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Bringing the Outdoors In: Healthy Benefits For Your Family

Did you know that the average person only spends around 7% of their life outside?

Humans have evolved with nature throughout history, which means staying indoors can have a huge negative impact on the quality of our lives. While it may not be practical to spend more time outside if you have a busy schedule, you still have the opportunity to start bringing the outdoors in.

What’s so great about taking on the responsibility of caring for houseplants anyway? Keep reading to learn 10 impressive benefits you and the rest of your household can reap.

1. Plants Have Air-Purifying Qualities

One of the coolest facts about plants is that they soak up the carbon dioxide we exhale and create fresh oxygen for us to inhale. This means welcoming some greenery into your home can help you avoid breathing the same stale air.

A lesser-known fact about plants is that they also have the power to remove harmful chemicals from the air. While it’s best to stop using harsh products like bleach altogether, it’s reassuring to know that plants do lots of heavy lifting to improve the air quality.

2. You’ll Have Lower Stress Levels

Plants are quiet, beautiful, and smell good. It may sound too good to be true, but spending some time around them can help you calm down. If you have a home office, then filling that space with plants can help keep you grounded during your stressful day.

You can reap this benefit by being in the presence of plants, but you can also maximize your relaxation time by tending to your plants. Many people love gardening because it’s a therapeutic activity.

3. Your Sleep Will Improve

There are several factors that explain why plants are great for boosting the quality and quantity of our sleep. Since plants have a calming appearance, they make it easier to wind down before bed. Certain plants like lavender have scents that can reduce stress as well, so surrounding yourself with their sweet aromas can help you feel cozy.

4. Gardening Provides Nutritious Food

Most people have been so far removed from the cycle of life that they don’t appreciate the work that goes into creating food. This is why every family should start their own garden to have access to affordable and nutritious food.

Getting an indoor garden for kids will ensure that even the littlest helpers can feel proud of their hard work once everyone gets to enjoy the tasty products. As food deserts become more widespread in our urbanizing world, now is the perfect time to start growing fresh food.

5. Caring for Plants Is a Valuable Educational Experience

Learning how to grow your own food is always an incredible survival skill to know. However, even if you don’t grow things that you plan on eating, looking after plants can sharpen your empathy skilly. When you care for other beings, you’ll notice that it’s easier to relate to all kinds of people and other types of life.

6. You Can Reconnect With Nature

Living green is an accomplishment in our fast-paced society that keeps us indoors most of the time. Going out in direct sunlight is most ideal, but this doesn’t mean that your living space has to suffer either. Watching your plants grow under your care will astonish you and help you appreciate the simple beauties of nature.

Having some plant friends around you at all times may also allow you to feel less lonely. Plants can’t replace people, but they can make your home cheerier and full of life if you live alone or your loved ones have conflicting schedules.

7. Your Skin Will Glow

Some houseplants seem like they need water at all hours of the day, which can be annoying if you’re forgetful. It’s helpful to know that plants recycle all the water you give them by releasing the moisture back into your air.

As a result, your skin won’t be as dry, even during the rough winter months. If you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions, you should notice a difference in how you feel once you recruit some plants.

8. You Might Not Get Sick as Often

Stress is a big immune system killer, so it’s crucial to have a multi-pronged strategy to bust your worries. If you feel like yoga or journaling aren’t doing the trick, then surrounding yourself with plants could be the top factor of how often you get sick.

Since plants create extra humidity in your home, you’ll have an easier time breathing, and germs won’t pass from one member of your household to the next as easily.

9. Plants Revitalize Our Brains

The average person is only productive for 3 hours each day at work. If you could recharge your routine to plow through more tasks, imagine how much you could accomplish in a traditional 8-hour shift. Plants are a grounding presence, which means you can take your career, housework, or hobbies to the next level with this easy addition to your environment.

Plants can also boost your overall mood and creativity, since they’re beautiful and inspiring. This is why lots of artists always keep gorgeous bouquets in their workspace. 

10. Plants Have Healing Properties

Humans have been using plants to treat a wide variety of health conditions for thousands of years. If you’d like a natural remedy to common ailments, then you should research plant healing properties.

For example, aloe vera can alleviate sunburns, and chamomile can reduce anxiety and inflammation.

Are You Ready to Start Bringing the Outdoors in?

As you can see, there are tons of benefits that come with bringing the outdoors in? If you’re ready to add more zest to your life, then adopting some plant friends can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Do you need some inspiration to create your indoor oasis? From plant tips to home decor and other lifestyle guides, our blog has everything you need to succeed. Click around our site so you can stay up to date with the latest trends.

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