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What is Resource Management?

Resource Management, also known internally as Coordinated Services, is an independant team that watches and monitors contact transactions and provides a level of triage and support to call center agents.

Affectionately known as “traffic control”, they help ensure that live contacts are being answered, agents are adhering to their schedules and that they can receive assistance when they need it. They also manage call outs, assist in coverage replacement and ensure that all skills have the adequate coverage they need.

Resource Management is a 24×7 team, always available to assist.

Why is it important?

Resource Management provides an important role, which is instant oversight to the goings-on in the contact center.


  • Make sure contacts are answered in a timely, efficient manner, keeping in mind skillset coverage and service levels
  • Agents are adhering to schedule on-shift, off-shift, breaks and lunches


  • Provide a tier 1 level of triage and support for front-line agents, answering questions and directing them to additional teams for added assistance

How do we do it?

A team of Coordinated Services Advisors are always watching the dashboards of our systems — from contact handling to workforce management, to ensure they are utilizing necessary tools, monitoring the correct systems and responding to data in real time.


  • Dashboards – Utilizing the reporting dashboards inherant in our cloud systems, they can see in real time the contacts that are being handled, holding or routing throughout our environment on all media types.
  • Live Monitoring – CS/RM team members can listen to agents handling calls live on our system and be able to provide assistance as necessary.
  • Desktop Viewing  – Our teams can see in real time exactly what an agent is doing on their Universal Agent Desktop (UAD) environment. They can also control the screen, if need be, to provide valuable insight or refer them to the correct application.


  • Workforce Management –  Utilizing our workforce management tool, they can see agent adherence to schedules in real time, and if necessary, make adjustments to better match whats happening in the now.

Resource Management plays a valuable, indispensable role in providing our contact center solutions to our clients. It helps us ensure that your customers receive timely, efficient answers to their needs. Working hand in hand with Call Center Operations and Workforce Management teams, RM truly keeps an eye-from-the-sky.

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