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27 Jeep Wrangler Accessories You’ll Be Sorry You Don’t Have!

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* This article is all about Jeep Wrangler Accessories.

According to and CARBUZZ in 2017, the Jeep Wrangler was officially named “The Most American Vehicle”, I know many Jeep owners who would agree with this statement. With a strong heritage and authenticity, the Jeep has withstood the test of time for over 75 years. Whether you own your Jeep for commuting purposes, casual or serious off-roading, or the occasional weekend drive, the numbers of devoted Jeep owners increase every year.

There are many reasons why the Jeep Wrangler is a popular choice and passionately loved by its owners. However, even with the best foundations offered, the Jeep may not be perfect from the factory or suit your needs. Don’t despair, fellow Jeep owners, there are plenty of Jeep Wrangler accessories offered by the aftermarket to truly make your ride unique.

Before we get into the list, let me introduce myself as a new contributor here at

My name’s Lisa and being a Jeep owner, I too am passionate about my ride, therefore, I decided to embark upon a must-have list of accessories for the Jeep owner. Some of these items I have, some are ones I would like to purchase, and ALL are on my husband’s birthday and Christmas list!

These Jeep Wrangler accessories range from aesthetic modifications, making your vehicle more functional and practical, to hardcore changes, all giving your wrangler a nice personal touch. The accessories I am listing below are compatible with the YJ, TJ, LJ, JK and JL Jeep Wranglers (1985-Present).



With the Alpine Electronics Dash System, the product is a great fit with easy installation. The touch screen allows you to make calls, access text messages, play music, or easily obtain directions with Siri prompts being played through the Wrangler’s speakers.

Many happy customers have sung the praises of this product with a screen upgrade, improved sound quality and a great visual effect. The fitted dash bezel with the large back-lit buttons are created to make the look on your dash classy and effortless.

The CarPlay works flawlessly utilizing a Lightening connector and is compatible with the iPhone 5 and newer models. In fact, the 9-inch screen for Apple Car Play is the ultimate Jeep Wrangler in-dash system for iPhone users. You can use Apple CarPlay through the Siri voice control, the touch screen, or through the dedicated hard keys on the i109-WAR’s dash bezel.

After purchasing this great stereo, you may want to expand the i109-WRA by adding a rear-view camera system (sold separately but included on this must have list) via the rear-view camera input.

[Buy from Amazon]

*If you want to read more, check out this article about Jeep stereo options.


It is common knowledge Jeeps are a favorite target for thieves. During warm weather when you have the doors off or no top on, your Jeep becomes theft friendly compromising your valuable contents inside. With the purchase of the Lock Box, you can be confident you have a secure place to put your smaller valuables.

The locks are pick resistant with 16-gauge carbon steel construction, with ample storage volume, making the Under-Seat Storage Lockbox a must-have item! The box is secured to the factory seat mountings without any interference with driver’s seat adjustments.

People who have purchased this item in the past have commented on its durability, its professional construction and ease of installation.

For anyone looking for a dependable locking storage box that is secure and concealed, this is the product to buy and it’s really cheap on Amazon.

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Why do you need this sound bar you ask? Simple, you can start enjoying driving your Jeep and listening to your tunes again. If you are frustrated not being able to listen to your radio while doing any roadway or highway driving with your windows down or the top off, this is the answer to your frustrations!

The DS18 JK-SBAR is designed specifically to protect the speakers, tweeters and drivers. This product is light weight and easy to install. This soundbar fits 4x 8” Speakers, 4x 1.75” Tweeters and 2x Screw-On Drivers. To add a bit of color and personal preference, the sound bar can be purchased in Red, Black, White, or Gray. You are sure to find a great color to accent your Jeep!

You can ride with the wind in your hair while enjoying your favorite music with ease.

[Buy from Amazon]


When trying to decide an accessory that is at the top of the list, most Jeep owners will attest purchasing seat covers quickly became one of their best decisions! Whether you are adding more pizzazz to your interior or mindful of keeping your seats protected, these seat covers are a great buy!

You will appreciate the added pouches behind the driver and passenger front seats; great for maps, books, and other small items you want to keep close at hand.

These seat covers feature 4-layer construction/ foam padding and protective polyester shell. The neoprene layers offer breathability, are water-resistant, and extremely easy to install, making this a great product for your Jeep.

With your purchase, you will receive (2) front seat covers, (2) rear seat covers, and (4) headrest covers. I am a true believer in seat covers, I happen to own these, and I have not been disappointed. They look great and their durability and protection of my seats has been top-notch.

