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The Importance of Mold Testing in Your Morris County NJ Home

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Many Morris County NJ homeowners wonder if mold testing services are really important before starting their mold removal project.  The short answer is an emphatic “most definitely”! There are many important reasons why mold testing is crucial before jumping into your mold remediation project.  Just ask Rebecca C. of Morristown NJ.  She retained our company to conduct mold testing services as she was getting sick far mor often than usual.

Rebecca went into detail explaining that she was normally a very healthy person. However, in recent months she was not feeling up to snuff. She described her symptoms as having itchy watery eyes, coughing, and unexplainable headaches. Rebecca went on to explain that she has never had any of these symptoms in the past. They seemed to all begin shortly after moving into a new house in Morristown NJ.  After about 5 minutes she knew it was time to schedule a mold inspection and testing to in her home.

The following day we sent her our top mold professional Mr. Eric Thoroughman. When he arrived, he proceeded to ask Rebecca a series of questions about her symptoms and her home. He then began a thorough mold inspection and testing of her home. The reason for the testing was to determine if Rebecca was becoming ill from the air quality in her house.  The testing results showed that she had a serious airborne problem.  The mold testing results confirmed that the hidden problem we discovered on the wall and ceiling behind her basement washer dryer was the source of the problem. The contamination was causing toxic mold spores to get into her HVAC furnace. This ended up transporting the spores to the air in living areas of the home. The species discovered was none other than Stachybotrys, the most potent of all molds.

We called Rebecca a few days later and went over the lab testing results with her. The next day we were busy performing the necessary mold removal activities in her Morris County NJ home.  It has been a few weeks since we completed the project. We are happy to report that Rebecca’s symptoms have disappeared, and we have another happy client. This is of course since we conducted mold testing prior to beginning her mold remediation project.

When Should You Consider Mold Testing in your Morris County NJ Home

  • Perhaps there is a musty smell in your house. When this happens, it is likely due to microbial contamination issues inside your Morris County NJ home.
  • There has been some recent flooding in your home.  Mold testing will be necessary since miocrobial contamination will begin as quickly as 48 hours later.
  • You discover a potential problem in your basement, bathroom, attic, kitchen or another area in your home. Remember that the contamination can spread quickly if left untreated.
  • You notice that someone in your Morris County NJ household has been getting sick when they were perfectly healthy previously.
  • You may have an immune compromised individual living in your Morris Country NJ home. This person will be the first to experience symptoms if you need mold testing services.  You simply believe that you have an unseen mold removal issue in your home that requires attention.

Mold testing is critical in the analysis of and mold removal issue in your home!  It is also necessary that you quickly act whenever you first discover possible mold growth in your home!  A good way to begin is by conducting a Google search for “Mold Testing Companies Near Me” or “Mold Testing Companies in Morris County NJ”. A good way to pick the right company is when they tell you how important it is to take professional mold inspection and testing services prior to the start of your mold remediation project.  An even better way would be to call Certified Mold Removal Inc. at (973) 520-6499. We will send a certified mold inspection and testing professional to your home the same day you call!

Why Mold Testing is Necessary in Your Morris County NJ Home

There are several reasons why mold testing is important.  One reason is to confirm that what we are seeing is indeed mold growth. Mold testing specialists will look for a possible problem and then perform a test of the surface to confirm or deny the presence of mold. Quite frequently we find that staining on a wall or ceiling will look like mold but ends up testing negative.  This is since mold contamination comes in a variety of colors and shapes. It will often trick an experienced mold inspection and testing professionals.  It would be foolish for a company to presume that staining is indeed mold contamination. This is often a costly mistake that mold removal companies will make.

Mold remediation services can cost thousands of dollars. By performing the proper mold testing you will avoid any costly mistakes. We have seen Morristown NJ mold removal companies recommend mold remediation services on surfaces that end up testing negative. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on an unnecessary mold removal project. At Certified Mold Removal Inc., we will always conduct the proper mold testing in your Morris County NJ home prior to beginning any work. This ensures that the mold remediation work in your home is properly targeted and does not waste any of your valuable money!

Here is another crucial reason why you need mold testing services done before jumping into your Bergen County NJ mold removal project. Airborne mold testing will give us the information we need to correctly remove all the airborne mold removal problems in your home.  As stated before, Rebecca from Morristown NJ was becoming quite ill from the airborne Stachybotrys type mold in her home.  By performing mold testing services before the onset of Rebecca’s mold removal project, we were able to accurately determine what was going on in her home. As a result, we knew ahead of time how long commercial air scrubbing machines would need to operate in her home to completely eliminate her airborne issues.

Furthermore, the mold testing demonstrated to us that her HVAC air duct system was sending contaminated air throughout her home. As a result, we needed to include the complete cleaning and sanitizing of her air duct system in her Morristown NJ home.

What Does All of this Mean

What this all means is that if Rebecca from Morristown NJ chose to hire a different mold removal company, she may still be getting sick. Surprisingly enough, many companies are not convinced that mold testing services are important before delving into a mold remediation project. If Rebecca selected one of these companies, they would have come to a different conclusion on how to solve her problem. They would have likely been successful in removing the physical.

The problem is the airborne contamination that was making Rebecca very sick. They would have likely run an air scrubber for a few days and called it quits. They also would have completely skipped over the air duct cleaning services. If she chose that route, she would have needed to call another company to fix the problem correctly. Or she could have put her Morristown NJ home up for sale and moved out. We believe that she made a smart move by hiring Certified Mold Removal Inc. The mold testing services we performed saved her both time and money. Susan would have spent thousands of dollars having the wall and ceiling behind her washer dryer removed and new drywall put up. However, she would still be sick and not understand why. Luckily, she called Certified Mold Removal Inc., and we fixed the entire scope of her problem fast and economically.


Since 1995 Certified Mold Removal Inc., has been the leading authority when it comes to professional certified mold testing and removal services in Morris County NJ!  We have a professional team of certified mold testing and removal experts. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. By calling us you end up saving valuable time and money. We never do any unnecessary work or skip over anything important. We have performed more than 5,000 successful mold inspection, testing and remediation projects. As a result, we are widely considered the number one Morris County NJ mold testing and remediation company.  Call Certified Mold Removal Inc. now at (973) 520-6499.

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