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8 Tips for Starting Up Your Own Razor Business

When you’re trying to start your razor blade company, there are steps you need to follow that’ll be the most useful.

The men’s grooming market is a $21 billion industry. Since it’s such a huge industry, you can always find a way to leave your mark on the grooming industry. By learning how to get your ideas out there and executing strategies, you will watch the revenue pile up. 

Stick to these points below so that you can build a thriving business.

1. Know Your Market and Your Focus

The key to your razor business is to set up a specialty that matters. Rather than trying to do a little bit of everything, you should scale it down and serve a specific demographic. 

For instance, Tristan Walker started the Bevel brand of razors and trimmers for men of color, to give a shave that is perfect for their hair texture and skin. When you know who you are serving, you are better able to market yourself and create products that count. 

You can visit this website for some ideas on how to really get your razor business off the ground. This allows you to come up with some marketing ideas, get inspired by some designs, and more.

2. Stick to Quality Products

Since you are selling products that people use for their regular grooming, against their skin, and with some health and safety risk, you need to always use quality products.

The type of metal and the quality of the blade make a huge difference, so never cut corners.

Establish some relationships in order get your hands on whatever razor you need for a close and clean shave. 

3. Get the Word Out About Your Brand and Create Plenty of Content

It’s important that you take the time to market your razor blade business so that people identify with it.

Shaving is an intimate process for a man, so you need to come up with products that he’ll feel great when using. Because of this, you should use stories so that give customers the feeling that you have their best interest at heart.

Get familiar with everything from SnapChat and Instagram to Twitter and your own blog.

You can work with a marketer that can help you hone your message and figure out what you would like to impart to the public. They’ll assist you from the very beginning of your marketing plans so that your blog or video content will be top-notch.

The more you create content that teaches people about shaving and allows them to know more about your products, the easier it’ll be to get sales.

4. Come up with Freebies and Giveaways

Be sure that you also entice people with freebies. Giveaways and freebies are good for any business but can be especially great for razor companies.

By giving away some goodie bags that are filled with razors, lotions, and other shaving products, you will be able to let people see what you’re all about. Make sure that you’re attaching your logos and branding to all your free products. 

Many subscription shaving companies will send customers shaving boxes that come with a few options. This allows customers to try them out to see if they’d like to buy your products long-term.

5. Make Sure Your Razors Are Safe and Skin Friendly

More than anything, you need to make sure that your products are safe and trustworthy.

People need to know that they can use your razors safely and without skin irritation, infection, and other problems. When you test your razors and have quality control with your packaging, you’ll be able to stand by it and protect your customers.

Otherwise, you may be open to lawsuits or recalls that can really ruin your company if you aren’t careful.

6. Specialize in Some Private Label Products and Accessories

Your razor blades are one thing, but much of your revenue will come from the products and accessories that you sell.

For instance, you can come up with a private label brand of shaving cream, gels, bump removal treatments, and more. Not only does this diversify your products, but it also gives you more ways to reach different types of customers.

7. Gather Reviews and Testimonials

To protect your brand, you need to spread awareness. The best way to do this is by getting people to share stories and testimonials of how your products helped.

People will immediately see 5 stars related to your brand, which builds consumer confidence. Even better, get customers to leave photo and video testimonials to show the public how your razors have helped with their grooming.

8. Set Your Goals and Know Your Business Plan

Take the time to put together goals that you can meet with your razor blade business. By setting out these benchmarks in advance, you will know which mistakes to correct and which direction you’d like to turn.

Every business requires objectives that need to be met, and some timetables for meeting them. This will help you keep your business on the right track.

Work Hard to Start Your Razor Blade Company

Be sure you that you follow these tips that will help your razor blade company grow. These eight steps will help you to get the products that matter most out to the customers that want to buy them.

This is a matter of marketing, strategy, and knowing your brand. Read through our blog and find some business topics that’ll help you out along the way! 

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