Once you purchase these seat covers, I think you will agree, this is a great find.

[Buy from Amazon]


The importance of floor mats cannot be stressed enough to a Jeep owner. When you are on the road or enjoying that rugged trail, you will be kicking yourself if you don’t invest in a great set of floor mats.

One of the best for quality and price is the oEdRo Floor Mats (for 4 door models). These mats provide excellent rugged and durable grip offering excellent product quality, service, and design.

The OEDRO floor mats are easier to clean as stain accumulation or buildup is not a problem. Due to the high-density core materials and true 360-degree protection, these mats can trap liquid, sand, snow, dirt or other materials keeping your floors and shoes clean.

I have used these in my 2015 4-door Jeep for the past 9 months and I really am happy with my purchase. I love the fact the design allows me to set dirty tools on the mat without any worries as cleanup is very easy with these versatile mats.

I, along with other happy users, give this product high praise! The all-weather floor mats are the perfect fit and the amount of space they cover when installed in their Jeeps will be a bonus.

[Buy from Amazon]


Versatility is the theme with this great product. The Hooke Road Cargo Basket Rack is compatible with hard tops, factory soft tops, and traditional square soft tops (it will not work with the slant back soft tops that hug the roll cage).

The cargo rack has the capacity to hold up to 300lbs making it a great addition to your traveling needs.

One top praise of people who have purchased this cargo basket is the amount of storage you are able to get after installing it in your Jeep. With storage in the basket and added storage beneath, customers expectations have been exceeded. With the sturdy construction and excellent customer service, why wouldn’t you want to pay less for a great product?

When we had a friend help us install our rack, he was upset that he had paid more (much more) for the same quality rack. The product speaks for itself.

[Buy from Amazon]


Do you wish you had a product that could monitor engine temps, rpms, mpg’s, run diagnostics scans, set transmission shift points based off larger tires and lower gearing, adjust horn chirps, set radio, dome and headlight stay on time, and much more?  If you said a resounding YES (and you should have), then this is the product for you.

Hands down the TrailDash 2 is at the top of my list for Jeep accessory must haves!  As if it couldn’t get any better, (and yes it did) the TrailDash 2 was upgraded to a 5-inch full-color display with a new high-resolution screen. Equipped with a streamlined new look, the screen includes one HSMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories. The switch screen enables you to engage your lights and other mods on your Jeep.

If you are limited on product accessories, the purchase of the Traildash 2 will be well worth the money spent.

[Buy from Amazon]



A product worthy of being on this list of must-haves for your Jeep is the Rough Country’s 50-inch LED Upper Windshield Light Bar.

With jaw-dropping good looks, this product will allow the Jeep enthusiast to command the dark whether you are ruling the road or enjoying a challenging off-roading trip on your favorite trail.

This pick has a 50” CREE LED High Intensity, 30-degree beam, comprised of durable steel construction, the all-weather lights have an IP67 waterproof rating, and the chances of moisture build-up behind the lens is greatly reduced by incorporating Moisture Breather Technology.

A bonus in my book is the addition of Rough Country’s Light Bar Noise Silencers, they quickly eliminate the hum, whistle, and other wind noises commonly associated with mounted LED Light bars.

[Buy from Amazon]


Protecting the vulnerability of your Jeeps undercarriage from front to back is a must. With skid plates for your engine oil pan, transfer case, and fuel tank you can still have fun on your favorite trails while protecting your Jeep.

REA1015 ensures that your Jeep is protected when you purchase all three skid plates, or you can purchase one at a time, as your budget allows, without the worry of compatibility.

Ease of installation is key as the skid plate is extremely easy to install and mount under your Jeep.

[Buy from Amazon]


If you are looking for the world’s most technologically advanced winch, look no further! The Warn Industries ZEON Platinum Winch gives you a great product that comes in a 12,000-pound pulling capacity version spooled with extra-strong Spydura Pro synthetic rope.

This winch features the Advanced Wireless Remote that puts the winch, clutch, and accessory control in the palm of your hand. You no longer need to trudge over obstacles such as a muddy trail or stream, with the remote in hand, you can now engage and disengage the remote-controlled clutch.

Buy this product and you will be among the winching’s top dog of winch owners! If you are one of the Jeep owners that continuously push the trail limits, the WARN 95960 Zeon Platinum Winch 12-S is a Must Have to own!

