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Be Inspired! How To Find 2019 Beauty Trends

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Professional makeup artists know that beauty trends are always changing – colors, shapes, styles and products all progress. Fads flow and evolve from one season to the next; building on or contradicting ideas from the previous season and drawing from vintage looks and futuristic visions.


Successful makeup artists stay on top of beauty trends

Seasonal trends are a given in the beauty industry and your clients will expect you to know what’s in and how to apply trends to make them look and feel beautiful. They may also come to you asking for a specific look that they saw on an Instagram post or featured by their favorite beauty influencer. Makeup artists must learn how to tone down or “do-up” a look for daytime or nighttime makeup and how to make a look unique and attractive on each client.

In 2019, makeup artists have a huge variety of sources to find inspiration for their own beauty ideas, to keep up with the trends and predict growing fads. Taking advantage of these resources is the first step to staying relevant in the beauty industry.

How to find 2019 beauty trends

Online resources

The internet has expanded the beauty industry. There has been an explosion of online resources for beauty influencers and trends in the last decade. Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are full of beauty inspiration. Facebook groups and online forums are a place to gather and share with other beauty insiders. Instagram now allows you to search by hashtags such as #beautytrends; making it even easier to find what you’re looking for. Websites, online magazines, blogs and Vlogs are another type of online resource that is helpful; setup a subscription or click to get notifications in order to be alerted when new information has been posted.

Offline resources

While so much of the information we access is now online, there are still lots of traditional ways to be inspired by beauty trends. Characters in TV shows and movies and media personalities are all using makeup to look their best or create an on-screen “look.” Fashion and beauty magazines and many women-focused magazines cover makeup, hair and fashion trends with plenty of full color pictures for inspiration.

If you’re in the industry, look for networking opportunities with other local beauty experts and sign up to attend beauty tradeshows that often feature runways and new products.

The truth is that we can see beauty and get ideas in our daily lives in nature, cities, country landscapes and architecture. Look around you and drink it all in. Take pictures of things that inspire your creativity.

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