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Tips on Choosing Wheelchair Accessories for New Users

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Today, the average life expectancy is 78.93 years. As our society ages, more individuals need wheelchairs for different reasons. About 75 million people in the world use wheelchairs every day.

Wheelchairs provide increased independence, ability, and comfort. Having the right wheelchair accessories enhanced these individual’s function and safety.

If you have just started using a wheelchair, you may not think about options that will enhance daily life. Keep reading to learn about accessories you may wish to use.

How Can Wheelchair Accessories Impact Your Long-Term Health?

Wellness is important for everyone. Individuals who use a wheelchair face some unique challenges to maintaining their health. Selecting the right tools and learning about healthy choices can help prevent illness.

A “secondary condition” describes health problems other than the one necessitating wheelchair use. Some of these health issues may include:

  • Pressure ulcers or sores
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Bowel or bladder problems
  • Injury

You can prevent many of these problems by practicing health prevention. This includes regular health checkups, using assistive devices, and adhering to safety measures. The first step is to learn about your health and safety risks. Know how your disease impacts your wellness. Also, research products to ensure their quality before you buy them.

Accessories Used for Making Wheelchairs Comfortable

There are many products available to make your wheelchair more comfortable and functional. Many of these comfort measures help prevent skin problems and injuries.

Often, individuals in wheelchairs may suffer an injury when trying to reach for an item. This can cause the wheelchair to fall over. The following accessories help increase comfort and convenience when using a wheelchair.

1. DMI Seat Cushion by Healthsmart

DMI Seat Cushion

This seat cushion increases comfort and allows you to sit higher in your chair. It’s made of high-density foam so it won’t flatten out quickly with frequent use.

This cushion is lightweight so you can move it to other surfaces or use it in the car. It also has a removable cover that’s machine washable.

2. HandiCup by HandiHelp

HandiCup Wheelchair Cup HolderHaving a place to put your drink has become a standard feature in vehicles, backpacks, and more. You can also get a cup holder that attaches to your wheelchair. It works for people who have full or limited hand function.

The HandiCup by HandiHelp is by far the simplest. It’s both thermos and coffee cup friendly. You don’t need any tools to attach it. The handle simply slides under your seat cushion and you’re all set.

3. Wheelchair Side Bag by Keefitt

Keefitt Side Bag

Often, people place heavy bags or backpacks on the handles at the back of the wheelchair. This is not a safe practice. This can cause the wheelchair to be back heavy and increase the risk of falling backward.

Choosing a side bag that attaches to the armrest, like Keefitt’s Side Bag, allows easier access and is safer. This prevents the need for you to twist or bend to reach items in the bag.

4. Tablet Pole Mount by Mount-It!

Tablet Pole MountMost people today use phones, tablets, or computers. The Tablet Pole Mount fits both round and flat surfaces using a special c-clamp mounting base. This allows you more options for putting your electronics in a comfortable position.

This mounting base attaches to wheelchairs as well as desks and other surfaces. It has adjustable pivot joints. This increases its ability to stay in the position you place it in.

5. Companion Power Add-On by Cheelcare

Cheelcare Companion Wheelchair Power Add-OnIf you like the idea of being able to go long distances without getting tired like in a power wheelchair, but also like the idea of a light-weight and transportable package like a manual wheelchair, the Cheelcare Companion might be just what you’re looking for!

This simple hand-bike design allows you to add power assist to your manual wheelchair. Easily attach the device when you need some power, and remove and stow away the device for travel.

Latest Safety Features Accessories

Many wheelchair users face physical and even dangerous scenarios at some point. It’s important to make sure that you maintain your center-of-gravity. Avoid stretching or bending to reach for things.

You need to use tools and techniques to help improve your safety and prevent injuries. The following wheelchair accessories can help meet these goals.

1. Light & Go Mobility Light by Drive Medical

Drive Medical Light and Go

If you travel outside in your wheelchair, it’s important to increase your visibility. Since wheelchairs are small, like motorcycles, they may be overlooked by motorists. If you travel after dark, it’s imperative that you have lights to make sure others can see you.

These lights attach to many brands of wheelchairs. They have a clamping mechanism and foam padding to provide a secure grip. This padding also prevents damage to the surface of your wheelchair.

The Light & Go system uses motion and light-activated technology. This helps to prolong its life by only turning on when it’s dark or it detects motion. Three long-life LEDs provide a bright light to increase your visibility. The light uses 2 standard AAA batteries and has a protective rubber boot.

2. Wheelchair Seat Belt by H&S Health

H&S Wheelchair Seat Belt

Seat belts prevent sliding down in the wheelchair. Sliding causes friction on the buttocks and tailbone. Friction increases the risk of sores and ulcers.

Slumping in the chair can also cause back pain and make it harder to function. This soft seat belt has a T-shaped design that supports the waist, abdomen, and crotch. This helps people with spasticity, seizures, paraplegia, Parkinson’s, or muscular dystrophy. These conditions increase a person’s risk of falls.

The H&S Seat Belt straps are made from a breathable, elastic air mesh polyester fabric. They feature a long reflective stripe to increase visibility. There are 4 separate straps that you can adjust as well as a release buckle.

3. Padded Fingerless Mountain Biking Mesh Gloves by Scavor

H&S Wheelchair Seat Belt

If you talk to anyone who has used a manual wheelchair for a while, they’ll tell you that there’s a lot of work required. It’s very hard to move across steep or rough terrain without help. This can result in the palm, wrist, and finger problems.

The best way to decrease or prevent blisters, calluses, and sprains is to wear gloves. These biking gloves are padded to increase comfort and protect your skin. They’re also durable and stand up to the high demand required by manual wheelchair users.

The Scavor gloves are made from a mesh polyester that has sweat-wicking properties. Keeping your hands dry reduces the risk of blisters. Having your fingers free allows you to use your phone or perform other tasks.

Are You Looking for Accessories for Your New Wheelchair?

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