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Driving is Changing But What Does the Future Hold?

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Since the first car hit the roads, the transport scene has changed dramatically. We aren’t just thinking about improving suspension and safety anymore, the industry has shifted its focus to greener solutions, more innovative designs and even how to incorporate entertainment for drivers and passengers alike.

It is clear that driving is changing. Take the Vauxhall Astra as an example. Once it was a fairly standard family car that did all the basics, now, there is a Vauxhall Astra Griffin Limited Edition which offers cruise control, infotainment, smartphone projection and rain-sensitive windscreen wipers. The tech that has gone into this vehicle would look like something from a far-reaching sci-fi novel to the car mechanics of old!

So what does this mean for the vast majority? Well, for a start, it means more choice, improved safety and a greater likelihood of finding a new location first time!  This is what car manufacturers are up to now.

The Next 10 Years

Looking at how the industry is progressing and problems we want to solve, the next 10 years looks like it will focus on two things: improving safety features and green credentials. At the moment, reducing emissions is high up the priority list as the planet warms up. Cars may be convenient but the pollution they cause is anything but.

As more and more cars begin to incorporate driver assistance and some basic AI, it’s fair to predict that these features will be dramatically improved over the next 10 years. One of the major concerns about self-driving cars is safety so the more manufacturers can do to improve safety now, the more likely self-driving cars are to come into general use. Car safety features are definitely worth considering when you buy your next family car.

The Next 100 Years

So the next 10 years looks pretty good, but what happens when we project way further? The next 100 years could go in a lot of different ways with ideas for flying cars and completely automated driverless cars appearing in most predictions.

For drivers in 100 years time, the landscape and planet could look very different depending on what we do now. We are already experiencing some dramatic effects from climate and environmental change and this will no doubt influence the way designers come up with new ideas for cars.

One big issue for the future is clean fuel. Electric cars are already here but they aren’t nearly prevalent enough yet. A big issue is that only a quarter of British people would even consider buying an electric car right now. However, in 100 years, it is much more likely these cars will be the norm. Improving mileage is a big deal we need to consider and making these cars more affordable is another priority.

Our relationship with our planet is in jeopardy and it’s no wonder that any projections into the future take this into account. But the really exciting thing about looking towards the future is seeing the hope we have for a better world in more concrete terms. We have something to aim for.

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