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Home Away From Home: What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work

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Some jobs offer little more than providing a weekly paycheck. Then there are jobs that strive to enhance each employee’s work experience. They boost worker engagement and morale, increasing productivity levels.

As much as 70% of employees feel disengaged in their jobs. They may feel undervalued, unmotivated, or bored with a strict corporate structure.

So, what makes a company a great place to work? Read on for the best characteristics that make a workplace most valued by its employees.

A Well-Defined Company Culture

A unique and evolving company culture is what makes a great place to work. These companies break away from office norms to develop their own innovative culture. They care about creating a good work environment for all employees.

Company culture should strive to meet the needs of employees. It should place focus on employee morale so workers feel more appreciated. This creates a fun and rewarding place to work, with higher productivity levels.

A well-defined culture has a clear mission statement that all employees follow. Rules, policies, and company goals are common knowledge.

All employees are also held accountable for their actions. This includes going against company culture or disrespecting another employee.

A strong culture will value employee feedback, ideas, and suggestions. It adapts to changing technology and cultural attitudes for better growth.

It’s important to have office spaces that allow workers to collaborate. Yet, employees should still have space for privacy when needed. A workplace should also offer both comfort and security.

The company should work to offer wages that people can make a living off of. Bonuses and incentives can increase job satisfaction as well.

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Strong and Inspirational Leaders

Leaders who motivate their team create a great place to work. They use recognition and positive reinforcement to help each employee feel valued. Some even provide mentorship for those who need it, like younger employees.

Those in leadership roles should provide support when needed. Yet, they should do this without micromanaging employees. The company should also provide proper training for management and team members.

Performance reviews are important for uplifting employee morale. Employees should be able to express their career goals with the company. Here they can request to take on new projects or roles.

Constructive criticism can help employees learn better strategies for solving problems. Open communication is also essential in a happy workplace. This creates better transparency between departments and upper management.

A Melting Pot of Diversity

A diverse team is another characteristic of what makes a company great. It helps to have employees from different backgrounds and demographics.

This brings forth unique skill sets and personalities for a well-rounded team. It also keeps the workforce from becoming too cookie-cutter. This helps to foster new ideas for an evolving company.

Companies should create opportunities to bring these different types of people together. This encourages teamwork and fosters relationships between workers.

Access to All the Benefits

A great benefits package remains one of the top jobs attributes that employees look for. This shows that the company takes care of its employees and meets their health needs. A good insurance plan is also helpful for those who have a family.

Paid vacation time is another valued benefit. Yet, 52% of Americans do not even use all their vacation time.

This is over concerns that they may look too replaceable while away on vacation. Others feel their large workload keeps them from being able to take time off.

It’s important to make sure employees feel comfortable taking vacation time. Time off helps to avoid burnouts and keeps stress levels better balanced.

Paid maternity leave is something women value in the workplace. Many companies are now letting dads take time off after a new baby as well. Stock options and profit-sharing plans are other benefits that employees appreciate.

Company outing is one of the best employee incentives

Impressive Employee Perks

All the cool places to work always have a great selection of employee perks. This includes break rooms stocked with snacks and caffeinated beverages. Offering healthy food options is also important to employees.

Many workplaces offer comfortable and convenient lounge areas for taking breaks. Having outdoor areas for eating lunch or working in the fresh air is another great perk.

Employees who take small breaks throughout the day are more productive than others. So it’s best to encourage break times with tons of on-site options.

Employees appreciate companies that allow summer Fridays. After-work happy hours are a relaxing way to get the team together outside of the office. Company-sponsored events are another idea.

Some companies even offer daycare or nanny services. This perk is well-appreciated by working parents. Offering discounts on gym memberships or an in-work gym is another way to impress employees.

Many companies are moving toward a more flexible hour workday. This allows employees more control over their schedules for a better work-life balance. Employees are also able to work from the comfort of their home on certain days.

Learning Opportunities and Room for Growth

It’s essential for a business to encourage employees to grow within the company. Taking time to invest in employees will result in better job satisfaction.

The idea is to create learning opportunities for all employees. This works to help expand their professional development. This can happen in any industry, from creative gigs to technology software companies.

This goal is at the heart of what makes a company a great place to work. Search for innovative ideas in how to turn your software organization into a learning organization. Bring in industry movers and shakers to teach employees something out of the box.

You can also do this by offering training seminars or hosting lunch and learns. Invite employees to take classes at a local university to expand their knowledge.

Upper management should work to see potential in employees. This encourages more promotions from within the company. There will be less employee turnover as workers will feel more valued.

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Let’s Review: What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work?

These tips offer insight into what makes a company a great place to work. Following them will make employees feel valued, respected, and involved in the company.

Employees should always feel that they are given the tools to succeed from the beginning. Open communication and strong leaders can help improve employee morale. Potential for growth within the company will also help keep employees motivated.

Looking for more tips on cultivating or becoming a happy and productive employee? Check out the personal development section of our blog for more.


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