[Buy from Amazon]


The Poison Spyder Front Bumper has high clearance combining hard core off-road performance with cutting edge full features.

A great feature of this bumper is the extension of the bumper giving protection to the lower corner of the JK grille, but not too far, so it does not hinder tire clearance or tire access to vertical obstacles.

This great looking bumper has a black finish with the Poison Spyder’s proprietary SpyderShell Armor Coat. This bumper is a great addition to your Jeep’s exterior and will attest to the hardcore off-road Jeep Wrangler accessories offered by Poison Spyder Customs.

This bumper has received five stars with customers raving about the extremely well-made product, fitting your Jeep like a glove!

[Buy from Amazon]


The intended purpose of your bumper is to protect the body of the Jeep, but why not choose the Poison Spyder Rear Bumper to add a solid, bad ass look to your Jeep. Poison Spyder has succeeded in meeting safety regulations while building an aesthetic look enhancing the design of your Jeep. Plus, when you have both the front and rear Poison Spyder Bumpers, you have a vehicle that is sharp from front to back.

[Buy from Amazon]


Talk about sitting pretty in the shade! The Shadeidea Jeep Wrangler Sunshade will provide awesome shade to lower the temperature in the Jeep and protect your skin from harmful UV Sun rays. Another benefit of this shade is the reduction in wind and driving noise while you are tackling the open road or trails.

The multi-purpose mesh pouch comes with an oxford zipper bag for convenient storage. You don’t even have to remove it when you put on your hard and soft top! It is a great design that looks like it was custom made for your Jeep.

With this shade available in ten different colors, you are guaranteed to find a color that enhances the beauty of your ride.

[Buy from Amazon]


sPOD is a leader in the power distribution and control industry for electrical components tackling the most demanding environments.

Their switching system utilize extra reliable, high-power components using state-of-the—art technologies.

With the company focus on precision-made and quality-built power distribution and control systems for Jeep Wranglers, it is no wonder this product is a must have for Jeep owners.

Most reviews of this system sing the praises of the quality and ease of installation and the customer services is touted as one of the best.

[Buy from Amazon]


Every Jeep owner understands the importance of having the correct headlights since the stock lights do not create the proper lighting required for better visibility! These headlights provide a nice-white light, with crisp upper-edge limits on the light band emitted. The intensity and beam width are significantly increased with these lights.


As an enhancement for your Jeep, this will be at the top of the list of must have items!

Owners of these have compared these against other brands and these headlights were hands down the best purchase.

[Buy from Amazon]


Of course, along with great headlights, you need to have Fog Lights to make your Jeep adventures complete. These off-road LED fog lights, like their headlight counterparts, are easy to install (plug & play installation).

These fog lights have a unique anti-flicker technology to eliminate the flickering commonly associated with pulse width modulation signals.

[Buy from Amazon]


If you are looking for maximum performance and ground clearance from your exhaust system, look no further than the Flowmasters new American Thunder Ca-back system for the 2007-2014 Jeep Wranglers.

Flowmaster Inc. is a pioneer in the design, manufacturing and distribution of performance exhaust systems for many vehicles, not just your favorite one, the Jeep.

This system will produce (5 options) the distinctive Flowmaster sound in mild, moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive tones, and widely available in aluminized or Stainless-Steel construction.

With Flowmaster being committed to providing the best automotive exhaust products to the market, you the consumer will benefit from the highest quality exhaust products and their dedication to customer service excellence.

[Buy from Amazon]


The Alpine Back-Up Camera is an easy add on to your Alpine in-dash screen system, as well as, any other aftermarket screens.

Since the Jeep enthusiast has tons of wheel choices for the Wrangler, you need a versatile camera that works with any of them. The versatility of the bracket allows for positioning on the left or right of the wheel’s spokes, ensuring the attached camera has a clear line of sight behind the vehicle, therefore not blocking your vision by the wheel.

Backing out of tight spaces, garages, or riding through shady trails can hinder your standard back-up camera, however, the Alpine back-up camera provides a clear line of sight behind the wheel of your vehicle!

With this camera you will not experience the difficulty in managing changes in light or causing images to wash out making it difficult to see what’s behind you, due to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

[Buy from Amazon]


This highly durable product is a great option for your Jeep. These half doors have quickly become a favorite among Jeep enthusiasts, due to its great fit, reduced weight, and less cumbersome profile, enabling you to add or remove your doors seamlessly in a matter of minutes.

