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RTIC vs. YETI: Why Is Polar Camel Better Than Both?

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Did you know the COVID-19 lockdowns increased outdoor activities? In mid-2020, more people picked up running, biking, and hiking. As more people start enjoying the outdoors, a new tumbler becomes essential for keeping cold or hot drinks.

Durability and price play a factor when you choose your next reusable drink, and you may consider joining the debate of RTIC vs. Yeti tumblers. Yet, did you know that Polar Camel offers similar products at a more affordable price with better durability tests?

Luckily, we have put RTIC, Yeti, and Polar Camel to the ultimate test in our complete guide down below, so keep reading on for more information!

Polar Camel History

You’ve likely heard of RTIC and Yeti, but Polar Camel is another insulated drinkware company gaining traction against its competitors. Polar Camel distributes high-quality products without distinguishing between keeping drinks hot or cold.

All the products can accommodate various drinks, lids, and last for years to come. Polar Camel also has other drinks that come in various ounces with customizable options. The best part is they can all be taken on the go.

What Does Polar Camel Sell?

Polar Camel mainly focuses on selling high-quality tumblers, but other Polar Camel products you can purchase are:

  • Replacement Lids
  • Drinkware
  • Water bottle thermos
  • Accessories

Like Yeti and RTIC, you can purchase separate lids, select various colors, and add a beverage holder. The only difference is you won’t start seeing your product wear down after a couple of years.

RTIC vs. Yeti

Both RTIC and Yeti make insulated tumblers that are vacuum sealed, which is part of the technology behind keeping your drinks hot or cold for more extended periods. Some of the key differences between the Yeti and RTIC tumblers are Yeti is dishwasher friendly, and the lid is magnetic.

While washing a tumbler by hand is tedious, most individuals want to know if one outperforms the other. In terms of durability, price, and customization, both RTIC and Yeti fall short of Polar Camel.

Yeti Tumblers

When you buy a Yeti tumbler, you get the satisfaction of purchasing a popular insulated drinking cup, but you are going to pay the price for it. Customized Polar Camel tumblers are under $14, which Yeti can’t come close to competing against.

Some of Yeti’s high-end products can cost hundreds of dollars. So – do you get what you are paying for? Not necessarily.

There are two reasons that Yeti is successful: new technology and marketing. The trick is – other companies have fine-tuned technology for keeping drinks warm or cold which evens the playing field.

The marketing component is why Yeti is so expensive, and choosing other options like Polar Camel can save you money while delivering quality products.

Are Yeti Tumblers Better Than Polar Camel?

The Polar Camel mimics similar designs to Yeti with double-wall, vacuum insulation, and stainless steel materials. However, Polar Camel keeps ice for up to 24 hours and hot drinks for eight hours. Yeti falls short in comparison by only keeping drinks hot for 45 minutes.

Another advantage of Polar Camel tumblers is they are leakproof and offer a better grip with newly designed ridges. Polar Camel outranks Yeti tumblers and lids in all margins if you want to save money on design and size.

RTIC Tumblers

Compared to Yeti, an RTIC tumbler is more affordable but still falls short of the tumblers offered by Polar Camel. It also uses double-wall, vacuum-sealed insulation, and stainless steel materials. It closely mimics Polar Camel with leakproof lids, hand-wash only, and maintaining ice for long periods.

Are RTIC Tumblers More Durable?

RTIC doesn’t appear to hold reliability like other brands, and you may have some issues with leaks, stubborn lids, and unappealing designs.

The slimmer design might not appeal to many for hand washing, and Polar Camel offers a wide mouth that makes it much easier for clean-up and reuse.

Polar Camel Tumbler Benefits

Why do you need a new tumbler? Has yours started to crack, lose insulation, or chip? The downside of high-end brands is that they might not last quite as long as you’d expect a pricey product to maintain its value.

The best tumbler will hold value and versatility. You can use a new Polar Camel tumbler for:

  • Coffee
  • Ice-cold drinks
  • Outdoor activities
  • Car rides
  • And more

With 20 and 30-ounce options, you can find something that fits your needs, and most options fit nicely in a cup holder in your car. Better yet – all workmanship is guaranteed, and turnaround time is just five to seven business days.

Most people love a new tumbler through Polar Camel since they can customize their drink with a text or logo at a cost-friendly price, which is one of the main distinguishing factors from RTIC, Yeti, and other popular brands.

Why is stainless steel better than glass or other materials for new tumblers? Stainless steel won’t leave an aftertaste and is shatter-resistant. It is also BPA-free and non-toxic, making it an excellent reusable and eco-friendly option.

Your Next Polar Camel Product

Before entering your credit card on an expensive insulated tumbler, you should consider a Polar Camel product. When it comes to comparing tumblers, most people consider the argument of RTIC vs. Yeti, but Polar Camel has evened the playing field.

With the most affordable, durable, and customizable options, you can find something for everyone through Polar Camel. If you aren’t sure what you are searching for, feel free to contact us today! Let one of our skilled team members help you customize your newest tumbler.

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