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3 Ways To Enjoy Easter Weekend In New York City

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With Spring now very much here, the weather starting to turn for the better, and COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease, you can begin to look forward to a jam-packed Easter weekend in New York City. However, with so much noise and excitement in the air, it can be difficult to decide just what to get up to. So, here are three cool ways to enjoy the Easter weekend in NYC.

1. Party All Day Long

Stop off at one of the city’s finest outdoor beer gardens for a session of day-drinking with friends or family. After months locked indoors, this is a great release and the perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones after so much time apart. If you’re not sure what to drink this Spring, then a beer hall is a great place to try all sorts of different drinks, allowing you to settle on one that you love that could soon become a seasonal favourite. If you want to spice things up a bit, then why not bring some Delta 8 THC gummies with you and give yourself an uplifting feeling of relaxation? These are legal according to New York state law and can now be enjoyed guilt-free.

2. Get Outdoors

After months of being shut inside, the Easter weekend serves as the perfect time to get outdoors and experience New York City at street level rather than being trapped inside a squatty apartment or underground on the subway. Head over to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and get your floral fix by experiencing the delights of the garden’s annual orchid show. Not all that green-fingered? Maybe head over to Central Park instead and enjoy the miles and miles of perfectly sculpted greenery that we tend to take for granted here in the concrete jungle. There are plenty of places that you can spot some gorgeous cherry blossom flowering up too.

3. Go Out For A Boozy Brunch

If there’s one thing New York is good for, it’s the food. From the street corner to Michelin-starred restaurants, the city boasts excellent cuisine from top to bottom. So, why not get some pals together and book yourselves in for a boozy brunch at one of the city’s best brunch venues. Booking a table might prove a challenge but if you can get your name to one and find the right boozy brunch package, then you have a whole morning’s fun ahead of you. Given that it’s Easter time, you should find that plenty of restaurants are running deals that’ll give you access to free-flowing, unlimited cocktails whilst you tuck into your morning brunch. While it’s great fun to see how much alcohol you can consume to take advantage of the deal, just make sure you drink responsibly so that your big day out doesn’t have to end earlier than planned.

Hopefully, these suggestions have helped you to plan an existing weekend out in New York City with either your friends or family. Enjoy!

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