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5 Golf Accessories Every Player Needs

According to the pros, there are around 3 million new golfers hitting the course each year in America. Of course, even if you or your loved one is already an avid golfer, they are still joining the 25 million players each year looking to improve their game and master the sport. 

Fortunately, there are a number of tools and accessories that players can use to expedite their success on the golf course. 

Whether you are looking to lower your handicap or need to find a gift for the golfer in your life, these five must-have golf accessories are sure to impress. Follow along to discover the five golf game helpers that every player can benefit from. 

1. Golf Gloves

Believe it or not, golf gloves aren’t just a fashion accessory. With so many different variations of gloves on the market, these accessories are designed to help improve grip, reduce sweat, and protect your hands from the elements. 

If you haven’t used a glove before or your existing gloves are wearing thin, picking up a new pair could be the golf game-changer you’ve been searching for.

2. Grips

If you didn’t pick up on the importance of grip above, you’ll see how it impacts your game with a new grip. 

The grip on your clubs will wear and slip as time goes on. This can lead to sloppy shots and improper form in your swing. If you’re after the best golf advice for improving your swing, we suggest picking up a new set of grips – and fast!

3. Club Brush

If you’re just learning how to golf, you likely haven’t tapped into how much difference a clean club can make. As you golf away, your club will pick up grass and debris from the course that could change the effectiveness of your swing. 

Beyond the added challenge, dirty clubs can also become damaged far more easily. Let’s face it, no one wants to be buying new clubs every few months due to improper care. 

Pick up a club brush and be sure to keep your clubs clean and free of debris for a better swing and longer-lasting clubs. 

4. Divot Repair Tool

When your golf ball strikes the green, the impact of the ball can leave little divots on the surface. While these divots are normal, they can make it pretty challenging to sink your putt. 

One of our favorite golf tips is to evaluate the green for divots and repair any obstructions before you putt. A divot repair tool is a simple device that you can use to lift the divots out and leave the green looking just as good as when you got there!

5. Rangefinder App

Finally, the best gold accessory of all – a rangefinder app

These apps are built to help you gain a stronger understanding of your abilities and evaluate your game. They are perfect for learning how to golf, gaining valuable golfing tips, and improving your game in a fraction of the time. 

After all, knowledge is power – even on the golf course!

Golf Accessories to Impress

Now that you know these five golf accessories to improve your game, it’s time to hit the course. From keeping your golf tools clean and in shape to soaking in helpful golf tips and advice, every golfer can benefit from these five top tools.

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