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5 Tips for Traffic Generation to Your Wollongong Business Site

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You’ve got the hottest new business in Wollongong. Just one problem — no one is coming to your website!

It’s one thing to create a solid business, and it’s another thing to market that business. In order to find success, you’ll need to boost your website traffic generation.

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1. Responsive Design

It’s official — the majority of your website traffic is coming from smartphones. Most people now use mobile devices rather than PCs for all their surfing needs.

In fact, some researchers estimate that 72% of people will only access the internet via smartphone by 2025. And that means your websites must incorporate responsive design.

This helps your every site look natural on each device by resizing the screen appropriately. Otherwise, your site design will look terrible and visitors will click away.

2. Update Old Posts

Visitors to your site are expecting content. And they want new content, too — old articles are ignored because they are “yesterday’s news.”

However, it’s easier to update old content than write something new. You can start by finding a successful piece you wrote that is now out of date.

Add new information and research, add new images, and boost the SEO (more on that in a minute). Soon, you have a “good as new” article in a fraction of the time it takes to write a new one.

3. Social Media Advertising

You should already be advertising your website via traditional advertisement methods. However, it’s equally important to provide solid social media advertising as well.

Create accounts for your business across multiple social media platforms. And be sure to post regularly while also linking to existing website content.

Business social media should be about more than just advertising, though. Create thoughtful posts, invite comments, and offer relevant info to build a real online community of loyal fans.

4. Direct CTA

Every business site is driven by a CTA. But do customers know what yours is when they first click over?

Business owners think they enhance site value by adding a ton of options and imagery. However, customers confronted with many people choices will have trouble making a decision.

Instead, your marketing website design philosophy should start with a simple CTA. Now, work your way backward to figure out how to get customers to that CTA by using only a handful of steps.

We hate to say it, but Amazon is a great inspiration. Every product page supplies just enough info to drive you towards a one-click order.

5. Boost That SEO

SEO is more important now than ever before. Pay attention to analytics to verify that your keywords are driving traffic as expected.

Don’t forget to use alt-text for images and provide things like internal links and meta content description. This boosts your SEO, and you should update all of your previous content accordingly to drive more traffic.

Better Traffic Generation: The Bottom Line

Now you know the secrets to better traffic generation. But do you know who can help you with a site redesign?

We help businesses with everything from SEO to content creation and Youtube marketing. To see what we can do for your business, contact us today!

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