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BLUECASE Announces Justin Follin as New CEO


Austin, TX, August 14, 2022 – The Leadership Team of BLUECASE Strategic Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of co-founder Justin Follin as Chief Executive Officer. Effective July 2022, Justin steps into the CEO role formerly held by company founder David Butlein Greenspan, Ph.D.

Justin brings expertise gathered from his experience as a lifelong student and teacher of what brings out the best in people, as well as his work as a BLUECASE managing partner and trusted advisor to CEOs in fast-growth business sectors. The management team at BLUECASE celebrates this announcement and congratulates Justin and David for developing a visionary evolution for the direction of the company’s leadership structure.

“Over the past six and a half years, I’ve put my heart and soul into helping make BLUECASE what it is today. Over these years, I’ve seen our clients grow personally and professionally in ways that both inspire me and have me believe fully in the impact of the work we do. I’m extremely excited to expand our reach in the coming years to fulfill our mission to ignite hearts and the human spirit to achieve greatness on a larger scale. Helping companies get results motivates me and improving people’s lives both personally and professionally fuels me. I’m stepping into this role with humility and gratitude to current, past, and future clients, as well as to our team at BLUECASE. We get to work with visionary, high-performing companies doing great things led by people who care greatly about their employees. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to do that even more as we grow.”

With this announcement, founder David Greenspan will officially take on a new role as company President.

“Not only am I not going anywhere, but I will also in fact be taking on an even more involved role working closely with clients and our growth strategy moving forward,” said Greenspan. “Over the past 18 months, Justin has taken an active role in leading the strategic vision for the company, and the announcement of his move to CEO formalizes this direction for BLUECASE.”


BLUECASE Strategic Partners is a CEO consultancy headquartered in the innovation hub of Austin, TX. We are like jet fuel to the companies we work with: growth goes better and faster. We combine high-performance psychology, leadership training and development, strategic planning frameworks, executive coaching, and experiential instructional design to generate high-performing organizational cultures. We work with the CEO and their executives, directors, managers, and key contributors in tech-enabled companies, private equity firms, and fast-scaling, post-M&A organizations. We provide a proven solution to the tensions and departmental clashes that occur naturally after post-M&A or other fast-growth events. As a result, our client companies grow quickly while simultaneously strengthening the work culture that makes them great. For more information on BLUECASE please visit

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