022, surveys are a RAGE on social media, including LinkedIn.

Simply put, surveys make for good LinkedIn posts because you never know what great insights they might throw up.

Your survey can be anything from asking your audience about the most important thing in their job to polling them on their favorite product, a gadget, or a tool!

Or something that makes a meaningful difference in the world.

Like this survey-based post about an important mental health issue by Paul Toolan, Co-Founder of The Green Marine and Executive Director of Special Projects Group at The Spookstock Foundation. 

[Way to go, Paul 🙌 ; you’re doing a great job!]


74. Post about a mistake you made

Mistakes are a part of life, and everyone has made their fair share!

What better way to show how human you are than by sharing a mistake you made (professional or personal) and talking about it?

This LinkedIn content idea will help people connect with you on a more personal level, which can get you GREAT engagement!

Expert tip – You can also share some wisdom or a lesson you learned from the mistake.

Here’s an effective post by Saira Pasha, Attorney/Owner at Medical Malpractice Claim Consultants, in which she shares a recent mistake she made.


75. Consider posting about something most people don’t talk about

Here’s something you should know about LinkedIn:

People are pretty much talking about the same stuff there.

And while you should do it too, there’s no harm in occasionally giving your audience something different!

Like LinkedIn posts on topics that are (a little) taboo, even.

Posting something off-beat keeps things fresh and not repetitive, doesn’t it?

Well, go ahead and try it!

76. Share something about your organization’s work culture

Your audience might love to know what makes your workplace so special for people that work there.

You could share something about the work culture and how certain values or ideals are followed there!

Or maybe talk about some great benefits that the employees get access to on a daily basis.

Like health care for all staff members or free snacks in the pantry for everyone.

👉 Download Now: Free LinkedIn Content Calendar Template

You get the idea, right? 

For example, check out this deeply touching post by Brittany Slay, B2B SaaS Marketing Manager at Biteable, in which she shares a video that she received from her employer when she lost a family member.


77. Post something from your professional journey

This LinkedIn post idea can be a great way of showing your audience what you’ve learned and how much you’ve evolved in your career.

Or you could keep it really simple.

Like this: “I used to think that…….but now I know…….”

OR maybe an achievement in your career.

The point is; most people want to read about interesting experiences; yours included!

So make good use of this idea.

Here’s Julie Wilkinson Hybl, Legal Director, Employment at Equinix, sharing a picture of the certificate of recognition she received from her employer for ten years of dedicated service. Elegant!


78. Give creative writing a shot

If you are an avid reader, chances are that at some point in your life, you have read something fascinating which has stuck with you.

So why not turn that into a LinkedIn post?

You could even craft a short story from scratch! 

Just make sure to connect the dots and make it easy to understand for your audience.

Want an example?

Check out this hilarious post 😂 from Chris Hennessy, IT Asset Recovery Specialist at STS Electronic Recycling!


79. Consider sharing content on lifestyle topics

Have a lifestyle that’s truly unique to you?

Why not discuss the various aspects of your life like love, travel or family, etc., on LinkedIn?

For instance, a lot of professional women have been talking about how much they work and the difficulty they face in achieving a work-life balance.

And while that’s a topic worth exploring, it’s not the only one worthy of attention!

Just make sure you’re being authentic and not preaching something you don’t practice.

And, one of the best things about this LinkedIn content idea is that nobody can copy YOU, just being YOU! 

Here’s a relevant post by James (Jay) Toups, President/CEO at High Performance Teams by RMR, Inc., on work-life balance.


80. Talk about commonalities

What, according to you, do all successful tech giants have in common?

Or what do you think is the one habit that all billionaires follow religiously? 

If you can observe common patterns in stuff happening all around us, then you can create great LinkedIn content that your audience is sure to find interesting.

Just make sure that what you post makes clear sense and there’s no ambiguity!

81. Talk about differences

This is similar to the above LinkedIn post idea.

If you can see small differences in the stuff that happens around you, then you can probably create some good LinkedIn posts.

