We live in an era of necessary feminism. Indeed, too many women continue to struggle with unnecessary challenges in their social or professional lives. The only way to move forward is to embrace what feminism means finally. In other words, it’s not just about supporting your individual cause as a woman, but it’s more a case of women helping each other.

How can you become the friend every girl needs? There is no secret about it. Feminism starts with yourself. For too many of us, feminism is an attitude. It’s the jumper with a feminist slogan you wear. It’s the strong and independent motto you repeat to yourself when you get ready in the morning. It’s the right to be unapologetically yourself – which is a favorite on social media platforms. But when it comes to turning your convictions into tangible actions, not many of us know where to start. Where does a woman begin to support other women? Indeed, while it might be tempting to find your inspiration in someone like Oprah Winfrey, who’s been vocal about the feminist cause, you don’t need to be famous to make a difference to others. Everybody can embrace the full potential of the girl’s power, here and now. Starting with the many women in your life, from coworkers to siblings, you can make the world a little sweeter and kinder to them every day. Here are some ideas to become a strong supporter of women’s rights and wellbeing in your day-to-day life. Remember, a small gesture can transform someone’s experience. Here’s how it works:

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Have each other’s back all the time

Why does a single life seem more dangerous for women than it is for men? Indeed, women are more vulnerable to abuse and assaults on their dating journey. Have you ever considered the number of safety apps that were designed specifically for women? Applications such as Eyewatch SOS for Women and bSafe have been explicitly designed to help women stay safe at night. You could offer your friend additional support, by suggesting to plan your first date in the same venue. Indeed, online dating has been a hugely popular way of meeting new people. However, staying safe when you’re about your meet a date you’ve only chatted with online can be a challenge. You can opt for public places to meet so that you’ve got people around who can help you if things take a turn for the worse. But offering to be there as a back-up plan for your friend can also make a great deal of difference. You can both choose to plan your dates in the same restaurant, for instance, which can allow you to act if the other is in danger.

Be the friend they need when they’re lost


Everybody goes through difficult times in their lives. But being a friend through hardship is a rare quality. Indeed, many people feel awkward when a friend goes through a hard situation. Being the friend who stays with them and reaches out to them is the most supportive – and yet difficult – thing you can do. Your friend might try to push you away, but make sure always to offer to listen and to be there – even if it is the middle of the night. Additionally, acting as their rock in the middle of the storm is a tricky position. You need to let go of your feelings to be their anchor. It’s important to stay calm; freaking out about their problems is the last thing they need. More importantly, you don’t need to act to help them. A supportive friend listens and is available for a chat. However simplistic it might sound, being able to offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen is the best thing you can do.

Surprise your friend with a gift

Who doesn’t love unexpected gifts? You can reach out to an online florist to surprise your friend with a fragrant bouquet of roses at work or home. Whether you’re sending the flowers as a late congratulation present for her promotion at the office or as a simple “thinking of you” gesture, it can be a touching way of letting your friend know that they’re in your heart. Flowers, as well, have the advantage of being kept for a few days, which can act as a reminder for her. They don’t just embellish the room; they also are a long-lasting, virtual hug.

Destroy hostility in the workplace

The office can be a hectic and cruel environment. Even though, ideally, every woman should be supportive of her peers, in reality, things couldn’t be more different. You can find cruel and mean co-workers who feel in a way threatened by other women. Whether it is through gossip or intentional passive-aggressive behavior, female colleagues can be worse than male. You may not have many friends in the office, but if you witness a co-worker falling victim to a cruel attitude, you can show your supportive side. Speak up to raise HR attention about the issue or defend them in meetings.

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Show her how to love herself

Be the person who reminds your friend of how wonderful she is. Not everybody loves the way they look. But being the friend who shut down the self-criticism to tell her she’s beautiful can help to change her mind. Beauty is not perfect; it’s only measured by the way you think of yourself. In the long term, you can expect her to learn to see herself in a new light, not as the imperfect human she is, but as the person who remembers to love herself.

Plan a girls’ night in

Last but not least, why not throw a party for you and your friends? You could spend a cozy night in, sharing stories and laughter throughout the night. You don’t need to plan much. Nothing is as effective as a casual setting with a few board games, songs, and films to get the conversation started. And it’s all you need to celebrate being women.

Becoming a feminist icon doesn’t require you to be famous or rich. All you need is to be a friend to other women, those you know and cherish in your life. Simple gestures can go a long way, such as offering to listen when they need to talk or including them in a cozy home party. Ultimately, being a feminist is a lot more than wearing a jumper with a slogan. It’s about walking the walk too.

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