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7 Types Of New Mom Baby On Board Signs You’ve Been Missing Out On

If you’ve driven a car anytime between the 1980s and now, you’ve seen it: The unmistakable, garish-looking Baby On Board sticker.

There have been various iterations of it in the past several decades: It’s a magnet, it’s a bumper sticker, it hangs from a back window of a brand-new parent’s car. And usually–let’s be honest–it looks less-than-easy on the eyes.

But baby on board signs are truly a must-have for new and expecting parents. Moreover, they don’t necessarily need to be the black-on-yellow diamond-shaped cultural pariah every driver can recognize from miles away. Learn all about the various types of Baby On Board stickers out on the market today, and understand their purpose. Maybe you’ll see the need for a sign of your own.

What Are Baby On Board Signs Anyway?

They’re simple. They’re ubiquitous. They mark you as a parent for all of your fellow road warriors to see. Those strangers form their opinions about you based on one relatively-small, urgent-looking sticker.

If you’re cruising down the highway with a B-O-B sticker hanging in your window, you have a few hopes in mind:

  • So other drivers will spare your car if driving recklessly.
  • So other drivers won’t flip you off or yell at you for driving too cautiously.
  • That in case of an accident, a watchful paramedic will look for your precious little one in case they were thrown from the car.

You rest your hopes, trust, and your baby’s well-being in the hands of strangers–you beg for them to play nice and give you a pass for being a parent–and you communicate this through three simple words.

The History

The global Baby On Board trend started with good intentions. Two American sisters spotted similar signs in Europe in the early 1980s. Knowing they could be useful to drivers everywhere, the sisters wondered how such signs could be introduced in America.

Meanwhile, a childless entrepreneur, Michael learner, took his 18-month-old nephew on a car ride one day in the mid-80’s. The ride turned out to be terrifying, thanks to the rude and reckless drivers he was forced to share the road with.

Learner wondered how to make America’s roads safer for tiny passengers, and upon encountering the two sisters with the same cause, he saw an opportunity. Learner bought the rights to the sisters’ “Baby Aboard” stickers and rebranded the image entirely.

His mission was to sell car decals that were both welcoming and stern. Hence, the diamond iteration with the yellow background and the stern, bold lettering standing out.

Michael Learner put up 65 thousand dollars to start the company Safety First, and soon enough, Baby On Board became a trendy reality. An estimated three million drivers displayed the sticker in their rear windows, and 500 thousand of them were being sold per month.

Pop Culture

The original Baby On Board sticker was such an iconic eyesore that they made it into pop culture in a big way.

For instance, on The Simpsons, Marge had such a sticker posted on her rear window. Her Baby On Board sticker was meant to deter other cars from “ramming into her intentionally.”


Most of the myths surrounding Baby On Board stickers are based around their origin. The most famous myth is that B-O-B stickers were created in honor of a baby who died in a car crash.

The truth is, though plenty of babies still die in car accidents as of a report from 2017, none of these deaths inspired the Baby On Board signs.

Another myth is that Baby On Board signs were created by law enforcement officials and EMT’s. The purpose was thought to be that emergency workers and police would know to look for a small child in the event of a car wreck.

While police officers find B-O-B signs helpful in this way, law enforcement never contributed to their creation. In fact, there is no officially-sanctioned Baby On Board sticker. They can come in all shapes, types, and sizes, as long as they don’t obstruct the driver’s view in any way.

1. The Classic suction Cup Signs

Original Baby On Board stickers aren’t very common anymore, especially in the United States. Though they were well-received by new parents at first, they have now been reduced to a stigmatized fad.

Drivers, in general, don’t find the yellow sign very welcoming. Furthermore, some research indicates that the suction cup signs may even be dangerous. In the UK, it’s been determined that the original B-O-B stickers cause an estimated one in twenty car accidents.

The suction cup has proven to be an unreliable way of sticking the sign on a car window. It can obstruct the driver’s view and distract other drivers. It can even fall off and hit the actual “baby on board” if the suction cup is dislodged.

2. British Baby On Board Badges

Across the Atlantic, Baby On Board signs are sometimes used in a slightly different way. For instance, in London, the TFL issues B-O-B badges to pregnant women. The moms-to-be wear the badges when they ride the Tube, which indicates that someone should give up a seat for them.

3. Classic Parity Stickers

As the original Baby On Board stickers lost favor with the public, clever designers came up with parity stickers. Some mocked the sticker with a play on words like “bored baby”. Others offered cutesie alternatives for pet parents: “Furbaby On Board”.

Rude parities were trendy for a while as well. they incorporated mother-in-law jokes like “Mother-In-Law in the trunk.” Those stickers offered some rye entertainment to fellow drivers passing by

Those types of parities are still being sold today.

Modern Baby On Board Stickers With Character

What if you can achieve the original intention of the Baby On Board stickers with a less obnoxious sign?

What if you can display your baby’s (and your own) personality with a cute B-O-B sticker, all while gently letting other drivers know to be just a little more cautious on the road while driving next to your car?

Enter these sturdy, cute Baby On Board signs with a little character.

4. For The Sassy Punk Baby

Is your little bruiser a tiny punk-in-the-making?

If he’s already got “that look” in his eyes, you know, the one that says attitude, the Lil’ Punk B-O-B sticker is perfect for you.

This cool sticker features an adorable baby, all stretched out and chilling with his little arms crossed like he has no care in the world!

The “Lil Punk” sign is displayed in a noticeable yet pleasant font. You can be sure that you won’t be the only fan of this sign. It’ll give your fellow drivers something to chuckle about as they spend time on the road.

5. For The Lil’ Princess

Your baby princess deserves nothing but the very best, and this includes Baby On Board Signs.

This “Lil’ Princess” Baby On Board sticker is the perfect combination of cute, cool, and powerful. It embodies your little girl’s strong spirit in the making. This is most evident in the cheery white, yellow, and pink color scheme.

This weatherproof B-O-B sign will let everyone know that you’re carrying your most precious cargo in your vehicle, but that you’re not in the other drivers’ faces about it.

6. For Baby Prince Charming

This awesome “Lil’ Prince” Baby On Board sticker is cool, strong, and collected, just like your precious baby boy. When other drivers glance at your sign, they’ll relish the image of a happy, handsome baby prince smiling at them, sporting a cute outfit and his beloved pacifier.

This sticker’s color scheme is the perfect blend of classic and modern. The white background is clean and classic, while the blue suggests cool and calm. The understated shade of yellow is cheery but not over-the-top when compared with the original B-O-B signs.

Get this sign to display your parental pride in a pleasant way.

7. A Modern Twist On The Classic

If you’re just looking for an updated, toned-down yet funky version of the classic Baby On Board Sticker, this modern take is ideal for your car.

It lacks the sickly yellow color with the blocky black font. In its place, this sticker sports text in a cool sans-serif font.

The adorable Lil’ Baby On Board logo reigns supreme in this design.

Why You Need A Modern B-O-B Sticker

The original Baby On Board signs made it uncool for parents to promote safety for the most vulnerable (and cutest) members of society. These modern Lil’ Baby On Board stickers are changing the narrative.

At Lil’ Baby On Board, we’re making it cool to let others know about your most precious cargo.

Our durable silkscreen-printed vinyl stickers are waterproof and fade resistant. The heavy-duty permanent-seal material coupled with our fresh designs makes our stickers stand out from others on the market.

Ready to purchase your own Lil’ Baby On Board stickers? Find out more about our awesome Baby On Board signs, and get your own today. We’re happy to provide you with a sticker that speaks to your character and your spirit.

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