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How Augmented Reality Learning is Transforming the Classroom

Are you looking for ways to take classroom learning to the next level?

Do you want your students to engage with the material in a whole new way?

If so, augmented reality learning is the perfect way to improve class participation. It also helps concepts stick, and revolutionizes the educational experience.

In fact, it’s already gotten started.

Recent statistics show that the augmented reality market will grow to a value of over $90 billion by 2020.

Looking to learn why?

Read on to discover how augmented reality learning will continue to transform the classrooms of the future.

Class Participation Will Improve

Are you an educator?

If so, you know that cell phones, computers, and pretty much all devices with internet access are a huge distraction in the classroom.

Recent studies have shown that 1/3 of students use their electronic devices more than 10 times during a school day. Yes, for purposes not relating to classes.

Figuring out a way to overcome these disruptions often seems impossible. Unless of course, educators use augmented reality learning to work with this technology.

Make your lessons more interactive than ever by letting students of any age and within any type of course use their cell phones to participate.

Students can download specific apps. These apps let them view models and diagrams on their devices during a lesson.

They can even vote on a response, take quizzes, and more within these apps.

Plus, the information and diagrams will be available anytime, anywhere. Meaning students will be much more likely to revisit the concepts after the lesson is over.

When you use augmented reality learning to meet your students where they are, through technology that is familiar to them, you’ll see them grasping concepts faster.

Create Historical Reproductions

When you were a student, was there anything more exciting than coming into class and seeing that a television had been set up at the front of the room?

Today’s students are just as thrilled about the prospect of being transported to another world in the classroom. Augmented reality can take this to a whole new level.

Teachers can now use virtual reality to place their students directly in the worlds they’re talking about.

Giving a lesson on The Dust Bowl?

You can create the world of the dust-ridden prairies in 1936. Your students can use augmented reality to walk through it.

Until we figure out a way to invent the time machine, augmented reality is the next best thing.

Works With Multiple Learning Styles

As a teacher, you know that creating lesson plans that cater to students with different learning styles can be incredibly tough. Some students may learn better visually, while others are more auditory learners.

Augmented reality works to create dynamic sensory experiences that help students to actually interact with the content, not just see it from the outside. You’ll have countless more ways to tell a story, which means that each learning style can be activated simultaneously.

This is especially valuable when it comes to skills training, where students can get a hands-on experience through augmented reality without putting themselves or someone else at risk.

Companies like Epic Video Factory and Demo Duck create animated explainer videos that engage every type of learning style.

You can use these explainer videos to help students to grasp more difficult concepts.

Then, reinforce the lesson by using augmented reality technology to let them access the key concepts anywhere they go.

Improve Special Education

As a special education teacher, you know that keeping your students focused is one of the most challenging aspects of your job.

Special education students will especially benefit from the gamification element of augmented reality.

They’ll be much more likely to see a task all the way through to the end when they’re more focused on playing a game than simply memorizing concepts.

The reason?

Unlike waiting for papers to be graded and handed in, gamification provides students with instant gratification.

This leads to better teamwork in the classroom. It also means improved focus, and most importantly of all for special needs students, increased self-reliance and self-confidence.

Improved Assessment of Students

Another way augmented reality learning can benefit both students and teachers?

It can make assessing your students’ progress much easier.

You can quickly measure how students are progressing in their coursework.

From there, you’re able to adjust your teaching style to be more effective. You can also change your pace, identify areas that need more attention, and give more targeted one-on-one advice to students when you meet with them.

You can also identify the most engaging parts of your lesson plan so that you can create more material that your students will be the most likely to respond to in the future.

This helps you to ensure that all of your students are on the same page. If someone is falling behind, you can identify another student that’s especially strong in a particular area that can help them to grasp a difficult concept.

Ready to Incorporate Augmented Reality Learning in Your Classroom?

Thanks to this post, you’ve learned just a few of the many ways in which augmented reality learning is transforming the classroom experience.

You’re also much more aware of how it will benefit your students and help to create an immersive learning environment. Remember: Technology is not the enemy. Instead, it’s a tremendous gift.

Looking to learn more about how technology will shape a variety of industries and completely change the way we learn, work, and play?

Check out our website! To make sure you’re always ahead of the curve, book a free consultation with us.

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