During the summer and early fall, these doors are a great alternative to the full steel doors and the expensive factory half doors, they are designed for increased visibility while offering security and protection.

I would be remiss if I did not give you the link for both the front and rear half-doors as these are sold separately. You can purchase these doors in a powder coat or bare metal, the choice is yours.

Trail Doors (Front Half) [Buy from Amazon]

Trail Doors (Back Half) [Buy from Amazon]


No kidding, this replacement is a sharp and wise choice! As a Jeep owner you have become accustomed to the glances, comments and out right love for your ride. Get ready, after this hood replacement is installed, the comments will be pouring in. This hood adds character, dimension and enhances the overall look of your Jeep.

Aside from changing your hoods appearance to an aggressive look, this special edition vented heat dispersion hood, was developed with performance off-roading in mind. This hood offers the highest level of air flow ensuring better engine cooling and works in conjunction with aftermarket inner fenders.

The metal design hood ships with a protective finish allowing it to be painted or wrapped in any color to match your Jeep with easy installation.

It is time to take your ride to the next level and get an attitude adjustment for your 4X4.

[Buy from Amazon]


The pedal commanders are intended to boost your vehicle’s performance, including its speed and acceleration capabilities. Check out this accessory as it removes response delays on your Jeep.

The response controller has three settings.

  • Eco Mode – slows down the throttle response maximizing fuel economy up to 20%.
  • City Mode – this mode is perfect for daily driving.
  • Sport and Sport+ Mode – this mode is not for the lighthearted giving your vehicle the response and acceleration of a race car.

You know your frustration when you put the pedal to the metal, but you lack access to the true power your Jeep has to offer. That’s where the Pedal Commander is a must! With Bluetooth connectivity capabilities this unit utilizes the same throttle maps and internal chips as its previous P4 model. This upgrade allows you to control the unit remotely by connecting with your phone.

Once you get the FREE app (available on the Apple IoS 10 or later and Android 5.1 or later) you will be able to change your modes and sensitivity level from the app.

[Buy from Amazon]


I can personally vouch for the necessity for running boards, especially when your husband puts a lift kit on making you feel as though you are climbing Mount Everest every time you get into your Jeep!

These automatic, electric-powered running boards instantly extend when you open your door, then easily, and safely, hides when the doors close.

They are made with aircraft-quality aluminum, black-anodized and PTFE coating for maximum corrosion protection. With the heavy-duty electric motor these running boards will remain maintenance-free for decades to come.

The all-weather performance and handsome design set the standard in the industry. Once you add these must have running boards on your Jeep, get ready to tackle the snow, ice, dust, mud or dirt, wherever your travels take you.

[Buy from Amazon]


Go ahead guys (and ladies) put that lift kit on your Jeep! After all, you have the running boards, giving you and your passengers, a surefooted boost in your new tall vehicle. The Rough Country Suspension Lift Kits offer the Jeep owner an amazing off-road performance at an incredible value. You can’t argue with the logic in that!

The lift kit is great for running larger tires, giving your vehicle a more aggressive appearance, or looking to achieve outstanding performance on the trails.

With the lift kit being easy to install and backed by their Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, this is a must have Jeep accessory.

[Buy from Amazon]


If you are craving a great off-road experience, installing the Detroit Truetrac Locker will allow you to overcome the limitations imposed by standard open differentials.

When it comes to traction nothing delivers like the legendary Detroit Locker! Being the top choice of professional racers and off-road enthusiasts, you can now get these lockers in a limited-slip design for the street.

It doesn’t matter what the street, track, or trail throws at you, with the Detroit Locker on your Jeep, you are able to conquer the long road before you!

[Buy from Amazon]


The need to protect your axles by reinforcing them against impacts and stress is a must for those off-roading enthusiasts. The Artec Industries JK4420 Front and Rear Axle Truss is a great choice to prolong the life of your axles.


As a passionate Jeep owner, there is an abundance of choices to upgrade or improve your ride. There is no denying owning a Jeep is a great experience, one that lets you hit the open road and discover all the country has to offer.

Whether you are a new or seasoned Jeep owner, or just looking to purchase, I hope this list of 27 Must-Have Jeep Wrangler Accessories will be a great guide for you to enhance your Jeep experience while giving it your own personal touch.

Now that you have been given all of these must-have Jeep Wrangler accessories it is time to get busy making your Jeep the best on the road.

Go out and relax, explore, and have a great time in your Jeep. Happy Trails Everyone!


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