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8 Reasons Why Underwear with Pockets is a Man’s Best Friend

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You may think that underwear has only two important jobs: covering your butt and keeping your equipment nice and safe. No doubt a good pair of underwear should do these things, but a really great pair of underwear can do all that and more.

Underwear with pockets is the next level of comfort and utility. Having a useful, hidden pocket is a huge benefit in all kinds of situations. It’s a great place to stash things you want to keep safe.

After reading this, you won’t know how you’ve lived so long without pockets in your underwear. Here are eight reasons why you need to get yourself some underwear with pockets.

1. Keep Items Safe in Underwear with Pockets

What is pocket underwear? An underwear pocket is the perfect place to store things that you want to keep secure and out of view. You can hide your valuables safely, and you won’t have to worry about them falling out or catching a pickpocket’s eye.

Some things you can store in your underwear pockets include cash, credit cards, ID, keys, and even your phone. Plus, underwear with pockets is specifically designed to be able to hold all your important items while remaining super comfortable.

2. They’re Great for a Night Out 

Have you ever gotten home after an epic party to find your wallet/phone isn’t in your pocket? It’s an instant buzzkill. Underwear with pockets are genuinely helpful as the safest place to keep your items.

Our original underwear designs were created with a guy’s night out in mind. When you have pockets in your underwear, you can carry the essentials, like money and your phone, and feel secure knowing exactly where they are, no matter where the night takes you. You won’t have to worry about losing your valuables in the crowd and having to track them down the next day.

Unless you somehow lose your underwear, that is. Then you’re on your own.

3. They’ll Help You Stay Healthy

While we’re on the topic of a night out, underwear with pockets is great for keeping condoms at the ready. You’ll be prepared for whatever the night brings, and you won’t have to break the mood by rummaging around in your wallet for the condom you hope is still in there somewhere.

Many STIs are on the rise in Australia. Don’t become another statistic.

Underwear with pockets can also help you keep necessary medical items at the ready. They’re a low-profile and convenient place to stash things that you may need on hand at all times, such as medications or even an insulin pump.

They’re also a good place to keep other personal care items, like a fragrance or a comb. Who doesn’t want to look and smell fresh at all times?


4. You Can Ditch the Wallet

Underwear pockets are a great storage alternative any time you want to leave your wallet at home. Just put your must-haves in your secret pocket, and you’re ready to go. This is a great option for a day at the beach, going out on a boat, riding your bike, or any other activity where it’s best to pack light.

5. They’ll Have Your Back When Travelling

Everyone dreads the thought of being abroad and losing important items. It’s too easy for your wallet to fall out of your pocket during a long plane flight or get lost somewhere at the bottom of your luggage. Smartphones and passports are amongst the most common things people lose at the airport.

Underwear with pockets is the best travel underwear for men. You can stash your passport, phone, travel tickets, money and more without fear of losing them or having them stolen.

You’ll also be able to feel them in your pocket at all times, so you’ll have added peace of mind. Good luck getting in there, pickpocketers!

6. Underwear With Pockets Are Fitness Friendly

Underwear with pockets is great for working out. No one wants to carry around a bulky wallet at the gym or out cycling. A lot of athletic clothing doesn’t even have pockets for your phone and other essentials. Those armbands for your phone are cool and all, but do they ever really stay in place?

Underwear pockets provide a handy storage option so you can keep your important things close by. They’re the perfect size for your phone or music player, so you don’t have to worry about being without your workout playlist.

7. They’re Perfect for Lounging Around the House 

Some days, you just don’t feel like putting on pants. When you have underwear with pockets, you get all the functionality of pants without the uncomfortable constriction. You can lounge around and be comfortable and still have a handy place to store your essentials, such as your phone or the remote control.

8. Underwear With Pockets Look Really Cool

Underwear with pockets is part of the growing trend of super fashionable, functional men’s underwear. Our line of underwear with pockets blends all the best qualities of underwear, activewear, and loungewear.

By choosing underwear with pockets, you have tons of style options that will elevate your look above the rest. You’ll be proud to get caught with your pants down knowing you’ve got some of the coolest undies around.

Meet Your New Best Friend

You’re a guy who knows what he wants: super comfortable underwear that supports the troops and won’t ride up, plus all the extra utility features you can get. Our range of underwear with pockets checks all those boxes and then some.

Interested in learning more about what our underwear designs have to offer? Have a look at our online shop for more unique, high-quality styles.

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