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712 Indian Passport Photos and Premium High Res Pictures

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712 Indian Passport Photos and Premium High Res Pictures

Equipped with the latest size requirements and specifications for a plethora of countries, Passport Photo Maker – ThePhotoApp allows you to make pro-level quality ID pictures right at home, including India Passport Photos. The algorithm is fairly simple. Although most Indian passport photo specifications are fairly clear, some doubts do inevitably arise.


Let’s have a look at the most common mistakes to prevent them from appearing on your passport photo.

The photo should include the child alone with no other people or objects like chair backs or toys visible in the photo. Facial expression should be neutral with the mouth closed. Babies under one year do not have to have their eyes open. The applicant can get their passport after submitting the passport application form to Passport Office either online or offline. After submission, the applicant must visit the Passport Office on the scheduled date and is asked to show the required original documents. After completing these processes, applicants can get their passports within 30 to 45 days.

You will then not have anything to do on this side, considering our software program will cope with the rest. Smiling or having your mouth open is usually not acceptable, especially under the new international passport rules. The current Indian passport is a printed booklet that falls under the category of machine-readable passports. The new regulation is to upgrade to international standards of the ICAO. As mentioned, the Thailand visa photo size 2023 must be 4cm x 6 cm and dimensions of at least 472 pixels x 709 pixels (height x width). Additionally, it must be of high quality with a minimum of 600 dpi.

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Being a dual citizen is confusing when you travel with 2 passports so I needed an obvious quick way to tell my passports apart. Love the flag passport covers. Great quality, thick and sturdy and with room for cards, cash and airlines tickets. Craftsmanship is top notch and I can tell instantly which passport is which. Loved the gift bag lifejacket and quirky humour. Made me laugh on opening.


Very happy to have stumbled across ThePhotoApp and very happy to be supporting a UK firm. For kids under ten years old, the height at which the face has to be placed and the position of the eyes can vary. In the case of babies, photos without a neutral facial expression are allowed. In any case, a clear frontal photo is required. As per the extant statutory provisions of the Passport Rules, 1980, all the applicants born on or after 26 January 1989, are mandatorily required to submit their Birth Certificate as proof of Date of Birth (DOB) to get a passport.



The only difference being picture proportions, as the child’s head should take up 80-85% of the image. Indian passport photo requirements set forth by Embassies and Consulates, as well as OCI photo rules show some flexibility for children under ten and babies in terms of image proportions and facial expression. We at The Imaging Professionals can take your digital India passport photo and the India digital photo specs are 350×350 pixels. A number of attested copies of supporting documents are required to be submitted as part of the application process. What often goes ignored are the photocopies which can be misprinted, dark and unclear and can be a reason for rejection of the passport. Make sure that the required details in these photocopies are legible and clear to the naked eye, making it easy for the passport office to go ahead with the process. Where you apply depends on when you need your passport and what form you use. For details, please visit the VFS Global website.


Our Photo Expert will make additional verification to check if your photo meets the official requirements. If you need to apply for an Indian passport in the United States, you have to do the process through the VFS Indian Consular Application centers.


A passport is a must-have if you are a travel enthusiast and want to explore cross-border countries. In the time of digitalisation, did you know that you can now apply for an Indian passport online? Sitting in a comfortable corner of your space, you can get an Indian passport in a few steps. Indian passport holders who need to embark or disembark from a cruise ship in Turkey need to fill out an application. However, Indian citizens traveling on a cruise ship that is docking at any Turkish ports don’t need to fill the form. Thirty-odd minutes later, I got an email from the officer, who had stepped out to meet us, asking for some additional documents such as our itinerary, travel insurance, hotel, travel bookings, etc. I should add here, that having photocopies and scanned copies of my original passport, visa, insurance and all our bookings were very helpful in this process.

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