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5 Tips To Write Amazing Google AdWords Copy

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google Ads, is one of the most effective ways to market your products or services to reach potential customers.

However, getting your Google Ads text right can take some practice, especially since you need to fit your ad copy into a limited space, while also trying to stand out from your fellow advertising competitors.

In this article, we’re going to break down 5 simple, yet highly effective tips to help improve your ad copy.

When you implement these tips, you’ll see your click through rates go up and your costs go down!

Read on to learn our insider advice to writing amazing Google AdWords copy.

1. Use Keywords To Mirror The Search Query

One of the most common mistakes that we see with PPC accounts is with message match, which is the process of matching your ad content to a specific search query or the link that directs visitors to your landing page.

You see when someone types in a query, they are telling you what they are looking for.

Google Ads allows you to get extremely specific for which queries you want your ad to show up for, so you want to use this to your advantage.

The first step to Google Ads success is using specific keywords in your copy that mirror your target audience’s search query.

Editor’s note

If you need some help with keyword research, check out these easy strategies.

If someone types in “invisalign,” then your ad should talk about invisalign.

This may sound obvious, but we often find advertisers loading up all their keywords into one ad, which muddys the message.

Instead, you’ll want to add these relevant keywords in essential places of your Google Ad copy, including in the headline, description, and display URL. This ensures your Google Ad text addresses what your audience wants and persuades them to click on it.

2. Structure Your Ad Copy Around The Searcher’s Desired End Goal

When writing your Google Ads text, consider your target audience’s end goal. In other words, what do they ultimately want to accomplish and how can your product or service help them do this?

Advertisers often get lost in the weeds with what their product is – advertising the product itself vs. the end result.

Instead, ask yourself what the customer is actually trying to achieve and include that in your ads!

By structuring your ad copy around your target customer’s needs, you instantly stand out from the sea of surrounding generic ads.

3. Back Up Your Claims With Specific Numbers

Exact figures like 2,512 can improve ad performance over round numbers like 2,500+ because we associate precise details with authenticity.

Therefore, if you’re going to use numerical claims in your Google Ad copy, opt for writing out the whole number, not just a generalized version of it.

For example, you might say:

  • 3,987 customers’ lives have changed
  • $7,945 saved this month
  • 587 proven case studies

Using numbers in your ads can often help you stand out as well!

4. Keep It Personal By Writing ‘You’

A common mistake that we see in writing ads is the advertiser talking about themselves.

The truth is that searcher isn’t there to learn about you – they are there to solve THEIR problem, so you should speak to them specifically.

When it comes to writing successful Google ads text, it’s all about ‘you’ (well, them).

Remember how we mentioned that great ad copy focuses on your customer’s needs?

This is achieved by personalizing your ads and referring directly to the reader (you, your), rather than talking about yourself as a company (I, we, our).

5. Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

A prime reason for placing a Google Ad is to get people to take a particular action.

It may sound crazy, but you have to be very clear what you want the searcher to actually do next.

What will they get when they click on the ad? What is the next step?

According to Google, keywords such as “purchase,” “order,” or “browse” clarifies what the following steps the target audience should take.

Just remember that your CTA must tie-in with your searcher’s end goal and your ad’s URL must deliver relevant content.


By implementing these 5 tips to write successful Google Ads text, you’ll be well on your way to reaching more potential customers than ever before.

If you’d like additional help setting up your Google AdWord campaigns or improving conversions, schedule a PPC strategy session with us today!

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