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Take a Leap of Tech in Your Job Search

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As we emerge from what feels like a year-long hibernation, thanks to modern medicine, you may have daydreamed or even decided that you would like to look for a new job or even a new career. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing like a global pandemic to call everything about your life into question, including where you spend most of your time.

According to a recent article published in Fast Company, 52% of the U.S. workers surveyed were considering a new job and44% had actual plans already in place. If you consider yourself part of the52%, let’s discuss how to go about landing your next job. This blog post discusses platforms that are easier and better to find your next job and why it’s time you ditched the old job board model.

Yes, you read that correctly, as of 2021, there are plenty of new and effective ways to find your next job that don’t include 90’s technology. Most of these *new* HR tech platforms aim to provide a better candidate experience than your typical job board, and incorporate newer technologies such as AI.

First, let’s discuss some of the negative aspects of job boards. They’ve been around for ages, and have always been the go-to place for companies to post their open positions up until the last few years. With hundreds of job boards to choose from, the first issue is that they can be overwhelming for job seekers, and most of them have no idea which will be more beneficial to them in their search. Is LinkedIn better than ZipRecruiter? How about Monster or Indeed? It seems as though job boards are a volume game for recruiters. They know that they have huge audiences, and positing a job generates a lot of resume submissions. However, because job descriptions aren’t as specific as they should be, they end up receiving a lot of resumes that don’t quite fit the profile they’re looking for. AKA, your resume ends up in a black hole that may never be looked at by an actual human being. Between social media, employee referral software and companies looking for a more tailored experience, resume data-based, keyword search job boards are losing their prominence as the go-to-hiring method for recruiters.

As if that was not enough, a recent article in the Washington Post mentioned that “80 percent of jobs aren’t posted online.” That means if you’re dedicating all of your efforts to job boards, you might miss out on the hidden opportunities.

Before I discuss the alternatives to job boards as your new go-to method for finding your next job, remember that being proactive in the form of networking and referrals can really help move the process forward. In fact, one statistic from top resume sites, ‘60 percent of jobs are found through networking’! Recruiters are a lot more likely to hire a referral than from a random resume on a job board, which means they’re heading in the direction of a more tailored experience. Recruiters want a technology that works for them, streamlines the process, and does a better and more accurate job of matching their positions to qualified candidates.


The idea behind these new types of hiring practices is to utilize AI recruiting solutions to create the most precise outcomes and a better experience for the jobseeker. In addition, we know that employees are human beings, and are more than just a resume. By using more data points pertaining to human empathy and skills, instead of keywords, companies get a more well-rounded picture of the candidate and subsequently optimize their human capital management. Perhaps the best part of using these new types of skill matching companies is that very few of them require applications or cover letters. The latter two are the most time-consuming aspects of the job search that are no longer needed! This is the case for some of our competitors who specialize in sector specific businesses such as technology, biotech, product design, etc. For this type of company, you would have to create a comprehensive profile that takes the place of an application and cover letter.


Enter tilr’s mobile app. tilr’s app works behind the scenes even when you are not physically using it. You will be notified whenever there is an opportunity that exactly matches your skillset. When you open the app, you will be directed to your matches. This removes the time-consuming part of your job search, once your preferences are saved. tilr works 24/7 on your behalf to send you great jobs that exactly match your skillset.

If you’re ready to start looking for your next job or career, then try out a solution that utilizes today’s technology, not that of the 90’s. Look for websites that mention AI and that offer a more tailored experience; and if you have any questions whether tilr is right for you, we are always here to help!

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