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Professional Investments – In You

There are always going to be things you should be putting your money into. But sometimes the thing you need to put money into, for the good of your business, is you. You can pour from an empty cup, and the aim for business growth is something that you probably hunger for.

So there are a few things that will give you more downtime, look more professional and in general, make running your business that little bit sweeter.


How many websites do you visit that don’t have any pictures of the owner on there? And you find yourself looking at the stock photos, and the profile and wanting to see a photo of a real person. If you haven’t looked into corporate headshot photography, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Many people like to see who they are considering doing business with before signing on the dotted line.


You but two. If you are a one-person show, trying to keep everything under control, manage your website, generate client leads, go to meetings, reply to emails, create new products, and sleep… then you will know that there is only so long you can do that. Hiring a virtual assistant is going to pay dividends. You can give them all of the work that keeps you busy but doesn’t directly make you money.

For example, a few hours will enable them to have a full social media schedule written up, or even implemented. Need some data and research? They can do that too. It is a quick way to double yourself, lighten your workload, and perform better – because you are rested.


This one goes for if you stay at home or need to go out to meetings. You need to have something that makes you feel good. Many people who work at home are happy to wear something comfortable like leggings and jumpers. But, if you have something that is comfortable but not too ‘bedtime’ and you consider it your work uniform, you will help have more of a routine to what you do.

If you need to attend meetings, take a look at what you currently have to work with. Is it giving the impression that you are hoping to convey? If not, consider checking out a small capsule work wardrobe.


If you are overtired, stressed, and not feeling great, you won’t be producing your best work – not by a long shot. And yes, when you work for yourself the hours’ pile one quick and fast. There has to come to the point that you close the laptop and go to bed. Or unwind and read a book or go for a walk.

We all want to produce high-quality work, and as often as we can. That is what your whole business is based on – after all. If your time is really stretched, then you are going to have to try and schedule days off instead – and stick to them.

In order to take care of business, you have to take care of you too.

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