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LEGOLAND Discount Tickets for 2020: Get LEGOLAND Tickets Deals Here!

Legoland discount tickets are easy to find if you know where to look! While Legoland California tickets deals fluctuate throughout the year, we keep this guide to finding Legoland tickets updated at all times.

In this guide, we cover all options for finding discount Legoland tickets in 2019 including tickets from AAA and Costco.

We work with Get Away Today, the oldest discount ticket provider for Southern California, to provide exclusive prices on Legoland discount tickets and other Southern California destinations. You can access their cheap Legoland tickets immediately by booking here.

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In this planning guide:

How much are LEGOLAND discount tickets in 2020?

Legoland Tickets TypeLegoland 2019 Ticket PricesDiscount Legoland Ticket Prices1 Day Legoland Ticket Age 13+$100$90Book now > 1 Day Legoland Ticket Age 3-12$94$85Book now > 2 Day Legoland and SeaLife Aquarium Ticket Ages 13+$145$108Book now > 2 Day Legoland and SeaLife Aquarium Ticket Ages 3-12$139$103Book now > 2 Day Legoland and WaterPark Ticket Ages 13+$150$99Book now > 2 Day Legoland and WaterPark Ticket Ages 3-12$144$99Book now > 2 Day Legoland, WaterPark, and Aquarium Ticket Ages 13+$296$113Book now > 2 Day Legoland, WaterPark, and Aquarium Ticket Ages 3-12$284$108Book now > 

In the table above there are a couple of ticket types. Regular one-day discount Legoland California tickets are pretty self explanatory and provide access to the Legoland park for one day at a discount. The 2 Day Legoland and SeaLife aquarium discount ticket lets you visit both Legoland and the SeaLife aquarium twice over the course of a nine day period. The visits must occur on the same day, but you could also visit just Legoland one day and then just the SeaLife aquarium the next day. The waterpark ticket follows the same rules. You can visit the waterpark and the Legoland twice over the course of nine days. The combo ticket follows the same logic, but you get to visit all three attractions.

There are also combo tickets that include access to Disneyland, SeaWorld, and Legoland. Our travel partner passes the savings on to you when you purchase a combo discount ticket. It will help you to save big if you are planning to visit multiple Southern California vacation destinations.

Before planning your trip, take a look at some of the offerings available to both out-of-state vacationers and locals. LEGOLAND typically offers deals where you buy one day and get more days free. Make sure to check their website for their most up to date promotion. Like with most theme parks, you will save money if you buy ahead of time instead of at the gate.

Typically, at LEGOLAND you can expect to pay around $10 more per person if you pay at the gate instead of online. Also, certain times of year will be more expensive so you can expect to see some variance in ticket prices depending on the day you choose. That’s why we recommend buying your tickets through Get Away Today so you are getting the best and most consistent prices.

This theme park is a must for theme park fans and is a great addition to your Southern California vacation. You can read all about the park in our Legoland 2019 planning guide.

Discount One-Day LEGOLAND Ticket Prices

When buying directly through LEGOLAND’s website you can expect to pay prices starting at $95 per person for a one-day admission to LEGOLAND California.

LEGOLAND Discount Tickets From Official Website

When buying directly through LEGOLAND’s website you have a few different options for multi-day passes. The Legoland website claims that they have discount ticket prices, but typically their prices are higher than the discount Legoland tickets offered through Get Away Today.

Be sure to read all of the small print on the Legoland website because their cheap ticket prices listed in the headlines are usually for the cheaper child ticket and sometimes do not include taxes and fees. In general, be sure to look for all the hidden fees before you book your discount Legoland tickets.

  • 2-Day LEGOLAND + Sea Life Hopper– This hopper gives you 2-day admission to the LEGOLAND Califoria + the Sea Life Aquarium.
  • 2-Day Resort Hopper– This hopper gives you 2-day admission to LEGOLAND California + SEA LIFE Aquarium + Water Park.
  • 2-Day LEGOLAND + hotel stay– This is a bundle option and rates will vary based on the LEGOLAND themed hotel you select.