But make sure you are not just TALKING about differences but also WHY they exist according to you.

[We know, using this idea can be a little tricky for some people, so if you need help using it, we’re here to help!]

Here’s an insightful post by Adam Broda, Founder of Broda Coaching, pointing out the difference between an expert learner and someone who knows it all.


82. Be diverse in your posts

Now this may not be a LinkedIn post idea PER SE.

But it’s something you must remember while using different content ideas on LinkedIn.

Don’t just post about one thing ALL the time.

For example, if you usually post content on leadership and management, mix it up with a story about something else.

Or maybe get a little personal (like we mentioned above).

This will keep things interesting for both the audience and yourself.

And will also make sure there’s lots of variety in your posts!

83. Talk about your Goals

This LinkedIn post idea is one of the easier ones out there!

Do you have a goal that’s really close to your heart?

Or maybe a goal you used to have but no longer relate to?

Post about it on LinkedIn!

Just make sure it makes sense, and people can connect with it easily.

Here’s an elegant and effective post by Henri Pierre-Jacques, Managing Partner at Harlem Capital, in which he shares his goals for Harlem Capital.


84. Try daily content themes

Being consistent pays you well on LinkedIn.

So how can you be consistent on the platform without scratching your head daily about what to post on LinkedIn today?

Enter a ‘daily content theme’!

First, you need to decide a theme for EACH day of the week.

And then create a post on LinkedIn on that pre-decided theme every day!

For example, Monday could be “Monday Motivation”;

Tuesday could be “What I Learned Today” and;

Friday could be “My Favorite Things”.

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

This is probably the easiest way to come up with LinkedIn post ideas.

Because once you have a theme, you’re set for a while (a month or even more).

Just make sure to be organized and consistent with your themes over time.

[Need help implementing this idea? We are here for you!]

85. Give a reminder

Did you publish a blog post that captured the hearts of many people?

Or maybe there was an article or a video that people seemed really excited to share on their LinkedIn profiles?

Just post links back to these posts every now and then.

This will remind your audience of some great stuff out there.

AND also give them a reason to come back to your profile looking for more! 

For example, check out this delightful LinkedIn post by Melanie Borden, a Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author.


86. Awesome LinkedIn content idea 👉 create a carousel

Not many people know about carousels on LinkedIn, but carousel posts do work quite well.

So what exactly is a carousel post?

A carousel is a document that you share on LinkedIn.

Like a PowerPoint presentation or a word document.

Here’s the main thing; your audience can view the document WITHIN LinkedIn without leaving the page.

Expert tip – One of the best ways to make your carousel posts really engaging is to use awesome visuals and design elements.

Have you recently seen some great stand-up?

Or maybe read something funny that made you laugh out loud?

Or maybe you have a rib-tickling take on a situation?

Use these (and other situations) as the basis of your LinkedIn posts!

This is not only an easy way to come up with LinkedIn content ideas but also great for building rapport.

And people appreciate it when others make them feel good, right?

Tip – Don’t go overboard with this one; you (probably 😛) don’t want to come across as a clown on LinkedIn!

Check out this hilarious (and honest) post on LinkedIn by Geoff Woliner, Founder & CEO of Winning Wit, and use it for inspiration.


88. Post a teamwork story

One of the best ways to demonstrate your leadership skills is by posting real examples and stories of you at work with your team members.

And there probably are many great stories of which you have been a part.

Or maybe you witnessed someone else’s success that you can use for this LinkedIn post idea!

Tip – Just make sure that your post feels genuine and not like an overused trope. 

Want an example? Check out this authentic post by Gabe Villamizar, Marketing Evangelist at Lucid.


89. Share a report (or something from a report)

Maybe you recently read a report on something specific, and it really caught your attention!

Or maybe there was a study or an analysis that had some great insights?

Post about it on LinkedIn!

This will give people who are interested in that topic more insight into the topic.

And it will also help them get to know your opinion on it.

Need an example post? 

Here’s Dr. Sheetal Jain, Founder & CEO of Luxe Analytics, sharing an insight on the most valuable luxury brands.


