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Dablicator – The Easiest Oil Applicator

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Throw those messy syringes away – well, don’t waste the oil, but you get what we mean. The Dablicator™ Oil Applicator, the easiest way to use cannabis oil, is hitting shelves in Florida. The innovative tool has been created to make dabbing, eating, and smoking cannabis concentrates less messy and to ensure you maximize every last drop of the favored oil.

What is the Dablicator?

The Dablicator is an innovative way to dose cannabis-concentrated oils. This easy-to-use device was designed to replace the unknown-dose syringes of old for a precise dose, down to the last drop of THC.

Like Syringes, the Dablicator has measured lines, which dispense 55mg of oil per click. That’s right: click. Instead of trying to grip a small plunger, the Dablicator has a twist function. To dose your cannabis oil: remove the cap; twist the bottom of the applicator until you hear a click, which indicates a 55mg dose; then press the plunger.

And remember – 55mg of oil is different from THC! To calculate the dose of THC per measured line, take the percentage of your oil and multiply it by 55. For example, an 85% THC oil would dose 46.75mg per click (55mg x 85% = 46.75mg).

MÜV Live Resin Dablicator

Live resin will now be offered in two ways to purchase. Firstly, in the same way everyone is used to – in the jars, and now in a second option – the Dablicator Oil Applicator. With live resin being one the most favorite concentrates across the Florida market, it only made sense to launch this amazing device with amazing oil inside. Live resin is fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flower that is extracted in a process with heat and pressure that helps retain lots of the terpenes and flavonoids. Doing this helps these types of concentrates have a more true-to-flower taste and effects.

Ways to Use the Dablicator

The Dablicator’s versatility is endless. From using it with dab rigs and dab pens to flower, edible to vape, there is no wrong way to use the oil device.

Keep reading for a breakdown of our favorite ways to use the Dablicator with live resin:

Use with Flower


Flower is incredibly versatile, and using the Live Resin Dablicator with flower is, too!

If you prefer to pack bong or pipe bowls, start by adding flower in the bottom of the bowl. Add your desired dose of live resin, then add more flower on top to ensure the oil doesn’t burn off before you can enjoy its benefits.

For those who prefer to roll their own joints, you have two easy options. While rolling, twist for your desired dose and apply on the inside of the paper before sealing. You can also add the oil to the outside of the joint – which many prefer, as you can apply in a circular motion, wrapping up the joint, for a more even burn. Be sure not to take oil all the way down to the filter, though, and as you burn, keep an eye on any dripping oil!

Use for Dabs


As the name Dablicator suggests, using the oil applicator with dabs is incredibly easy. The heat-resistant metal Direct Dab Tip™ offers the ability to dab without the mess – measure your dose, then place the tip directly in your banger. Be sure to clean the metal tip of the device with a isopropyl alcohol to ensure smooth dispensing to the last drop.

When using the Dablicator with a nectar collector, it’s best to have a dab mat that is silicone. Put the metered dab on the mat, heat your nectar collector, then graze the nectar collector over the oil at an angle and inhale.

Use for Edibles

Cooking with live resin is tricky – one of its benefits is the sheer amount of cannabinoids and terpenes present, and cooking can burn those desirable components off. One of live resin’s benefits, though, is that it is already activated.

Activated cannabis means that the cannabinoids have been decarboxylated to create the “high” effects many associate with the plant. Live resin oil can be added to a piece of chocolate or cracker, alone with your finger, or even added to a cup of coffee or tea. Using the Dablicator or a syringe of concentrated cannabis is a great option for those who do not get effects from 10mg edibles (the maximum per piece as dictated by the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use).

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dablicator

While we explained all the ways you can use a Dablicator, keep reading for more important details, like the cost per applicator and the types of concentrates you can get in the oil applicator.

What is Live Resin Oil?

Live resin oil is a potent form of cannabis. It starts with live, fresh-frozen flower to capture a high amount of terpenes and cannabinoids, extracted with hydrocarbon solvent to preserve these plant compounds. Live resin can take many forms, but in oil, it looks similar to distillate, but more golden in hue.

Can I Use the Dablicator with My Puffco?

Using the Dablicator with the Puffco is super easy. Just meter out the dose of oil and drop it into the heated device. Same goes for any other dabbing device used. The metal tip on the end of the Dablicator is perfect for dabbing this way.

What is the Cost of the Dablicator?

MÜV Live Resin Dablicators are $65 per applicator.

How Do I Use the Dablicator Oil Applicator?

Here are some quick instructions for how to use the Dablicator, with a few tips for ease of use.

1. Heat up the oil for ease of dispensing by holding in your hands for about 30-60 seconds

2. Use the bi-directional twist of the device to get a precise measured dose

3. With each click you are getting one dose

4. Push the top of the Dablicator to dispense

5. Use the heat resistant metal Direct Dab Tip™ to apply the oil directly to a hot dab rig

6. Snap cap back on to protect tip and prevent leakage

How Do I Store the Dablicator?

To ensure your Dablicator flows properly, store your Dablicator standing right-side up!

Reserve Your MÜV Live Resin Dablicator Online


Online ordering and express pickup make shopping for the Dablicator that much easier. Reserve your favorite cannabis strain at your home MÜV Dispensary – and be sure to leave review to let us know what you think of this new concentrate device!

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