LEGOLAND Discount Tickets Via Annual Pass

LEGOLAND annual pass tickets

LEGOLAND offers a variety of annual passes to choose from. If you live in Southern California or if you know you will be visiting LEGOLAND more than five days a year- it’s a good decision to buy one of these passes. LEGOLAND offers three different annual passes:

LEGOLAND Silver Pass

  • $159 OR $27 down payment + $12/month
  • Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California only
  • LEGOLAND hotel discounts
  • LEGOLAND e-newsletter (exclusive invitations, previews and more)


  • $209.99 OR $34 down payment + 15/month
  • Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium
  • Limited admission to LEGOLAND Water Park with black out dates
  • Free Parking
  • Discounts on dining, shopping, LEGOLAND Resort Hotels and more
  • Admission to 30+ Merlin Attractions in North America
  • LEGOLAND e-newsletter (exclusive invitations, previews and more)

LEGOLAND Platinum Pass

  • $279.99 OR $48 down payment + $21/month
  • Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium
  • Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND Water Park
  • Free LEGOLAND admission ticket
  • Free Parking
  • Discounts on dining, shopping, LEGOLAND Resort Hotels and more
  • Admission to 30+ Merlin Attractions in North America
  • LEGOLAND e-newsletter (exclusive invitations, previews and more)

Be sure to check for seasonal offers when you buy your annual pass- LEGOLAND will often offer deals like discounts on a third/fourth pass or a free hotel stay with purchase.

LEGOLAND Discount Tickets 2020

Legoland go carts going down the road

There a variety of discount options to take advantage of for LEGOLAND California. Here are all the discount options we could find to help you save money on your California vacation!

How We Get Such Low Prices For Legoland Tickets

discount disney ticketsWe have found a Disney-approved ticket reseller that has partnered with us to offer exclusive discounts just for readers.

The best discounts available for LEGOLAND park tickets are from the authorized ticket reseller, Get Away Today. Not only do they have better discounts than the other resellers, but the customer service and easy support is absolutely fantastic. They have an entire department dedicated to making sure every order has a 10/10 experience. When a customer shared that having tickets in advance would improve their experience, Get Away Today committed to physically sending the tickets to their guests so they can avoid the lines at the ticket booths.

To offer these discounts, Get Away Today purchases huge blocks of tickets and breaks them up to sell to guests.

Through our exclusive partnership, we are able to offer the lowest priced tickets. Check out the Get Away Today website for information on all ticket discounts. These discounts are exclusively available to Mickey Visit readers. You have to click through our private links to unlock exclusive access to these lower prices (if you just go directly to the Get Away Today website you will just see their normal prices).

All tickets are now being sent electronically which means guests will take either their phone or printed confirmation straight to the gate. There will be no need to go to a ticket booth to pick-up will call tickets and no way to leave physical tickets at home. Book your tickets at least two days before your arrival to ensure that they are processed in time for the first day of your vacation.

Get Away Today also offers layaway plans with an additional fee of $99 that allows guests to make as many payments as you would like on your vacation up to five days before the departure date. The first payment requires a minimum payment of $175, including the layaway plan fee, guests can then decide how many payments they’d like to make. The vacation is held until the final payment is made which makes this a great option for families to be able to plan and save for their vacation.

Go San Diego Cards Discount Tickets

Go San Diego Cards are passes to explore theme parks, zoos, and other sites around Southern California. Costco online offers the most popular 2-day and 4-day passes.

The 2-Day card includes an all-inclusive visitor’s pass with admission to the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, LEGOLAND, and smaller tours, museums and more. Prices are $110.99 for adults and $94.99 for kids ages 3-12.

The 4-Day pass includes the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, LEGOLAND and again, some smaller venues. Adults are $209.99, and children are $182.99.

Go Los Angeles Card Discount Tickets

The Go Los Angeles Card works in the same way the Go San Diego Card does except it offers a few other Orange County options too! Includes admission to Universal Studios Hollywood™, LEGOLAND® California, plus 2 top attractions of your choice. You can customize the pass to fit your family’s interests.

SoCal City Pass Discount Tickets

The SoCal CityPass is no longer offered. Our travel partner combined the same attractions into their own combo pass to provide you a discount. Their discount tickets now include Legoland, SeaWorld, and Disneyland.

You can get the discount Legoland tickets in this combo via the Get Away Today combo ticket by purchasing through our recommended discount travel provider. Buy NOW > 

Military Discount Tickets

Current, active military personnel are offered a variety of discounts when purchasing ahead of time via LEGOLAND’s military discount page. At the gate, they will receive 10% off the one-day admission fee with valid dependent ID card. Retirees and military veterans may check with local military bases for discount packages.

AAA Discounts Discount Tickets

Current AAA card holders will receive a 5% discount on one-day admission and 10% off a LEGOLAND hotel reservation when you purchase from AAA. This discount is still more expensive than our cheap Legoland tickets outlined above.

