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4 Cool Engraved Gifts for Your Employees

You want to show your employees that you appreciate them. But, you also don’t want to give them a gift that will just wind up regifted at the next holiday party or tossed into the back of a closet to be forever forgotten.

How can you give you employees a special gift and one that they’re sure to use and actually enjoy? You can never go wrong with engraved gifts.

Here are 4 engraved gifts your employees are sure to love.

4 Engraved Gifts Your Employees Will Love

#1: Personalized Wall Calendars

You don’t just want to give you employees something that looks nice but will simply collect dust. Instead, give them something they can put to use.

A personalized wall calendar is a great combination of both a personal gift and one that is useful (especially in the office)!

If you work in an office, knowing the date is usually a good idea–and a necessary one at that.

Your employees most likely date documents, count down the days until vacation, keep track of the next impending holiday, or all of the above.

Giving your staff a wall calendar will be helpful around the office, not to mention a continuous reminder of how thoughtful a boss you are (wink, wink).

#2: Custom Clocks

It’s time to get serious about gift giving.

A custom clock that is personally engraved is an excellent option for any employee.

Whether that person is perfectly punctual every day, or some times comes in late, anyone and everyone wants and needs to know the time, right?

Giving employees engraved clocks as a gift is a way to let them know you appreciate their hard work in a sincere way.

A clock is a timeless gift to begin with–as it will always be useful to anyone on the receiving end–and adding a customization to it makes your present all the more thoughtful.

#3: Engraved Desk Accessories

While we’re on the theme of useful work gifts, let’s talk about desk accessories.

An employee’s desk if the one place they get to call their own on the job. Why not make things more personalized for them with an engraved desk accessory?

If you’re unsure of what desk accessories can become engraved gifts, and which will be most used, check out the list below for some awesome ideas your staff is sure to love.

#4: Engraved Items Unique To The Individual

Any of the gifts mentioned above could easily make for a lovely personalized gift that can work for any office relationship.

However, if you know your employees well, you might be looking for a gift even more personalized and unique to each individual.

Find what’s special to each employee, such as what their hobbies include, and find a gift to be engraved that aligns with their likes!

For instance, if an employee loves games or is a known strategist, give him or her an engraved chess set.

Maybe he or she makes a mean burger on the grill. Why not go for an engraved BBQ gift set?

What gifts have you received from your employers over the years? Which were awesome, and what ones were total fails? Tell us about your gifts from past bosses in the comments!

Tell us about your gifts from past bosses in the comments!

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