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5 Creative Tips to Creating an Awesome T-Shirt Logo

The life of a designer is full of missteps and mental blocks. In fact, if you’ve not been nervous about a design or if you haven’t stared at a blank page for hours searching for ideas, you’re not designing right.

You should want your creations to be meaningful, impactful, and as a result, you should ache over them.

However, your creativity also isn’t dependent on how much you worry over it. All that really matters is how you apply your creativity, and for designers, there’s one perfect way to apply your skills. That’s by designing t shirt logos.

By making t-shirts, you achieve two things. You get to sell your ideas through merchandise, earning yourself notoriety among potential clients.

You also get to advertise yourself in a way that people will pay for: through merchandising.

But if you have designer’s block, it can seem impossible to design t-shirts. Keep reading below for some tips on pulling yourself out of a mental block and start expressing your creativity!

1. Explore Your Concept

There are two kinds of designer’s block. The first is when you have no idea where to begin and no inkling as to what you want to make.

The second is when you have a vague idea of what you want to make, but can’t put it on the page.

To solve the second one, just explore your concept. What themes are you trying to express with the design, and what do you want people to feel when they look at it?

By answering questions like that, you may get a clearer mental image of what you want to make.

2. Know What Your T Shirt Logo Will Be Used For

Sometimes, you may start a design without ever really knowing what it will be used for. There are some designers for whom that strategy works, but for many others, it facilitates designer’s block.

It’s better to start with an idea of how your design will work.

If you know how a design will be used, you can ensure it will match its purpose. You can also get some guidance by looking at what people did in the past. For example, if you’re designing a college t shirt, you can explore these ideas to inspire some ideas of your own.

3. A Picture Can Say a Thousand Words, But Typography Says More

Nothing is as direct and clear in design as typography. By fashioning words to be stylish, you naturally catch people’s attention. And since you’re using plain old words, you also ensure what you’re trying to communicate is conveyed clearly.

When done effectively, implementing some typography in your designs can improve them beyond your expectations.

4. Make It Adaptable, Don’t Stick With A Single Shirt Color

You should make sure your design doesn’t work on only a single kind of shirt color. Think of the shirt as your canvas, only its color can change in ways you may never know. To account for this, you should make sure your design works on red, white, black, and any other kind of shirt.

That way, it’s used more and is seen by more people.

5. Are You Making it For Merchandising, Or Something More

You should start designing your logo knowing whether you want to sell it or not. If you’re just trying to create something artistic that other people may enjoy, then you want to explore it.

You shouldn’t ache over whether people will like it, just whether you like it.

If you’re getting into merchandising though, keep other people in mind. You should have an idea what other people will buy and should keep that in mind as a guideline as you design your logo.

Just Start Drawing – The Only Bad Design Is One Left Undrawn

Just like with any kind of design though, you just need to pick up a pen and start drawing.

Making a t shirt logo is just one kind of design, which means it must adhere to the golden rule of creatives. It’s that you just need to start creating, and the rest will follow.

And if you need more help getting over designer’s block, just keep reading here. Our blog is constantly updated with the latest creations, and any of them may inspire your next t shirt logo!

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