Legoland Discount Tickets Costco 2020

Costco often offers Southern California vacation packages and discount ticket options. Check Costco’s Travel website and search for “Legoland” to see if there are any current deals. Costco’s deals change often so it’s always good to keep checking back and compare their prices

Legoland Discount Tickets Burger King 2020?

During the summer of 2012, there were free Legoland tickets for children when you presented a Burger King crown at the ticket window or entered a specific Legoland discount code online. You also had to purchase an adult Legoland ticket to secure the discount. This deal is no longer offered. Sadly there are no longer Burger King Legoland coupons in 2019.

Teacher Appreciation Days Discount Tickets 2020

FREE admission for California Classroom Teachers and discounts for family and friends if you present your valid teacher ID.

2019 Eligible Dates

  • January 5 – March 31, May 4-12, 2019.

Advance reservations required, call 760-438-5346.

  • FREE Admission for California classroom teachers.
  • Valid for K – 12 California classroom teachers.
  • Includes full day LEGOLAND Park admission.
  • Family and Friends $52. Upgrade to include SEA LIFE Aquarium for $5 more.
  • Pick up tickets at Guest Service window on the day of your visit.
  • Verification of classroom teacher status required.
  • Bring valid teacher ID.
  • Classroom teachers only

California Home School Days Discount Tickets 2019

LEGOLAND also offers discounts to families that can provide home school verification on select dates.

2019 Eligible Dates

  • Weekdays during regular Park hours in September – June.
  • Not available select holiday weeks in December – January (December 22, 2017 – January 1, 2018) and March – April (March 26, 2018 – April 6, 2018).

To obtain Home School Tickets

  • Call 760-438-5346 at least two weeks in advance or pre-register online.

Ticket Information

  • Tickets are $28 Adult or Child for admission to LEGOLAND, and $33 Adult or Child for admission to LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE Aquarium, for verified Home School-serving Charters or Home School families.
  • Minimum purchase 10 tickets.
  • Offer valid weekdays during Park hours, September – June, on traditional school days, excluding winter break, spring break.
  • Downloadable resource guides available for a self-guided experience.
  • Guests arriving in family groups must show Home School verification at Guest Services to redeem offer. (Examples include verification of membership in a public or private school, independent study or satellite program, CA private school affidavit, or homeschool organization such as K-12 or CAVA)
  • Payment required in advance.
  • No refunds provided. Pricing subject to change without notice.

California PTA Discount Tickets 2020

If you’re a local California PTA member, here are some ways you can save on LEGOLAND tickets for you and your family/friends.

PTA Family Field Trip

  • More than 50% off a LEGOLAND California/SEA LIFE Hopper ticket – only $55 per person!
  • Must be reserved and pre-paid by phone at least one day in advance. Call 760-438-5346 and have your school name ready. Minimum purchase 6 tickets.

Kids Go Free Online Offer

  • Free child with paid adult admission offer.
  • Available only for purchase online, in advance of your visit.
  • Contact your California PTA membership chairperson for details. Restrictions apply.

LEGO Life Subscription Discount Tickets

LEGOLAND water park

Occasionally, subscribers to the LEGO Life magazine will receive discounts and updates about current promotions. You can sign up here. 

Legoland Discount Tickets Basics

Legoland Castle Hotel entrance

LEGOLAND offers three main areas to chose from:

  • LEGOLAND California- this is the main park that includes all the major attractions
  • LEGOLAND Waterpark- a LEGO themed waterpark with LEGO themed water attractions
  • SEA Life Aquarium- an interactive learning aquarium

You can read all about visiting Legoland in our complete Legoland 2019 guide.

LEGOLAND also has two LEGO themed hotels to chose from if you wish to stay on site:

  • Legoland Resort Hotel- this hotel features LEGO themed rooms in your choice of Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, LEGO NINJAGO or LEGO Friends.
  • Legoland Castle Hotel- this castle themed hotel features LEGO Castle themed rooms with your choice of Knights & Dragons, Royal Princess or Magic Wizard.

The benefits of staying on site at LEGOLAND include the convenience of being steps away from the park entrance, early admission into the park, free breakfast, Lego themed rooms, interactive on site games, and LEGO themed play throughout the hotel.


The discounts extend not only to just to LEGOLAND California, but to many other Southern California theme parks and tourist attractions.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our FREE Deals Newsletter to stay on top of the current planning tips, strategies, and deals.

Legoland discount tickets

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