90. Post about a recent discovery

From scientific discoveries to common everyday items to strange stuff in the universe; 

We live at a time when something new is discovered every single day!

Maybe you recently came across a discovery that really excites or inspires you?

Post about it!

This is, in fact, a great way to share your thoughts on the discovery 

And to also connect with people who are interested in that topic!

91. Express gratitude

Life is not easy for many people around the world.

And if you’re reading this blog post, you probably have it better than many people!

So why not send gratitude out into the world?

Maybe someone did something really nice for you that brought tears to your eyes or made you feel all warm inside?

Post your gratitude on LinkedIn!

Plus, you could tag someone in your post.

Everyone loves it when they are appreciated, don’t they?

AND this can bring forth your humble and human side to your audience on LinkedIn.

For example, here’s another delightful post by Baroness Michelle Mone OBE, Entrepreneur & Baroness in the House of Lords.


92. Talk about stress-busters

Everyone has a few things they enjoy doing to take their mind off of work and just relax.

What are some things that you like to do to relax?

Share them on LinkedIn!

This is a great way to share your thoughts.

And it also helps others who might be struggling with stress or don’t know what activities are required to de-stress.

Here’s a heartwarming post you can use as inspiration by Dave Neff, Chief Revenue Officer at Prolific, in which he talks about his most important meeting of the week!


93. Share some red flags 🚩

Been in a situation and learned something useful?

Maybe some red flags to avoid that your audience might find useful?

Post them on LinkedIn!

This is not only a way to share your experience with others but also to let people know what they should be aware of.

And one of the great things about this LinkedIn post idea?

It’s that if people relate to the situation, they’ll really engage with the post with likes, shares, and comments!

94. Show excitement in a post

Though this one is not strictly a ‘content idea’, you could combine it with one of the many ideas in this blog post.

Show excitement on achieving something or completing your target or something you’ve done really well.

Enthusiasm and excitement can charge people up, so go ahead and spread happiness all around!

Here’s Tej Lalvani, CEO of Vitabiotics Ltd., sharing his excitement about getting a dog!


95. Spread some hope

We live in a world where the news is often nothing but doom and gloom.

Which makes it even more important that you share some hope in your posts whenever possible!

What has made you feel hopeful lately?

Share it on LinkedIn to inspire others who might be feeling uncertain about what’s happening around them.

Here’s Alexander Plog, Owner of The Norse Tech, sharing a post that spreads real hope on LinkedIn.


96. Post about leadership

What are your thoughts on leadership?

Do you have a story to share about someone who demonstrated great leadership?

Maybe someone is not like a typical leader but still achieved great results?

Post it!

This is one of those LinkedIn post ideas that can truly inspire people and maybe even help them find ways to improve their own leadership skills.

Individuals can make great use of this idea to engage their audience.

PLUS, this content idea is awesome for businesses who can use it on their LinkedIn company page.

This awesome post shared by the publishing company Leadership First demonstrates this well.

Use it as inspiration!


97. Try interaction-based posts

So what are interaction-based posts?

Well, it’s like a normal post, but your main objective here is to draw comments and start discussions among your audience.

These can be open-ended question-based posts like “How do you think AI will change our industry?” or “How to promote your brand on LinkedIn?”

OR maybe a close-ended survey question that asks the audience to rate something on a scale of 1-10.

Such questions can create great engagement for you in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

And if you do this right, people from diverse backgrounds will share their views.

AND it will help you make more connections!

Expert tip 💡 – This is another content idea that businesses can leverage quite well on LinkedIn company pages.

Check out this engaging post by Civil Engineering Discoveries in which they ask their audience to rate an interior design from 1-10.


98. Talk about a resource that makes your work easy

In your work, you may have come across certain (free or paid) resources that might have made your work easier.

Why not share something about them on LinkedIn?

This may be a writing and editing resource like Grammarly or a much more complex resource specific to your industry!

The point is; your audience could certainly use your insights and find that it helps them as well.

