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Smart Living: 5 Benefits of a Space Saving Bed

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According to a recent poll, nearly 22% of all adults in the United States moved during 2020. For some, it meant a move into a dream home. For others, finances dictated they downsize.

Either way, you’re now presented with design options and some dilemmas. How do you maximize your space? One of the interior design options making a comeback is a space-saving bed.

Do you want to learn how to save space in your new home or apartment? Read on to learn the benefits of a new, space-saving bed.

What Is a Wall Bed?

These are beds that fold into your wall. They’re pieces of furniture that anchor to your bedroom wall.

These beds, commonly referred to as Murphy beds, use a platform to stabilize the mattress. Murphy beds have spring mechanisms attached, while other forms of wall beds are of a more simple mechanical design.

1. Your Bedroom Becomes Multi-Purpose

COVID-19 changed work culture almost overnight. 2020 ushered in a new era of working from home. Labor experts say many will continue to work from home or on a hybrid schedule long after the pandemic ends.

If you’re working from home, you know the importance of having a dedicated office space. Home distractions do not cease during the workday, and you need a quiet space for all your virtual meetings.

If you’re lucky, you have a spare room to convert or have converted into an office. For too many, this type of extra space is at a premium.

A space-saving bed allows you to convert your bedroom into a hybrid workspace. Fold your bed into the wall while you work during the day. Once your workday ends, pull the bed down for a night of restful sleep.

A bedroom office isn’t an ideal work/life balance, but it gives you the ability to achieve some of that balance in a small living space.

2. More Storage

Are you looking for space-saving tips for the bedroom? You know how challenging a lack of adequate storage can be. Not all apartments are the same. They’re often a negotiation.

What can you make work for you?

Not having closets or not enough closet space can make your bedroom and living area appear cluttered even if you keep everything tidy.

With a wall bed, you have the option of extra storage. These pieces of furniture are customizable with cabinets and shelves to fit your storage needs.

This extra storage space works wonders if you’re converting your bedroom into a multi-purpose area. It also helps if your bedroom doesn’t have enough closet storage.

3. They’re Great for Kids

You know how fast your kids can clutter a home, especially if they don’t have a play area. Their toys scatter everywhere. The next thing you know, you’re searching for a late-night snack and something sharp jams into your foot.

Kids’ rooms are often small, too small for all of their stuff. A folding Murphy or wall bed frees up floor space for your kids to play. Adding customizable storage helps you keep their materials organized, too.

4. They’re Comfortable

Too many people believe space-saving tips for the bedroom compromise comfort. Wall beds have a reputation for being flimsy and poorly built. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable bed.

You shouldn’t worry. Modern wall beds are so much different than an uncomfortable cot or those old sleeper sofas. They utilize a platform design that supplies enough support for any style of sleeper.

How to Choose a Platform Bed

A platform bed differs from a traditional bed. A platform bed is a single slate of wood or other material meant to support a mattress. They are frameless and don’t utilize a box spring.

You have to find a platform bed that suits your comfort and your mattress.

  • Find a wall platform bed that supports at least 12-inch mattress thickness
  • Solid or slated depends on your mattress type and comfort
  • Avoid wall beds if you intend on using or own a memory foam mattress as they are too heavy

Match Your Mattress and Wall Bed

You’re thinking about buying a wall bed because it’s how to live in a small bedroom. What’s the point of saving space if you can’t get a good night’s sleep?

To maximize the comfort of your space-saving bed, you have to pick the right mattress.

  • Check the dimensions and buy a mattress as thick as possible
  • Choose your desired stiffness
  • If it’s an every night sleeper spend more for better quality
  • You can spend less if its a guest bed or will be used infrequently
  • The lighter the better for all wall and Murphy beds

5. Adds to Interior Design

Everyone has their design aesthetic, and a space-saving bed helps you achieve that. These beds meet many different design needs and add a sophisticated flair to any room.

Another design factor is added value. People make home improvements not only for their comfort but for resale value. An elaborate wall bed will look great and increase the value of your home.

Are You Feeling Crammed? Install a Space Saving Bed

This past year changed how you use your home. It’s not a sanctuary from your work and office. It is your office and your sanctuary.

You’ve felt the limitations of your space. Or maybe you downsized and now have less space than you once did. Either way, a space-saving bed is a solution.

These beds free up bedroom space. They transform one-dimensional rooms into multi-dimensional spaces to accommodate any lifestyle. You’ll be surprised at how much space your traditional bed uses.

Check out the rest of our page for more home design tips.

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