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3 Amazing benefits of Solid State Drives that you didn’t know about

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For a long, long time, computers stored memory and information on mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs). The problem with these?

HDD technology is old. These discs rely on moving parts to access data and information. Because of this, HDDs are likely to fail at some point, leading to costly repairs by specialized technicians.

The solution? New technology, such as SSDs, are much more reliable when it comes to computer storage.

SSDs, or solid state drives, do not have any moving parts. The drive, hence the name, remains in a solid, or stationary state.

So what are the solid state drive benefits that make it a better option for modern computers? What can SSDs do that HDDs cannot do? Keep reading to find out.

1. SSD vs HDD, Reliability

When it comes to the benefits of a solid state drive as compared to an old, HDD, reliability is the biggest factor. HDDs, as mentioned early, require a physical back-and-forth movement inside the drive to store and access data.

A read-and-write arm moves to gather information from spinning storage discs. This functionality is prone to failure, particularly when your computer is exposed to dropping, bumping, or excessive shaking in your backpack.

SSDs store information on flash chips and require no mechanical operation whatsoever. This makes computers with SSDs better for those who are rougher on their devices or transport them frequently.

2. Benefits of a SSD, Speed

The other big win with solid-state drives is the speed. Because SSDs use flash technology, data can be pinpointed and accessed instantly.

Computers with HDDs take time to get the discs up to speed before your computer is fully functional. Once running, the computer will open apps, download, and process information slower than those with SSDs.

Computers, whether PCs or Macs containing SSDs, can power up and be ready to use in seconds as opposed to minutes. When using your computer for important work or school, this is a big deal.

3. Keep It Quiet

Traditional hard drives are noisy. Because of the mechanical movements, flash drives make a constant humming sound, some louder than others. Usually, the faster HDDs make the most noise, which is unfortunate.

With an SSD, there is no movement which means you won’t hear any noise. Plus, the SSD doesn’t require electricity use to power mechanical actions. This makes them more energy-efficient, which can extend battery life on your devices.

What Devices Use SSDs?

Because solid-state drives are clearly the more efficient, modern technology, they are more expensive than traditional hard drives. As such, you’ll see them in higher-end devices, such as Macbook Pros.

Many cheaper desktops and PCs will continue to use HDDs to keep costs down. For those who want to utilize SSD technology without buying a new computer, you can get a portable SSD drive.

Use it as an external storage device to store additional applications, photos, videos, and more. Be sure to grab a Shell Thunder SSD enclosure to boost speed and keep your SSD cool.

Solid State Drive Benefits You Can’t Deny

It’s no secret; SSDs are better in every way. They are the newer, more reliable, and more efficient technology.

The only problem is that it comes at a price. But the solid state drive benefits listed above make any cost absolutely worth it.

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