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Everything to Consider When Hiring a Residential Pest Control Service

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There are over 900 thousand different types of insects around the world. In fact, insects are the most diverse group of organisms. There are more species of insects than any other group.

Insects represent about 80% of the world’s species, too.

Whether you’re dealing with termites or ants, it’s important to find a residential pest control service you can count on. Otherwise, these creepy crawly critters could take over your home.

Here are six tips that can help you find the best pest control service in town. With these tips, you’ll have peace of mind in your choice. The next time pests infest your home, you’ll know exactly who to call.

Start your search for a reliable residential pest control service with these tips today.

1. Start Your Search

The global pest control service market could reach $28.1 billion by 2027. More people are relying on pest control companies than ever before.

Narrow down your options by heading online and Googling “residential pest control company near me.”

Consider speaking with nearby friends, family members, and neighbors, too. You can learn from their previous experiences. Do they hire a pest control company that services your area?

Ask if they had any issues working with the pest control team. If so, how were those problems resolved? Ask if they would recommend you hire someone else instead.

If your inner circle can’t make a personal recommendation, that’s okay. Instead, learn more about the businesses you find online.

For example, you’ll want to make sure each company on your list services your area. Some companies only help homeowners within a specific radius. If they don’t service your area, scratch that company off your list.

Consider what types of pests the company handles, too. They might not have the pest control tools necessary to handle the pest you’re dealing with. If that’s the case, you’ll know to look elsewhere.

If you’re experiencing a specific problem, consider looking for a pest control company that specializes. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re knowledgeable about the pest you’re dealing with.

2. Look for Experience

Before choosing a pest control company, it’s important to look for a team that has the experience and expertise you need. Otherwise, they might make costly mistakes when treating your home.

First, determine how long the company has run and operated.

Look for a company that’s run and operated for at least a few years. Consider how long the owner has worked in the industry, too. Their experience and expertise will give you peace of mind in their abilities.

A new company, on the other hand, might still have a few kinks they need to work through. They might lack the knowledge necessary to help, too.

While online, look for customer complaints. If the company has a complaint filed against them, scratch that team off your list.

3. Request References

Every residential pest control service will try to convince you that they’re the best company in town. You don’t have to take their word for it. Instead, ask each company for a list of references.

Speak with at least three of their local clients. You can ask questions such as:

  • Was the team on time?
  • Were they knowledgeable and able to help?
  • Did you have a positive experience working with the company?
  • Would you recommend I hire someone else?

You can also read online customer reviews on the company’s Google My Business or Trustpilot page. Try to read reviews from a few different resources.

You might find one or two negative comments. That’s normal. If the bad comments outweigh the good, however, take your business elsewhere.

Try to learn more about the company’s customer service, too. Reading online customer reviews can help you learn about their interactions with customers. If the company doesn’t work to resolve concerns, look elsewhere.

Look for a team with a strong professional reputation. They’ll want to maintain that reputation by offering top-notch services to their clients.

4. Check Their Licensing

Before choosing a pest control company, make sure they’re certified and licensed. They should have at least one certified, licensed pesticide applicator on their team. Otherwise, a certified applicator should supervise the other technicians.

Make sure every technician has an up-to-date license. Ask if their license is under the right job classification, too. You can also ask if:

  • They have a certified entomologist on the team
  • They use Integrated Pest Management techniques
  • How the company keeps their team informed regarding safety, product, regulation, and technique changes

Choose a team that’s up-to-date with the latest trends and procedures.

Ask for a copy of their pest control license, too.

5. Play It Safe

It’s not enough to find a team with years of pest control experience. Instead, consider how they operate as well. For example, you can ask each company about the safety protocols they have in place.

Ask if they take measures to reduce exposure. For example, does the team wear protective gear? Do they offer any natural or organic pest control options?

You might want to look for a copy that has up-to-date insurance, too. Choosing an insured team will give you peace of mind. If someone is injured on the job or damages your home, they won’t hold you liable.

6. Ask for a Quote

Ask for a quote from at least three pest control companies on your list. Then, start comparing control fees.

You don’t have to choose the cheapest option. Instead, take a moment to review your notes. Which company will offer you the highest value for their services?

Take the time to review each company’s contract, too. Ask what’s included in the cost.

Don’t sign anything without reading the contract first.

Best in Business: 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Residential Pest Control Service

You don’t have to choose the first residential pest control service you find online. Instead, use these tips to find the best in the business! Finding a team with the right pest control experience can give you peace of mind.

They can help you get rid of pests in your home before they become a real nuisance.

Eager to schedule a service? We’re here to help.

Request a free estimate today to get started.

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