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5 Most Helpful Resources for Living Independently as a Senior

Living independently as a senior is a dream for most of us, but it comes with its own challenges.

More than 40% of seniors in America experience loneliness on a regular basis, while similar numbers also suffer from poor healthcare and money management.

If you want to live out your golden years in happiness and security, help for seniors is widely available. With the right resources for living as a senior at your disposal, retirement will be a breeze.

Here are the top resources for seniors in America.


If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop when it comes to self-help for the elderly, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) is the best place to start.

This government-supported agency works with nonprofits and community programs across the country to provide help for seniors.

Here you can access financial planning, medical advice, social programs, and transport services no matter where you are.

All their services are completely free to access, meaning you can get the advice you need, no matter your financial position.


If you’re in need of the right medical care for you, then Senior Select is one of the best products for the elderly living alone.

With Senior Select, you can receive comprehensive, expert advice on your medical entitlements.

If you are eligible for Medicare, the team at Senior Select will sit down with you and make sure you know what all your benefits are. This means you’ll know exactly the kind of care you deserve, supported by experts in the industry.

You’ll also learn how to save money by being matched with the best medical plans for your budget. In old age, medical care is too important to ignore.

A resource like this can be a life-changer on the road to independence.

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Those searching for “community resources near me” need look no further than Eldercare Locator.

This free service, run by the US Administration on Aging, will connect elderly people to all the services they could possibly need.

If you need house repairs done, Eldercare Locator will get you in touch with the right people. If you need caregiving service, they will provide. Or, if you’re in need of legal advice to discuss things such as wills and life insurance policies, they will gladly send a lawyer your way as well.


If you’re a low-income senior in need of a part-time job, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is here to help.

They provide paid, undemanding work to thousands of seniors every year.

You could be given a role in your previous career field or a manageable part-time job in a sector such as retail or administration. All you need to do is check your eligibility.


Meals on Wheels is one of the most well-known seniors’ community services in America.

Their 2 million volunteers ensure that elderly people receive nutritious, balanced, and delicious meals every single day.

They will also conduct safety checks and ask if you need any other resources to help you live your best independent life.

Meals on Wheels is a national institution that all seniors should be aware of.


These are just a few of the essential resources for living independently as a senior.

To learn how to better manage your money for now and later, make sure to check out our finance section for expert budgeting advice, whatever your age.

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