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10 Health Benefits of Golf (Some May Surprise You!)

Are you trying to lose those last 10 pounds? Did you receive news from the doctor that you need to focus more on heart health?

You might think you have to start training for a marathon or take up extreme mountain climbing, but you’d be wrong.

A round of golf is just as beneficial for you as many other strenuous activities. Plus, let’s face it – it’s a lot more fun than running on a treadmill.

Didn’t know that golfing was the perfect exercise? Keep reading as we break down the top 10 health benefits of golf.

1) Stress Relief

Who doesn’t feel stressed these days? From work demands being more than we can bear to financial troubles, everyone has something that stresses them out.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress, too. Calling up a friend or heading to Happy Hour is all well and good, but a round of golf is much better.

Hitting the links with a pal when you’re stressed out helps you to stay social, exercise, and take your mind off of whatever’s bothering you.

Plus, doesn’t it feel good to imagine whatever’s bugging you is the ball and then giving it a good whack? Fore!

2) Heart Health

The secret to great cardiovascular health is a diet of whole foods and regular, heart-pounding exercise.

Believe it or not, one of the benefits of golf is a healthy heart! While it’s not as strenuous as heavy weight lifting or long-distance running, golf can still help you reach your heart health goals.

Walking the greens and swinging a club are both great ways to help lower your cholesterol and get your recommended daily activity.

3) Weight Loss

To keep fit, everyone should walk 10,000 steps a day. Luckily, a round of golf satisfies that requirement!

From walking to carrying your bag to swinging your clubs, you’ll burn calories out on the links. Even if you use the cart, you’ll still get plenty of steps in.

Play golf regularly enough and you’ll see the pounds melt off. Moving your belt down a few notches is just one more great benefit of golf!

4) Stronger Bones

Most of us know what it takes to keep our heart healthy. But how many of us know how to build up our bones?

High impact activities or weight-bearing exercises are wonderful for improving bone density. After a certain age, though, your joints can’t handle hard jumping or heavy lifting.

The solution? Go golfing! Carrying your golf bag counts as a weight-bearing exercise and will help both your muscles and your bones.

5) Mental Health

We’ve talked about the benefits of golf for your body, but what about your mind? Golf requires planning and concentration – two things that help keep your brain in tip-top shape.

Navigating the hazards, visualizing your goal, and adjusting your swing all take mental strength. That’s what makes golf interesting and rewarding.

Work out one of the most important parts of your body on the golf course – your mind!

6) Vitamin D

Feeling sluggish or tired? Have you noticed your cuts don’t heal as fast as they used to? These are all signs of a vitamin D deficiency.

Because we’re so busy all the time, it’s easy to mistake vitamin D deficiency as normal fatigue. You can turn that around with a game of golf.

Exposure to the sun helps your body create vitamin D. That’s why you feel perkier and your mood lifts anytime you play a round of golf.

7) Lower Blood Sugar

Humans use glucose as their primary form of fuel. We usually get glucose from carbohydrates, fruits, and sugar.

When there’s an excess of glucose, this leads to obesity and inflammation. A step to curbing these effects is to cut down your refined sugar intake and to exercise.

Playing a round of golf is a great way to keep active and lower your blood sugar through exercise. So pick up your Best Fairway Woods and hit a few balls to bring down your glucose levels!

8) Better Sleep

Exercise can definitely amp you up, but it also wears you out. Once the feel-good rush courses through your blood, your body begins to relax.

That relaxation leads to better sleep. A nice walk down the fairways will expend your energy and help you capture the best rest of your life.

A good night’s rest can also improve your golf score! That’s a win-win situation right there.

9) Boost Your Confidence

You know that feeling when you tally up your final score and you did better than you thought? How about the thrill of finally sinking a hole-in-one?

That feeling can follow you long after you’ve left the links. One of the best benefits of golf is improved confidence.

Doing well on the fairway can be the shot in the arm you need. With improved confidence, you’ll feel motivated to go after that promotion at work or try something new with your partner.

10) Prolong Your Life

We’ve already listed a lot of benefits of playing golf. Getting vitamin D, sleeping better, lowering blood sugar, and improving your overall health are just a few ways this game can help you.

But can it prolong your life?

While it’s not definite that golfing can add years to your life, all signs point to it being possible. Regular exercise, socializing with friends, using your brain, and enjoying yourself can make your golden years really shine.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Golf

The sun is out, the weather is mild, and you’ve got the day free. If you love golf, you probably think this is the perfect time to break out those clubs.

If golf isn’t the perfect exercise, it comes close enough. From physical to mental benefits, a round or two on the weekend can make your life so much better.

Even if you loved to play golf before, you’ve no doubt learned of the many benefits of golf. It might even help you convince your buddy or spouse to head to the links with you!

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