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Sunny Isles Beach is going to be welcoming a new residential building in 2026. The building is going to stand at 749 feet tall and it is set to be the tallest oceanfront building in the US. Sieger Suarez Architects designed the building, and they are also working on Waldorf Astoria Residences, in Miami. Bentley Residences will feature 216 units with ocean views and a huge range of amenities. The elevator will take you right to your doorstep and you don’t even need to get out of your car. There are set to be four lifts, which are all going to rise at 800 feet per minute.

The hydraulic system utilizes an RFID tag which loads each vehicle onto the elevator automatically. This happens with both the driver and passengers inside. Each of the residencies comes with a private garage too, making it ideal for busy working professionals and families. The units come complete with heated swimming pools and equipped kitchens.

World’s First Residential Project for Bentley

This project is the first premium residential project for Bentley. The tower focuses on bringing the beauty of the outdoors into every home and it has a hospitality focus as well. You can expect Gaggenau equipment, which is currently one of the leading brands for household appliances. They have been one of the leading brands for over 30 years now and continue to release high-end models that include the latest technology. With an industrial design, it’s elements like this that help to replicate the focus that Bentley has always had, which is quality and consistency across the board.

Luxury and Hospitality

Bentley Residencies are all about hospitality and luxury. If you take a look at the sales gallery, you will see that it comes with a lounge space for brokers and that it also comes with a fully stocked bar. You can expect a selection of Macallan’s finest whiskies so you can entertain customers and hold exclusive dinner parties. A Bentley Brand Room was also included within the gallery, which showcases British workmanship on the exhibit.

The Design

The general design of Bentley Residencies takes inspiration from the recessed diamond patterns you will see in their car models. The exterior of the tower has reflective triangles which help to mimic the shape of a diamond as well. The panels have been angled so that they face different directions, to avoid scorching issues from the sun’s reflective rays. The interior of the condo is also a nod to the iconic style of Bentley vehicles. The grippy texture and even the metal knobs you’d see in a Bentley, are replicated within the residency. You can expect walnut shades, highly polished finishes and textured leather. The finishes used within the condo are designed to evoke the various details you would see in their luxurious cars.

Shared Amenities

Shared amenities are also offered within the residency. The amenities span 20,000 square feet and they happen to include restaurants, a fitness center, a gaming room and even a movie theater. As you can imagine, the seats within the theater resemble that of a Bentley car interior as well. Each condo comes with its own comforting elements, such as a sauna in the master bedroom and an unrestricted view of the ocean. Even though the units are not available for people to move in for another 3 years, they are currently for sale.

Close to Miami Beach

Bentley Residencies is very close to Miami Beach in South Florida. It is connected by bridges to the mainland and the beaches stretch from North Shore Park to South Pointe Park. The southern end of the beach is well-known for being a haven for celebrities and models. It’s also known for its Art Deco Historic region, with pastel buildings and luxurious amenities. Bentley Residences

Convenient Access to Miami Airport

Bentley Residencies is very close to Miami Airport. If you are a working professional who often finds themselves having to fly last-minute business trips or if you are a family who likes to spontaneously travel to exotic destinations, then you will soon find that the location of Bentley Residencies is convenient, to say the least.

Explore Bentley Residencies with a Jumbo Loan

If you want to live in this residency, you may need a jumbo loan. A jumbo loan exceeds the limits set by the FHFA and is designed to cover the high cost of purchasing a property, such as the ones offered by Bentley Residencies. If you want to find out more or if you want to live near Sunny Isles Beach, please contact us today to discuss your options. We look forward to helping provide the support you are looking for.

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