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10 Event Marketing Strategies You Should Know About

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Around 61% of marketers believe that in-person events are the most critical marketing channel which shows they’re here to stay.

Because of this, organizers must brainstorm effective event marketing strategies so they get a killer turnout. Perhaps you’ve planned an event, but you’re not sure how to raise awareness of it.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 10 top event marketing strategies to try.

1. Design an Event Website

In your event marketing plan, include creating a website. If done correctly, this will help you turn prospects into attendees. So take time to design a user-friendly site and use automation, like this Event Lead Capture Software, to help you.

2. Create a Dedicated Landing Page

To ensure your site’s event marketing strategy is effective, create a dedicated landing page. This will pull viewers onto the relevant page so they learn more about your event. If you’re struggling to do this, including pop-ups to inform users and direct them to the necessary page.

3. Promote the Event on Social Media

Every event marketing agency encourages organizers to promote their events via social media. Make sure you advertise at least several months in advance. You should also create an event hashtag so you can engage with your community before, during, and after the big day.

4. Create Visuals Based on Past Events

Browse event marketing companies so they can help you create visuals for your new event. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with designing, use images from previous get-togethers to spark intrigue. Then, post these on your site and social media.

5. Update Your Blog

One of the top marketing ideas for events is blogging about them. Explain why you’re organizing it and your goals. Note, avoid selling tickets,  rather give readers a background story to raise awareness.

6. Use Email Marketing

Build a subscriber list and send event-related emails. This keeps your audience engaged. But avoid spamming, as they will likely unsubscribe.

7. Contact the Media

Press releases help you get prospects’ attention. But personalize each one so the publication will read it. Include the basic details and explain why it’s worth it.

8. Hire Influencers

Use influencer marketing to reach a new audience. But find one in your industry so it’s relevant. You should then invite them to speak or post about your event.

9. Offer Early Bird Discounts

Early bird tickets encourage people to grab tickets when they’re cheap. Generate a buzz by offering these for a limited period. Then, release standard tickets to boost sales.

10. Use Paid Advertising

Paid ads are a great way to promote your business. It’s also affordable. For instance, only use paid advertising for early bird tickets, then unsubscribe.

The Top Event Marketing Strategies

Hopefully, you’ll try these event marketing strategies.

Start by building your online presence, promoting your event via social media, and use paid advertising. Also, offer early bird tickets and harness the power of email marketing. Good luck!

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