So go ahead and share!

99. Experiment a little

This post contains 99+ ideas for LinkedIn posts, but once you get better at it, we urge you to go beyond and set your own rules!


What we mean is that as you get experienced with posting content on LinkedIn, you’ll see that you can sometimes make post ideas work that maybe others could not.

And that’s why we say; don’t be afraid to experiment with more post ideas.

Sometimes, two simple lines you come up with can REALLY get a lot of attention and boost your LinkedIn brand!

[2022 Update]


100. Talk about new trends in your industry

Now, this LinkedIn post idea is an evergreen one.

Why do we say this?

Because new trends (across all industries) keep happening and you won’t run out of trends to post about anytime soon!

You might have read that a new trend happened in your industry during the past year.

Or you might yourself have noticed a trend happening in 2022 that could be useful information for your LinkedIn audience!

Plus, this is an AWESOME LinkedIn content idea for company pages.

So go ahead and talk about it!

101. Share something you learned this week

Yes, we have talked about sharing a life lesson in an earlier post idea above.

But let us tell you that every lesson is not a “life lesson”!

There are plenty of things we learn every other day which are small daily lessons.

And those lessons can be turned into short little LinkedIn posts and become engagement GOLD!

Plus, one of your posts may end up REALLY helping someone in your network.

[We used this linkedin content idea for a few clients’ LinkedIn posts this past year, so we know what we are talking about. Ask us how, if you want! 😉]

102. Talk about something you’ve changed your mind on

In life, we often have our mind made up on many things.

But once in a while, you might also change your mind on things you believed in (sometimes firmly)!

Yes, this would mean coming across as a little vulnerable.

But experience is food for the soul, isn’t it?

And explaining WHY you changed your mind on something, in your post can help your audience engage more with your post.

So, what is it that you’ve changed your mind on in 2022?

Talk about it on LinkedIn.

103. Address a common pain point for your audience

Let’s face it; you want to engage your audience but what you REALLY want is to gradually build your brand on LinkedIn and generate leads.

In fact, generating leads is what your goal should be if you’re into content creation and marketing.

So one of the best ways you can do that in 2022 is by addressing common pain points of your audience and providing solutions!

[And if you need help identifying your audience, their pain points and/or create buyer personas for your business, you know whom to ask 👉 Harshit😎.]

104. Sell your product or service 

Yes, LinkedIn is all about engaging your audience of fellow professionals with relevant content.

But in 2022, you can also use the platform to (occasionally) promote or sell your product and service!


You can post about the features and benefits of your product or service.

Or talk about a promo offer you might be running.

Or how your product helped one of your clients recently.

You get it, right?

This idea can be useful especially if you’ve been engaging with your audience on LinkedIn for a while.

Of course, you may not experience as much engagement as some of your other posts but the results you get can translate into you making good sales!

💡 Expert Tips – Make sure to use a clear CTA in such posts. And remember, too much of trying to sell on LinkedIn is a bad thing. So make sure to use this linkedin post idea sparingly.

105. Bonus LinkedIn content idea 👉 STOP posting needlessly

This one might surprise you.

But it’s something you need to remember as you get into the habit of posting regularly on LinkedIn.

Though not strictly a LinkedIn post idea, it will remind you nevertheless that there are days when you shouldn’t post at all.


Because we think you should post something only when you have something valuable to say.

And if all you care about is getting a post out there, then your LinkedIn profile might suffer as a result.

So do keep this in mind.

And that’s why we saved this one for last!

Final Words

Use the ideas above to grow your network, increase your fans and build your brand.

In fact, we’ve been using many of these ideas to grow our own and our clients’ engagement on LinkedIn! 

And when you’ve used up all these ideas, come back.

Because we keep adding new LinkedIn content ideas all the time!

Have another interesting LinkedIn post idea?

Or an insight about how to promote your brand on LinkedIn?

Tell us about it in the comments below.

And if it’s a good one, we’ll include it in the post above (we do an update every year) AND give you credit for it!

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