7 of The Most Stunning Spiritual Stones and Their Meanings (2020)

Each of our bracelets has a special meaning. What does yours say about you? Learn about our favorite spiritual stones and their meanings, today.

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Crystals and stones are incorporated into jewelry, clothing, and home decor. Their beauty and hard exterior make them a hot commodity.

But did you know crystals and stones improve emotions and ward off negativity?

Yes! People have worn or held their favorite stone during prayer and meditation for centuries. Some people position them into a space to increase harmony and ward off negative energy.

If you’re on a journey of self-discovery and interested in learning about spiritual stones and their meanings, please continue reading.

What Is a Crystal?

Crystals are rock-formations created out of a variety of elements like carbon, salt, silica, or calcium. Crystals develop when a liquid cools and becomes a solid, according to

Although crystals are found in nature, human-made gems are becoming common.

Seven Spiritual Stones and Their Meanings

Crystals offer more than a shimmery addition to earrings or a necklace. The popularity of crystals increases each year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Crystals provide not only a shiny appearance but also aid in specific maladies and emotional issues, according to the Law of

If your body and mind need cleansing or boosting, then it might be time to buy some spiritual stones.

Spiritual stones or crystals provide protection, abundance, and love.

To get the most out of cutting ties with the past or healing a wounded heart chakra delve into healing crystals and their meanings.

If you want a head start check out the list below of seven spiritual stones.

1. Jasper

Jasper stones come in red, blue, yellow, blue, purple hues. But the red Jasper is most often associated with the stone.

People surrounded by Jasper receive protection, according to The Spruce. It also offers increased energy and determination to complete goals.

The power of Jasper could remedy the burnout feeling and increase inner warmth.

Try wearing a Jasper bracelet during yoga or reciting affirmations.

2. Celestite

Celestite provides a calming and soothing feeling to the person wearing or holding it. The lovely crystal looks light blue and reminds you of a clear sky. But the crystal sometimes appears clear, green, or light brown.

It works to open the heart chakra to divine guidance. Speaking with “angels” for reassurance and emotional support are benefits of Celestite.

When worn, it offers protection. It placed on a nightstand the Celestite wards off nightmares in favor of peaceful dreams.

Celestite allows for a deep trust in a higher power or being, which could lead to understanding your purpose in life, according to The Spruce.

If you’re feeling sad, investing in Celestite might help uplift your spirits and start on a new path of inspiration and optimism.

3. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian forms from fast cooling volcano lava. It’s best for guarding against negative energy, healing, and telling the truth.

The dark but alluring stone helps clear the mind and shielding the wearer of negative energy or people.

Fans of black obsidian enjoy improved mental clarity and positive energy, particularly when navigating through large crowds.

If you want to see the light through the darkness, try wearing black obsidian.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli offers calmness, wisdom, and a connection to the cosmos. Known for its ability to align a person with integrity, honesty, and mysterious presence, Lapis Lazuli is perfect for healing the mind.

It also protects negative energy and leads the wearer to healthier eating and lifestyle habits.

Lapis makes an excellent addition to a household because of its striking look and positive energy.

If beginning a soul-searching journey appeals to you, consider using Lapis Lazuli to cleanse your aura.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful light pink stone that promotes harmony and love. Self-love, love for family, friends, pets or partners, and unconditional love increase with the aid of rose quartz.

Aside from love, rose quartz boosts self-esteem, decreases stress, heals the heart chakra, and restores emotional balance.

Wearing a rose quartz crystal or carrying some on your person might help you feel better when struggling through a break-up or loss of a loved one.

The healing properties of rose quartz offer calmness to the wearer.

6. Amethyst

Ask any crystal enthusiast to name a favorite crystal, and Amethyst is sure to make a list. Amethyst’s beauty attracts many fans, but its benefits keep them buying more.

Amethyst provides positive energy to any space and protects you from “energy vampires,” according to

The high-vibration of this crystal makes it a prime choice for people suffering from anxiety. But it increases intuition and purifies its surroundings. It’s even safe to place in your drinking water. Remember to clean the crystal before dropping it into a glass or pitcher.

Ingesting Amethyst water could strengthen the immune system, skin, and respiratory system. Adding to the spiritual and physical endurance of the wearer.

7. Peridot

If you love the color green, Peridot is perfect for you. This pretty gem brings compassion, kindness, abundance, and good luck.

Are you feeling run down? Then Peridot could ease your fatigue with a sense of regeneration and harmony.

Peridot increases joy and slowly opens the heart chakra.

Carrying around Peridot might reduce stress and balance your emotions,

giving you the optimism to enjoy the day.

Strengthen Your Spirituality

Learning about spiritual stones and their meanings offer useful information. When you’re feeling down and need to lift your vibration, turn to healing stones. These stones not only look pretty, but they offer the wearer the opportunity to improve their mood and explore spirituality.

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