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Car License Plate Number Search

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How to Run a Car Registration Search

The car registration number is also known as the VIN, or vehicle identification number. A car registration search can be performed by a license plate number or the VIN, or vehicle identification number. With this car registration search there are requirements that you should know before obtaining any information, such as what your state’s privacy laws allow and what reasons are acceptable to run a car registration search. With a car registration search you may be able to find out about the vehicle history, vehicle information about the car, if the car title is clean and limited owner information. You will be required you to have the entire state and license plate number when performing this search via the license plate number, or you can run this search with the 17 digit vehicle identification number, or VIN. This can be found on the car registration, the car title and on various surfaces stamped on the car itself.

Can I Find the Owner of a Car by the Registration Number?

It is possible to find limited car owner information with a car registration search with the license plate number. Each state has it’s own set of privacy laws and restrictions as to what vehicle information is available. You will also be required to select a reason why you are running a car registration search. You should also not that because of various state privacy laws, some information may be limited. It may also be difficult to find older car registration information depending on the age of the vehicle and when it was first registered. Many vintage or classic cars are not as easy to track down information on. This is because not all the old paper vehicle records have been entered into modern electronic vehicle databases, there is sometimes a gap in which years for records for some cars.

What is Information is on a Car Registration

  1. The full name of the registered car owner
  2. The address of the registered car owner
  3. The make, model and class
  4. The car registration expiration date
  5. The car license plate number
  6. The vehicle identification number
  7. Fees paid for the car registration

DMV Car Record Requests

Car record requests can be made through your local motor vehicle department if you are the registered owner of the car. This can be performed online or in person. You can also request a duplicate car registration card, car title and tags by visiting your state’s DMV website. For official records of your car or to change a car title or registration over to your name you will need to deal with the DMV directly. Another option to obtain and view vehicle records, typically for reference only, is to use the services of a 3rd party vehicle record website. You can obtain things like vehicle history reports, license plate records, VIN information and basic information about most any car, truck, motorcycle or SUV on the road. You will need either the full license plate and state of registration, or the 17 digit VIN to run these types of record requests.


Car Registration FAQs

How can I get a copy of my car registration?

You will need to reach out to your local DMV office to obtain a copy of your car registration. This can be done online through your DMV website for a small fee and have your car registration mailed to you. This takes a few weeks for processing and it’s typically faster to visit a DMV office in person

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