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Success Story: Building an AI-Powered Enterprise Application

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NCN Leverages AI, ML, and PA to Deliver a Game-Changing Solution

NCN was recently called upon to design and develop an AI-Powered Enterprise Application to monitor team performance, professional development, and business performance metrics using the latest technology, and the outcome of the project was a game-changing solution that is disrupting an entire industry.


Goals of the Project


  • Improve standard processes by introducing a basis for the measurement of progress
  • Tracking outcomes via algorithm-based scores throughout the process lifecycle to reduce admin overhead in measuring performance
  • Analyze management and professional development sessions to and automate suggested actions
  • Accelerate the professional development process by using real-time insights during management and professional development sessions to increase engagement and effectiveness.


NCN’s Solution:


  • Use Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Predictive Analysis (PA) to fulfill the mission
  • Use AI to analyze interactions between managers and team members, based on context, emotions, and sentiment
  • Use system data to provide insight and predictive analytics to improve the effectiveness of each manager
  • Seamlessly integrate the ML, AI, and PA components into a user-friendly AI-Powered Enterprise Application that also provides role-based access, process flows, task assignment, feedback, and calendaring


Stay ahead of the curve with NCN’s expertise in AI-driven software solutions! Schedule a call today to discuss how we can help power your businesses with cutting-edge technology.

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