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A Monumental Career: Taking A Look At 10 Of The Best Quarterbacks Of All Time

Are you an avid fan of the national football league?

Lots of people are regular viewers of the NFL with some even considering themselves as hardcore fans. They are the ones who’ve seen the sport at a young age and became hooked for life.

They love the NFL to the point that their passion shows through how they surround themselves with different items resembling the sport.

Some hang jerseys with the number of their favorite player all over the wall and others hang posters of who they consider the best quarterbacks of all time. Quarterbacks receive the most praise among their fellow teammates and for good reason too.

Without a good quarterback, the entire team’s chances of winning go down by a good amount. Their offensive plays are a big boon to any NFL team. Have a look at the greatest quarterbacks of all time and their amazing plays.

1. Otto Graham

First, let us remember one of the first players to bring out the importance of having a good quarterback in a team. Otto Graham was responsible for leading his team to a championship appearance in the NFL throughout his career. Not only that, but he also won 7 of those championships with 3 NFL titles to boot.

Otto also held the record for having the highest average passing yards per season, going as high as 2,358 yards. He cemented his position as one of the top NFL quarterbacks of all time when he got selected to be a member of All-Pro first teams back in his time.


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2. Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is the kind of quarterback to make the big risk plays even during big games. However, knowing that he had one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, his risks were with good reason. It was also because of those risks that his team never lost when it mattered.

His calculated risks also led to the creation of one of the greatest moments in super bowl history. With a team of Hall of Famers backing him up, you can’t do much but love Terry Bradshaw.


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3. Aaron Rodgers

There’s no man better to trust with the ball than Aaron Rodgers. He always knows where and when to pass the ball to his team. He also never botches a pass and leaves the ball in the enemy team’s hands.

He also has a knack for taking the ball for his team. In fact, Aaron holds the current record for interception percentage at 103.1 and the passer rating record as well at 122.5. Those aren’t the only things he’s known for though.

Rodgers is sitting at the 8th position for all-time completion percentage and he’s also the 17th name when it comes to all-time passing yards.


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4. Joe Montana

Many consider Joe Montana to be the greatest quarterback of all time because of his record. He earned the fan’s favor because of his winning streak across 4 super bowls before. That’s not the only reason fans love him though.

Montana never had an enemy intercept his throws. This was because of his unerring accuracy even in high-pressure games. He always hit his mark and aided his team in winning every big game they had.

He also never lost his cool even when someone was about to tackle him. He kept calm and threw the ball where it needed to be. This earned him the nickname “Joe Cool.”


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5. Bart Starr

Forbes put Bart Starr up as one of the gold standards in quarterbacks along with Tom Brady. This is a big statement to make and Bart has all he needs to back up the claim. After all, he’s led his team to victory during the first 2 super bowls ever held.

He also had 5 other NFL championships under his belt to show for his career as one of the best NFL quarterbacks. He was such a skilled quarterback that he only lost 1 playoff game ever with him as a starter.


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6. Brett Favre

People know Brett to be a monster in offensive plays. He never failed to throw under 3,200 yards every season in his career. What’s impressive is his record with all those throws.

His throws contributed to around 30 passing touchdowns over his career. He also has a good record in passing yards and passing touchdowns in his career. In fact, he sits at 3rd in the passing yards category at the current moment.


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7. Steve Young

One of the most underrated quarterbacks ever, Steve Young is among the better quarterbacks of the modern football players. He’s won 3 Super Bowls for his team and surpassed Montana and Peyton in passing rating in his time.

He’s also the most dynamic quarterbacks ever in the history of the league. He never had the same playstyle in each game. He even had the 3rd most touchdowns for quarterbacks during his career.


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8. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning was the biggest name in the game during his career. Most of, if not all, players and fans respected him and admired him as well.

There’s a reason people chose him to be in the first team in All-Pro games for a record 7 times. In his career of 17 seasons, he threw over 3,700 in 16 of them. He also had a record-breaking 4,000 yards in one season.

He also won 2 super bowls and is at the top of the league’s record in game-winning drives.


9. Dan Marino

Dan wasn’t only a quarterback, he was also a superstar, a force to fear in the field, an incredible leader, an amazing shot-caller for his team, and a holder of many NFL records in his career.

He held the record for having the highest passing yards in the league. His record of 5,084 yards went unbroken for the next 27 years. He also had a bigger record of 48 touchdowns which he held for 20 years.


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10. Tom Brady

Tom is the most well-known quarterback in the league today. This is because he has a consistent performance across all his games and it’s among the best today.

His stats are nothing to behold compared to other quarterbacks in the hall of fame. However, his individual playstyle is what he’s known for. He throws over 3,500 yards each season and he’s played in all seasons since 2002.

He also has 5 touchdown wins so far. No one is close to breaking it at the moment and he intends of increasing it in seasons to come.


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Learn About the Best Quarterbacks of All Time

The best quarterbacks of all time have not only high stats, but all have something that sets them apart from the rest from calculated risks, insane individual performances, record-breaking throws, and incredible team play. Take a look at the best of the best to know what they’re famous for today.

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